September 2020
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Lies but mostly lies

(Saturday/Sunday blog)

Did China spread Covid-19 on purpose?

I’m not a conspiracy theorist. But when one sees pictures like this from Wuhan – the city where the Chinese plague started:

And pictures like this from the rest of the world:

where several million have died from the Chinese plague […]

The (multi-)cultural enrichment of Paris?

(Wednesday blog)

Polio forever!

Turning on the BBC news this morning, I learnt that polio has finally been eradicated – except for in Pakistan and Afghanistan. Unfortunately the BBC ‘experts’ were unable to suggest why polio might still be prevalent in these two wonderful countries.

I did wonder whether it might have something to do […]

Enrichment in action! Police inaction?

(Thursday/Friday blog)

As mostly violent, mostly criminal, mostly unemployable, mostly religion-obsessed Third-World hordes flood into Europe generously ferried across the Mediterranean by virtue-signalling, West-hating progressive libtard lefties and generously ferried across the Channel by UK Border Farce let us give thanks to our politicians for the vibrant enrichment they are already providing to so many […]

BLM idiots’ spectacular own goal?

(Wednesday blog)

Just a short blog today to celebrate a truly remarkable own goal by the self-regarding, virtue-signalling, historically-challenged, narcissistic, free-speech-hating, West-loathing, libtard, fascist idiots rioting supposedly for Black Lives Matter (BLM).

A great victory for Seattle’s BLM rioters?

As you’ll probably know, the US city of Seattle was the scene of some of the […]

Lying BBC liars’ diversity lies?

(Monday/ Tuesday blog)

Hooray! More diversity!

I think it’s this week that the BAME Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) takes away free TV licences from the over-75s who aren’t on Pension Credits.

But what will the BBC do with the extra hundreds of millions it’s about to extract from our elderly?

We already know that the BBC […]

Was ‘Saint’ George Floyd a violent, dangerous thug?

(weekend blog)

I just wanted to mention two unfortunate truths about the ludicrously-exaggerated Black Lives Matter protests

Was ‘Saint’ George Floyd a violent, dangerous thug?

I am in no way condoning the way the police treated George Floyd. But as the crowds of virtue-signalling, woke protestors (encouraged by a fawning mainstream media) try to beatify […]

Two Chinese plague stories today

(Monday blog)

Story 1 – Virtue-signalling kills

At the beginning of February, the (IMHO) woke, libtard, moronic, virtue-signalling mayor of Florence, Dario Nardella, suggested residents hug Chinese people to encourage them in the fight against the novel coronavirus.

Meanwhile, a member of Associazione Unione Giovani Italo Cinesi, a Chinese society in Italy aimed at promoting […]

How stupid are the BBC’s ultra-woke correspondents?

(weekend blog)

In this weekend’s blog, I’d like to bring you a story from my own sad, boring, insignificant little life.

Water load of rubbish from the BBC

Most Saturdays I listen to Radio 4’s MoneyBox presented by Paul Lewis. Often I switch the radio on a bit early and so catch a few of […]

Don’t buy the Sanders hype – Democrat bosses will ensure Bloomberg gets it

(Monday blog)

Magic Grandpa – USA-style?

It’s quite extraordinary to watch the useless US Dumbocrats following the equally useless UK Labour Party up a blind alley into their own arseholes.

Like UK Labour, the US Democrats have abandoned their traditional voters – blue-collar workers – and instead jumped onto every progressive, liberal, woke bandwagon they […]

Hooray – Rape is now legal in the Izlumic Republic of Swedistan

(Monday/Tuesday blog)

I’ve got some really neat news for you if you’re a multi-cultural enricher either living in or intending to move to the Izlumic Republic of Swedistan. It seems that rape is no longer a serious criminal offence in Swedistan – but only if you’re a multi-cultural enricher. Even rape of under-age girls seems […]