March 2012

Random thoughts on the sexual preferences of different nations

Having spent some time in an Asian city that can probably claim to be the sex capital of the world, I could not help noticing some differences in how various nationalities satisfied their sexual needs. (Please note I was with my wife, so had limited opportunities for personal indulgence beyond my permitted twice weekly). Many […]

Mr Cameron, I want some laws changed, but I can only pay £2,500

Dear David Cameron. If a senior fundraiser for your party is to be believed, you are not only a liar but are also thoroughly corrupt and will change Britain’s laws in return for a £250,000 payment. There are a few laws I’d like changed. For example, I think squatting should be made illegal in England […]

Will Cameron’s incompetence and sleaze ruin David Miliband’s plan to become PM?

David Miliband is, I believe, a very greedy and ambitious man. Such a self-serving person would, I believe, have a plan to become both a multimillionaire and PM. His plan might go like this. 1. Spend the few years up to the next general election filling his pockets with as much money as he can […]

More pointless deaths in Afghanistan – they shall quickly be forgotten

Yet again there are even more completely pointless deaths of British troops in the disaster that is Afghanistan. No doubt our lying PM David Liar Cameron will stand up in the Commons, read out the names of those killed and say some platitude like “they shall not be forgotten”. Then our hundreds of thieving, self-serving […]

Ten worst places to put your money. 4. Financial advisers

There are probably more than 100,000 people in Britain who claim to be financial advisers. Most are just salespeople employed by banks and other financial companies. there job is to sell you whatever product their bosses have decided gives them the most profit. As their earnings are mostly made up of commission, they will do […]

Does anyone really care what the Iraqis do to each other?

It seems like every day, some mournful politically-correct BBC newsreader reports that some Iraqis have blown some other Iraqis up. But does anyone really care anymore? I believe (like most people) the the Iraq invasion was a war crime based (I believe) on a bunch of blatant lies cobbled together (I believe) by that nice […]

Ten worst places to put your money. 3. Annuities

If you have any friends or relatives who are about to retire and may be thinking about buying an annuity, please please talk to them and help them avoid making the worst financial decision of their lives. People already receiving annuities are losing around £8 million a day from being sold the wrong products at […]

Are Australia and NZ already Chinese colonies?

One thing that strikes you when you go to any Australian or NZ city is the extraordinary number of Chinese. They only make up about 5% of the population, but may own as much as 20% of businesses. Having ruined their own country through pollution, rape of natural resources, deforestation and over-farming, the Chinese need […]

Well done China and India! They’ve told corrupt Barroso where to shove it

Anyone with more than half a brain knows that the earth goes through cycles of warming and cooling driven by the sun’s activity. Furthermore they know that most of the carbon dioxide released into the atmosphere comes from the seas warming (not human activity) and this will be reversed in the next cooling phase. So […]

It’s budget day! It’s budget day! It’s..yawn, who cares?

Here we are again. Another budget day. Millions of words will be written and spoken by vacuous journalists as they try to create news out of thin air. Does it really matter if, say the average family of four is £3.25 a week or whatever better off after the budget? I mean what’s £3.25 going […]