June 2022
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Daring to mention the unmentionable?

Wednesday/Thursday blog

First, just a small observation before the main bit of the blog

Did you survive last week’s deadly storms?

This story may seem trivial. But I think it does indicate something quite important.

It’s lucky we all have short memories. After all, I wonder how may readers remember the headlines from last Wednesday […]

Did you have a good pandemic?

Monday/Tuesday blog

How was your pandemic? Did you become a lot richer? Probably not.

America – From billionaires to squillionaires

As the U.S. crossed the grim milestone of 1 million deaths from Covid-19, U.S. billionaires have seen their combined wealth rise over $1.7 trillion, a gain of over 58 percent during the pandemic. While billionaires […]

V*cc*nes higher risk than Chinese C*v*d plague?

Friday/weekend blog

First, just let me say that I hope all readers take the time to watch the Mark Steyn Show on GB News every evening from Monday to Thursday at 20.00h (Channel 236). There is nothing like it on UK TV

Here we go again

I think we should be getting used to the […]

The calming wisdom of Thomas Sowell

Wednesday/Thursday blog

I hope readers managed to watch the Mark Steyn Show on GB News yesterday evening (Tuesday 21 June) at 20.00h – brilliant as usual. It’s available on YouTube if you missed it.

First a little quiz for you

Here’s a photo of Manhattan:

Manhattan is the most densely populated of […]

Healthcare or authoritarian control?

Monday/Tuesday blog

I thought I was joking

In my weekend blog, I proposed that the reason the Met Office started naming storms in 2014 was largely due to the establishment’s propaganda campaign to terrify us about the worsening supposed ‘climate catastrophe’ to ensure our cowering obedience to whatever restrictions the elites decide to impose on […]

Energy rich Australia first with power rationing?

weekend blog

Did you survive the ‘catastrophic’ heat-wave?

On Thursday we were graced with knee-trembling warnings from such august bodies as the Met Office, the UK Health Security Agency (UKHSA) and, of course, the mainstream media such as the BBC, ITV News and C4 News about the trillions who could die due to the life-threatening […]

Go green? Starve the already starving and wreck the planet!

Thursday/Friday blog

Biofuels – a crime against humanity

When the EU passed regulations mandating that biofuels should make up 2.7% of all transport fuel sold, the UN’s special rapporteur on food called this policy “a crime against humanity”. The Biofuel Directive set indicative biofuel penetration targets of 2.7% by the end of 2005 and 5.75% […]

Health scares – are they related?

Tuesday/Wednesday blog

I almost cried when I heard the news

Viewers of GB News’s Mark Steyn Show would have been devastated to learn that some 28-year-old Canadian singer called Justin Bieber has had to cancel a few shows due to contracting something called Ramsay Hunt Syndrome. Ramsay Hunt syndrome is a painful rash around the […]

Who is Klaus Schwab?

Monday blog

I don’t have a story today. But I found this shortish (10 minutes) video quite interesting. It explains the background of James Bond-ish villain Klaus Schwab and his World Economic Forum:

When watching this, we should probably remember one of Adam Smith’s most famous quotes:

And here’s […]

Get jabbed – get Covid?

weekend blog

Something most curious is happening with the Wuhan lab-leaked plague in Israel. The more people get 3rd and 4th WuFlu jabs, the higher the number of WuFlu cases seems to be.

If I remember correctly, Israel did a deal with Pfizer early on in the pandemic such that Israel would get lots of […]