August 2021
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Sleepy Joe sleeps – in press conference with Israeli PM!

Monday/Tuesday blog

Sleepy Joe sleeps

I was going to write a more serious blog today. Then I came across this – senile old Joe Biden falls asleep during a meeting with the Israeli PM. The Israeli PM bravely carries on speaking to the attendant press corps while pretending not to notice that Sleepy Joe is […]

Do we want our military to be wokies or warriors?

Friday/weekend blog

Lions led by limp-wristed tossers?

It is little wonder that the USA/UK and Western forces lost the Iraq, Afghanistan, Libyan wars. Troops on the ground and air forces risked their lives, but the senior officers, civil servants and politicians were incompetent. They mixed up ‘fighting the enemy’ with ‘aid and humanitarian mission’, and […]

A policeperson even more useless than Cressida ‘Dickless’ Dick? Yes. Really.

Wednesday/Thursday blog

Britain’s Keystone Cops?

I imagine you’ve all seen our useless police’s latest gimmick – police cars painted with the LGBTQ++++ rainbow:

I believe these cars are the ‘brainchild’ of a certain high-ranking policeperson – Deputy Chief Constable Julie Cooke of the Cheshire Police. Deputy Chief Constable Julie apparently thinks that […]

How ‘woke’ is destroying the West

Monday to Wednesday blog

We are living in strange times

Life has never been so good in our so called ‘developed’ countries. Never before have so many people lived so long in such good health and enjoyed such quality of life. Yet we have many thousands of self-styled ‘activists’ going mental searching for more and […]

Afghans welcome! We’d better build more prisons! (And lock up your daughters?)

Friday/weekend blog

In my blog of 16 August, I pointed out that we would need to build a Grenfell Tower-sized block of flats every eleven days to house the 20,000+ diverse, vibrant, multi-cultural enrichers from the Third World which Priti Patel’s useless Border Farce ferry service are so desperate to collect from French beaches and […]

An excellent week for Afghanistan?

Wednesday/Thursday blog

Great bleating and moaning from the holier-than-thou elites

Oh dear. As Afcrapistan falls under Taliban control, there is much wailing and bleating and moaning from our moral superiors. After all, as the Western NGOs and do-gooders scarper, who will be left to teach the poor Afghans about climate change and gender fluidity and […]

We’ll need a lot more tower blocks for the invading hordes of Priti’s People

Monday/Tuesday blog

The pride of British architecture?

Here’s a typical UK tower block. In this case it’s the infamous Grenfell Tower:

Wikipedia tells us that the building’s top 20 storeys consisted of 120 flats, with six per floor – two flats with one bedroom each and four flats with two bedrooms each […]

Victory in Afghanistan! For China!

Friday/weekend blog

China conquers Afghanistan – without firing a shot

When the U.S. announced its full withdrawal from Afghanistan, the supposed ‘experts’ warned us that there was a risk the Taliban could reconquer the country in ‘as little as 90 days’. Being a cynic, I guessed that it would only take the Taliban crazies nine […]

Boris’s Cop26 Glasgow climate con

Wednesday to Friday blog

Let’s congratulate our young geniuses!

So, around 45% of all A Level candidates got A or A* this year. For private schools, I believe this figure was about 75%. Extraordinary how brilliant our young people have suddenly become.

I think we all understand that the last couple of years have been […]

A big big week for the climate catastrophists

Monday/Tuesday blog

Prepare for the climate Armageddon propaganda blitzkrieg

This week is going to be a big big week for the crazed climate catastrophists and their doomsday cult. Today, the climate catastrophist IPCC (Inter-governmental Panel on Climate Change) will issue its latest death and disaster report. The IPCC will, as usual, predict more floods, more […]