June 2024

Do any politicians realise that plane engines are hot?

Friday/weekend blog

Here’s a picture of Heathrow airport showing the two runways and the location of the weather station the Met Office, our politicians and the bought prostitutes in the mainstream media use to convince us that we’re all heading for a global boiling catastrophe unless we all stop driving, stop heating our homes, […]

Maybe the English players just want to go on holiday?

Thursday blog

(I’ll just leave this up for one day as it’s not terribly important)

The (multi-millionaire) football pundits have been giving us endless reasons for the English football team’s dismal performance. And the manager, the highest-paid manager at the Euros with his £5m a year, Gareth ‘Eeyore’ Southgate, a man who would be […]

Boris, you bloviating buffoon, the Internet never forgets

Wednesday blog

Apologies for anyone who reads The Conservative Woman as you may already have seen this article I had on The Conservative Woman website on Monday/Tuesday:

There was an article in the Daily Mail yesterday titled ‘Boris Johnson blasts Nigel Farage for “morally repugnant” claims on Ukraine and says he’s “parroting Putin’s lies”: Former PM slams […]

Lying, useless fake Tories blame voters for the coming debacle

Monday – Tuesday blog

Tories blame us ‘stupid’ voters

I don’t know if you’ve noticed, but there have been a flood of articles and interviews in the media in which the lying, useless, incompetent fake Tories are blaming us voters for the coming Labour landslide and (hopefully, IMHO) annihalation of the waste-of-skin, sleazy Tories.


The supremely stupid court will take us back to the Stone Age

Friday-weekend blog

More ‘record heat’ lies

I have an article on The Daily Sceptic today about how the Met Office and BBC fool us with their ‘hottest ever’ lies.

In my article, I predict that, as June in the UK has been miserable weatherwise, the Met Office and BBC will find somewhere with […]

Just don’t mention the fake vaccines

Monday-Tuesday blog

There are two stories recently which a suspicious, worthless old cynic like myself might think are connected.

Story 1 – The social care crisis

In our phoney election, all the establishment parties are blethering on about how they need to “fix the social care crisis” in order to fix the NHS. The […]

How the lying liars at the lying Met Office lie to us

Friday-weekend blog

As we all shiver in the autumnal weather during what is meant to be summer and some of us have even turned our central heating back on, there is one certainty – in a few weeks time, the liars at the lying Met Office will tell us that we’ve just had the […]

Did Hamas do more damage to Gaza than Israel?

Wednesday blog

I’m a bit busy as I’m trying to edit a book which has been supposedly translated from Korean into English. I suspect that the publishers have used a new AI (Artificial Intelligence) all-whizzing all-dancing translation programme. The result is over 300 pages (80,000 words) of gibberish. Why I suspect this is that […]

Open the borders! Let them all in!

weekend blog

Discount on my latest book

I have just noticed that Amazon are discounting paperback copies of my book THERE IS NO CLIMATE CRISIS from the normal price of £8.44 to £7.44. So, if you buy a copy now, you can save a whole £1. You could even donate that £1 to Reform.


Lies, damned lies and statistics

Thursday-Friday blog

Is this why they gave their lives?

I was watching part of the D-Day ceremony on GB News yesterday and noticed a story on the ‘breaking news’ strip below the main image. Seven men had just been convicted of rape against two underage girls in the 2000s. I noticed that three of […]