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Well done you! You’ve managed to slow down global warming, say scientists

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Are we getting Global Warming under control?

I’ll try to keep it short today as I imagine, when you hear the latest great news from “scientists”, you’ll all want to rush out and celebrate.

According to “scientists”: ‘Worst-case’ climate change scenarios with up to 4ºC or 5ºC of warming are no longer possible’, a study has suggested.

Lead author Roger Pielke Jr, professor of environmental studies at Colorado University Boulder, said: “This is cautiously optimistic good news with respect to where the world is today, compared to where we thought we might be. The 2ºC target from Paris remains within reach.”

Yipeee! We’re saved! We’re not all going to fry in increasingly hot summers or drown due to 40-foot sea-level rises or flee to the Antarctic which was predicted to be the only habitable continent by the end of this century – in just 72 years.

Unadulterated nonsense?

Of course, like pretty much everything written about supposedly catastrophic anthropogenic climate change, this latest article is utter nonsense.

For a start, CO2 emissions have kept increasing, though there might be a small downward dip during the Wuhan Chinese lab-leaked plague:

(as usual, left-click on chart and then left-click again to see more clearly)

Moreover, atmospheric CO2 levels have also kept going up:

Anyway, the actual level of warming has always been below the minimum warming predicted by the 40 or so main climate models normally used to terrify us into submission by the new lords of climate:

The blue (satellite data) and green (balloon data) lines are the actual temperatures. The mass of lines above them are the main climate model predictions. So when “scientists” claim: ‘Worst-case’ climate change scenarios with up to 4ºC or 5ºC of warming are no longer possible’, this total nonsense. The chart above shows that temperatures were nowhere near even hitting the minimum predictions of the “scientists”.

The article concludes: “The analysis joins a growing consensus of independent groups around the world whose work finds that the most extreme climate scenarios are unlikely to occur this century, and mid-range scenarios are more likely.” But even this is garbage. Just look at the chart of real temperatures vs the climate models. There is no chance of temperatures getting anywhere near even the “mid-range scenarios”

It was climate change wot destroyed Zimbabwe’s agriculture

And while we’re on the subject of ludicrously inaccurate climate change articles, here’s a stunner from the Independent: “Climate crisis forcing Zimbabwean women and children into prostitution”

Obviously I must be a racist, white-supremacist, neo-colonialist, historically-ignorant fool. Why? Because I thought that Zimbabwe’s appalling rural poverty was caused by the catastrophic stupidity, venality and greed of Zimbabwe’s Mugabe government forcing out productive white farmers and handing their land over to Mugabe’s utterly corrupt cronies in crime – a policy that turned Zimbabwe from being the breadbasket of Africa to one of Africa’s worst basket cases – and there’s quite a bit of competition for that prize.

Silly me. The collapse of Zimbabwe’s rural economy, was actually, the Independent reliably informs us, caused by climate change.

You learn something new every day when you read such reliable media like the Independent.

5 comments to Well done you! You’ve managed to slow down global warming, say scientists

  • A Thorpe

    Politicians and scientists/business work together to create problems that do not exit and then they provide money making solutions which make things worse. Eventuality they have to recognise they were wrong and so they claim their actions have solved the problem.

    We might have stopped the temperatures rising but now the politicians are responding to the concerns of the masses who have been convinced that we should get rid of fossil fuel energy. Now the scientists can blame us for the problems they initiated.

    I read today that the Australian grasslands are disappearing as whites have taken over from the sensible Aboriginal management. They understood that there had to be fires to remove unwanted growth. The whites have stopped the fires and now the grasslands are being taken over by invasive species. In some areas the grasslands are being destroyed by useless and expensive solar farms.

  • Brenda Blessed

    You may have read about the Foreign Secretary, Liz Truss, dressing up for a freezing winter in Moscow a few weeks ago this year when there was a thaw.

    In his current column in the Mail on Sunday (12 February 2022), even Peter Hitchens has claimed that state of affairs for climate change.

    Quote from the column:

    A furry hat in the middle of a thaw? How little Truss grasps about Russia.

    “The weather is just one of many things which have changed since then. When I lived there in the early 1990s, winters were ferociously cold.

    “The river froze hard enough to walk on. You had to use vodka to de-ice your windscreen. Climate change has made it much warmer.”

    Can that statement be dismissed by facts?

  • Brenda Blessed

    When the British in the form of Cecil Rhodes arrived in Rhodesia, now Zimbabwe, in 1888, the country’s population was in the hundreds of thousands. Nature must have been doing a very good job of population control.

    At independence in 1980, when I and my family left the country and Robert Mugabe became its president, the population was 7,285,005. The current population is estimated as 15,412,353, 41.9% of which is under the age of 15.

    Information from the website linked to below:

    “The dependent part includes the population under 15 years old and people aged 65 and over. The productive part of population accordingly consists of population between 15 and 64 years.

    “This ratio shows the pressure on productive population produced by the dependent part of population.

    “The total dependency ratio of population in Zimbabwe is 84.1 %. The value of 84.1 % shows that the pressure on productive population in Zimbabwe is very high.”

    As might be expected, Zimbabwe has annual net emigration.

    The country has always had a variable climate that goes from droughts to flooding. The rainy season is in the summer and there is no rain in the winter months. The white farmers dealt with the dry season and droughts by using irrigation from rivers and boreholes. It looks as if the current level of farming is not up to the challenge.

    The UK government has relaxed the immigration rules in order to import care workers and allow resident migrants to work in the care industry due to the huge shortfall, including the large numbers of care workers who quit in order to avoid mandated Covid vaccinations. Therefore, educated Zimbabweans who apply for those jobs are likely to succeed.

    Zimbabwe Population –

  • Ed P

    Truss is such an appropriate name for someone who spouts utter bollocks. She embarrassed the nation (& herself) with her ignorance in Russia.
    CO2 can increase or decrease – climate is mainly governed by the sun’s varying activity and water vapour/clouds/albedo effects. Most scientists know this, it’s the climate data-loggers who promote and protect their erroneous models.

  • bad Brian

    liz Truss is not my cup of tea but to try to riddicule her for wearing a fur hat in Russia at this time of year is idiotic.

    Many years ago I was on the outskirts of St.Petersburgh on a most beautiful, non windy, sunny February morning and I got off the bus leaving my hat behind ! it was minus 14 degrees and after only 20 minutesI began to notice the first signs of hypothermia which makes you feel like you just want to scrunch up into a little ball.

    After another 20 minutes, just as I thought I was going to die, I got inside the “Winter Palace” which was like entering a sauna.

    I was been caught out without a hat in almost exactly the same circumstances a few years later but this time I recognised the symptoms immediatley and took steps accordingly.

    On the inside of my left arm I had tattood , “Don’t forget your hat Brian” Works every time !

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