April 2021
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Ha-ha-ha-ha! Made in China crap vaccine doesn’t work

Friday/weekend blog

Well, well, who would have thunk it? It seems that the crap Made in China vaccine doesn’t work.

Chile has probably the leading level of vaccination of any South American country and is close to the levels of Israel and the UK and above the US level:

(to see the charts more clearly, […]

It leaked from a Wuhan lab! It leaked from a Wuhan lab! It leaked from a Wuhan lab!

(Monday/Tuesday blog)

It’s almost certain that the Chinese Covid-19 plague was accidentally leaked from one of the two research institutes in Wuhan – either the biosafety level-4 Wuhan Institute of Virology (WIV) or else the biosafety level-2 Wuhan Centre for Disease Control (Wuhan CDC).

Dr Peng Zhou’s research on bats

Readers will hopefully know that […]

More lies and lies and lies from lying EU boss Ursula Fond of Lying?

Wednesday/ Thursday blog

First a brief explanation for my absence – not that anyone cares.

I decided to spend the latest UK lockdown on a beach in Thailand – wonderful weather, fabulous food and lots of ‘entertainment’. I managed to get out of the UK at the beginning of December during a brief interlude between […]

Our “wonderful NHS” or a slaughterhouse?

In WWII there were around 454,000 British casualties – 384,000 military and about 70,000 civilians. Assuming the war lasted about 1,800 days, that gives about 252 casualties a day.

A health service or a slaughterhouse?

During the last month over 1,000 people died in British hospitals every single day just from Xi Pingpong’s Chinese plague. […]

Why is the useless EU so desperate to get its hands on an “ineffective” vaccine?

I’m slightly confused. For the last week EU bigwigs and France’s diminutive gerontophiliac president have been slamming the Oxford/AstraZeneca vaccine for being useless and “ineffective” and dangerous. And they’ve vilified British medical regulators for allegedly rushing through approval for the supposedly “ineffective” and dangerous Oxford/AstraZeneca vaccine.

Yet, at the same time, the EU has been […]

I’m taking another break

Well, my return to blogging didn’t last long.

I’ve started work on another book. That and other commitments I’ve got mean I won’t have time to research and write any blogs till Monday 1 February.

Goodbye from me. And goodbye from him:

Vaccine fun and games?

(Tuesday/Wednesday blog)

Huge entertainment is being provided by various governments as they now try to get vaccines for their unfortunate subjects to protect them against Xi Pingpong’s Chinese plague.

But before we look at that, just two quick points:

it is now becoming ever more clear that the Wu-Flu was accidentally released from the Wuhan […]

Shucks, can anyone remind me when Christmas is?

(last blog before Christmas)

I’m not a believer

First a small point – I do not believe the Government statisticians and supposed health experts’ claims that in most UK larger towns and cities, one in every hundred people is infected with Xi Pingpong’s Chinese plague. I simply don’t believe that, if you walk down a […]

Can we believe anything our ‘scientists’ and ‘experts’ claim nowadays?

(Friday/weekend blog)

As I’m sure you know, studies of the demographic profile of victims of Xi’s Wuhan lab-released Chinese plague have shown that people from Black, Asian and minority ethnic (BAME) communities are more likely to have serious health complications and are more likely to die from the Wu-Flu than white ethnic Brits.

Cue – […]

Is our ‘wonderful’ NHS actually doing any work at all?

(weekend blog)

I obviously haven’t a clue about what is really happening in the NHS. Though I have ghost-written and published one book about the NHS – WHO CARES? by Amanda Steane and I was married to a (female) cancer surgeon for over 20 years. But I have a nagging suspicion that in many A&E […]