October 2020
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The cure is worse than the disease! The cure is worse than the disease! The cure is …….

(weekend blog)

Fury at the Palestinian-adoring BBC

The first item on the Britain-loathing Broadcasting Corporation’s news this morning was the signing of a peace treaty between the Sudan and Israel. The BBC’s supposed ‘journalist’ couldn’t hide his fury at another success for Trump and Israel. The only person interviewed by BBC News was a Sudanese […]

How deadly is ‘deadly’?

(Tuesday blog)

Here we go again. Lockdowns, bankruptcies, suicides, serious illnesses going untreated, lives ruined and the economy trashed to supposedly ‘save the NHS’.

All this is to protect us from the supposedly ‘deadly’ Chinese Xi-Flu. But how deadly is ‘deadly’?

How deadly is ‘deadly’?

I realise that most Brits are numerically-challenged. Nevertheless, here are […]

Today around 1,500 people in England and Wales will die!!!!!!

(Friday blog)

Putting hyperbole into context?

The politicians and media seem to be hell-bent on frightening us with terrifying claims about imminent disaster from Xi Pingpong’s Chinese flu. The politicians do this to browbeat us into obeying every stupid and ineffectual restriction they and their supposed ‘scientists’ dream up. The media do this to grab […]

How the howling media mob panicked our pathetic politicians?

(Wednesday/ Thursday blog)

You can’t expect Einsteinian insights from a 600- to 700-word blog (with pictures for the hard-of-understanding) written at 05.00 in the morning. But I think I’m beginning to understand how our rulers allowed our economy to be trashed by the Xi Pingpong’s Wuhan flu and what to do about it now.

That […]

Beware of ‘experts’ waving hockey sticks

(Thursday/Friday blog – by David Craig, proud to have been banned from commenting on the Times and Sunday Times websites for political incorrectness about politics, Brexit, BLM, immigration, climate, charities, Third-world corruption and our favouritest religion)

Not so jolly hockey sticks?

The most famous ‘hockey stick’ graph in history is probably Michael Mann’s chart of […]

Are you ready for the great ‘Climate Change’ lockdowns?

(Tuesday/Wednesday blog by David Craig – proudly banned from commenting on the Times and Sunday Times websites for political incorrectness about BLM and immigration and climate and Third-world corruption and our favouritest religion)

The great ‘Climate Change’ lockdowns?

Once again, I have to thank Sky News Australia for revealing a story that the UK media […]

I ain’t no epidemiologist, but ……

(Sunday/Monday blog by David Craig – proudly banned from commenting by the Times and Sunday Times for insufficient political correctness such as supporting Donald Trump, supporting Brexit, ridiculing free-speech-hating trans-nazis, calling BLM rioters ‘fascists’, worrying about the uncontrolled Third-World migrant invasion and calling Man-Made Climate Change/Extinction a ‘scam’)

I ain’t no epidemiologist, but….

In fact […]

“No one ever seizes power with the intention of relinquishing it” George Orwell

(Friday blog)

First let’s start with something slightly less serious.

Latest news from the US elections

Joe Biden emerges from his basement:

Russia first with Covid-19 vaccine?

Meanwhile, as the AstraZeneca Covid-19 vaccine trials are temporarily halted, Russia seems to be rushing ahead in the race to be the first country to […]

Will our rulers reimpose Covid-19 restrictions to fight supposed ‘Climate Change’?

(Monday blog)

Wonderful, wonderful Sky News

On each of the next three days, I propose to feature short videos from possibly the best TV news station in the world – Sky News.

No! Not Sky News UK! Sky News UK is just the same EU-loving, Greta-adoring, West-hating, Trump-loathing, rapemigrant-pandering, BLM-knee-taking, UK-despising leftist propaganda we get […]

Are Australia’s fascist police out of control?

(Friday blog)

Australia’s fascist police crack down on dissent?

I apologise if you’ve already seen the short video below. I wrote this blog on Wednesday, but since then this story has gone round the world. However, the video is so shocking, that I believe it’s important to highlight it to anyone who hasn’t yet seen […]