September 2019
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We’re terrified of offending them – even with the truth

(Friday blog)

Who really rules over us?

I’ll start with a picture I’ve used many times before:

There was a Daily Mail article two days ago. The article was titled:

More than 13,000 people in the UK have been born out of ‘extreme inbreeding’ and the illegal incestuous trysts of close relatives, […]

Walrus ‘porky pies’? Can we still trust David ‘Greta’ Attenborough?

(Thursday blog)

We demand a General Election!

First today some light entertainment – here’s a short video of Labour demanding a General Election. The General Election they’re now too afraid to fight:

Walrus porkie pies?

I have two short videos and one slightly longer one for you today. The first is from a recent […]

Brexit betrayed – 17.4 million Leavers betrayed! The traitors’ smug victory grins!

(Wednesday blog)

Brexit betrayed – we’re never leaving

I’m finally realising that the europhiliac Establishment have won. We won’t be leaving the EU. Ever.

Here’s the picture that tells more than all the TV interviews and newspaper articles. It’s our (IMHO) totally worthless, lying, treacherous, incompetent, Remainer former PM, Theresa May, sitting in the House […]

Remoaner lies exposed yet again and again and again and……….

(Tuesday blog)

Carry on lying?

How many times will the Remoaners keep on lying to us? And why do the biased, europhiliac mainstream media never challenge the liar Remoaners about their lies?

So today, as Parliament goes into meltdown, let’s just quickly recap the main Remoaner lies:

Lie 1: People didn’t know what they were […]

More horror stories from you know who…….

(Monday blog)

Just a few of many many horror stories from last week:

Saving the family’s “honour”?

Isra’a Ghrayeb, a 21-year-old Palestinian aspiring make-up artist from Bethlehem, was reportedly killed this past Thursday after being allegedly tortured and beaten to death by her brother in a family honour killing:

According to The […]