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Walrus ‘porky pies’? Can we still trust David ‘Greta’ Attenborough?

(Thursday blog)

We demand a General Election!

First today some light entertainment – here’s a short video of Labour demanding a General Election. The General Election they’re now too afraid to fight:

Walrus porkie pies?

I have two short videos and one slightly longer one for you today. The first is from a recent Netflix programme – Our Planet. This is narrated by ageing national treasure Sir David Attenborough. But in the clip below, we see the camera crew and not Sir David reacting to the sad deaths of walruses falling down a cliff:

The lady with the cameraman claims that the walrus deaths are the “sad reality of Climate Change”. Her explanation is that, due to melting ice, the walruses are crowded onto a tiny piece of beach and climb the cliff to escape from the overcrowding. But although, the walruses can climb the cliff, they’re not able to descend again without many falling to their deaths.

However, some film has emerged from 1994 – 25 years ago – long before Climate Change became a cult – of exactly the same phenomenon – walruses climbing cliffs and then falling to their deaths:

What actually appears to be happening is not the walrus population being decimated by supposed Climate Change. In fact, it’s the opposite. Walruses have been thriving. And this behaviour of walruses climbing cliffs and then falling to their deaths appears to be a result of too many walruses. In the case of the Greta Attenborough film, the walrus panic may have been caused by polar bears attacking the walruses because the polar bear population has increased so much that the bears are desperate to find something to eat:

Or it may even have been caused by the drones used by the film crew frightening the walruses causing them to panic.

Here’s a slightly longer video (10 minutes) claiming that the whole story of walruses dying being a “sad reality of Climate Change” may have been a set-up and may be a pile of fabricated, Greeny propaganda tosh.

I have previously blogged about a video of glaciers collapsing into the sea from another David ‘Greta’ Attenborough programme. I believe the glacier collapse was caused by explosive charges set to go off at the right time in the daylight so the film crew could get the ‘perfect shot’ at the right place of supposed Global Warming causing glaciers collapsing. This is apparently quite a common trick used by ‘woke’ Greeny film crews.

Moreover, if there was less ice, then there would be less glacier calving. More ice leads to more impressive glacier calving. The captain of the Titanic would confirm that.

Can we really trust national treasure Sir David ‘Greta’ Attenborough and the libtard Warmie-loons? You decide:

2 comments to Walrus ‘porky pies’? Can we still trust David ‘Greta’ Attenborough?

  • A Thorpe

    I thought you were expecting us to make a comparison between the two items. We are constantly told that we are part of nature and the second video tells us that nature plays by its own rules which we do not understand and sometimes it plays cruel tricks. It was certainly impossible to understand what was going on in the Commons yesterday; are the MPs playing a cruel trick on the electorate by trying to appear intelligent? They seem to be completely obsessed with something called “a deal” but none of them seem to know what it is. If only Noel Edmunds was an MP, he would sort it out.

  • Stillreading

    Given yesterday’s appalling performance by so many MPs of the Party (Tories) which I guess many readers of this blog once supported, at this moment I don’t know what to say. MPs (and the Lords, all those appointed Blairites)) no longer even pretend to represent the Electorate. We, the Electorate, voted decisively to get out of the undemocratic EU. If a sizeable proportion of the eligible population couldn’t be bothered to vote in 2016, and consequently now feel unrepresented, well, too bad! They had their chance and were too lazy, or stupid, to get themselves to the voting centres. We see now with what contempt all our “elected representatives” regard the people they were elected to represent. A number of my acquaintances said before yesterday and doubtless are saying even more resolutely today, that if we were denied Brexit (with or without the “deal”) they would never again vote. For myself, I can’t quite say that, although I do understand their viewpoint. Unless Boris and Nigel Farage come to a formal, irreversible, anti-Eu, pro Brexit pact, then it’s Nigel for me once more when we go to the Polls. Poor Boris though! He’s doing his best and now, it seems, even his own brother has turned against him. Sour grapes anyone? As for Corbyn – well, perhaps less said the better, in case I should lay myself open to accusations of libel!

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