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Brexit betrayed – 17.4 million Leavers betrayed! The traitors’ smug victory grins!

(Wednesday blog)

Brexit betrayed – we’re never leaving

I’m finally realising that the europhiliac Establishment have won. We won’t be leaving the EU. Ever.

Here’s the picture that tells more than all the TV interviews and newspaper articles. It’s our (IMHO) totally worthless, lying, treacherous, incompetent, Remainer former PM, Theresa May, sitting in the House of Commons yesterday beside her hero – fellow arch-Remainer Kenneth Clarke – during yesterday’s debate blocking Brexit;

Their smug grins of delight as Boris Johnson gets heckled by the House of Collaborators Remainer MPs tell us all you need to know.

It’s now blindingly obvious that May never intended to take us out of the EU. She always wanted to keep us shackled to Brussels. She circumvented no fewer than two Leaver Brexit Secretaries –  forcing both to resign in protest – in order to stitch us up and keep us under EU control.

And now we can see her delight as the House of Crooks takes away any negotiating power Boris Johnson might have had.

Brexit seems to be dead in the water. No wonder May and Clarke are looking so pleased with themselves. They have sold our country out to their friends in the wasteful, undemocratic, bureaucratic EU.  They have betrayed Britain.

Can Farage save us from this disaster? Probably not.

I told you so!!!!!

Oh well, at least I have the grim satisfaction of being able to say “I told you so”. Here’s a video I made over three months ago predicting we would never be allowed to leave the German-run EU (aka the Fourth Reich).

Thank God my father, who fought against the Germans in 1939-1945, isn’t alive to see our abject surrender to German rule:

12 comments to Brexit betrayed – 17.4 million Leavers betrayed! The traitors’ smug victory grins!

  • Stillreading

    Yep! My father was virtually a stranger to me until I was eight years old because he was doing his bit to protect England from Nazism. And the years of post-war austerity after he was able to rejoin the family weren’t a whole lot of fun either. TV unheard of, sweets still rationed, no car of course, certainly no holidays away from home. (A good State Grammar School education though, for those of us who passed the 11 plus.) Do-gooders who scream now about childhood poverty and kids going to school hungry, while their parents go about with a smart phone on one hand and a fag in the other while gigantic plasma TVs with Sky & Netflix subscriptions dominate the living room have no idea of how things once were. All those years when my mother, my sister and I were deprived of my father’s presence, all those daylight hours and cold nights spent in pitch-dark air-raid shelters, all those millions of other UK families who similarly endured, all those men who never returned to their families; all gone to waste in order to roll over seventy five years later to the Fourth Reich. I am livid. So, I know are all my friends and neighbours. I haven’t yet had the chance to discuss it with them but I don’t need to. They’ve made their opinions clear many times already. And they aren’t all as old as me either. Many are of my children’s generation and, indeed, include at least one of my children. The Nation voted for Brexit. We knew what we wanted. We knew the implications. We were neither naïve nor ignorant. We expected our Government to deliver. It has failed is deplorably. Parliament is without honour. MPs will pay heavily for this at the next election. (And yes; I too observed Treason May’s smug smirk yesterday.) Personal feelings apart, cannot any of them see that by giving in to EU intransigence we have lain our nation open to its contempt for ever more? Bullies don’t admire those they have defeated, they despise them.

  • William Costello

    The country is no longer a democracy since the UK failed to leave the EU on 29th March 2019.

  • Juliet 46

    I echo Stillreading’s post, but I’m clinging on to the hope that this vote will not help the remainers. There has to be a way around it. I fear that, without a Conservative/Brexit Party alliance, come a snap election the leave vote will be split two ways, and that will enable labour to regain seats they previously lost to the Conservative remainer candidates. I feel that my life-long belief in the fairness of the British Parliamentary system, our “Mother of Parliaments” has ereoded and left exposed nothing but a steaming dunghill. I am furious, I could cry with frustration. I used to jokingly say that they wouldn’t let us vote if it changed anything. Ha! what a joke.

    Still holding on to the hope that we will leave with “No deal” on 31st October. Surely the Conservative Party MPs know they and their party are finished otherwise? But of course, remaining in the EU makes them an irrelevance anyway.

    What a mess!!

  • Three books written over the last 25 years have shown clearly that the EU is a corporatist fascist German imperialist strategy to achieve what war did not: ” And into the Fire”, Europe’s Full Circle” and “Fascist Europe Rising”
    I happen to be the author and have the support of Prime Minister, a Presudent, a Nobel Prize winner and the former head of British Defence Intelligence inter alios

  • A Thorpe

    Don’t give up hope yet. Parliament shows no sign that it can reach agreement over anything. We have confirmation that Cameron and May were the two worst prime ministers ever.

  • Hardcastle

    I hoped,along with many others of a mildly cynical or should I say realistic disposition that this whole debacle has been orchestrated from the moment the referendum was called.My first doubts were raised when the so called conservatives cleverly positioned themselves on both sides of the fence.Too many on the leave side were clearly lukewarm about leaving the EU, it was,to me, clearly a controlled opposition and the sidelining of Nigel Garage and UKIP proved it.Again Boris has declined to work with the Brexit Party and there can only be one reason for that and it is not to see us truly out.If we have an election before the October deadline,will enough people fall for it again and support the Conservatives. I am afraid they might.If they do I am finished with this once great country and will do all I can personally to withold my support in whatever way is possible.I will not accept any election result that I do not agree with,two can play that game.I hope to be proved wrong but I have not so far in this great charade.I am a mild and good natured individual but that picture of Hammond and May instilled in me an unnatural desire for violent retribution.

  • Roy Hartwell

    For nearly 50 years now I have voted in virtually every election, national and local, where I was eligible. I believed I was taking part in true democracy, I couldn’t complain if I didn’t vote. When ‘my’ party lost an election I accepted it. That’s what democracy is all about but there was another chance in a few years.
    I now realise I have been treated like an idiot all that time in believing that my vote counted one way or another. I now see that the self-serving politicians only allowed me my say when it suited them. The real decisions were made by the Metropolitans up in London behind closed doors. In the 70’s these decisions moved even further away, to Brussels and even more major decisions were made without our say as a country. We have been thoroughly duped by our political classes and when we finally stood up and said enough is enough we were stamped down and told to go away as we were too stupid to know what we were talking about.
    What now ? Do I continue to vote or do I just roll over and accept the inevitable. I really do not know the answer at the moment but I feel that there will be some serious backlash one way or another and this country will change for ever. it’s so sad and totally unnecessary but at least the scales have now fallen from my and many millions of others eyes!

  • euge

    Typical theresa . hiding behind the sofa again. She is letting the other traitors do the dirty work . Will she come back if we get an election ?

  • Joe Schome

    Hi Roy,

    Like you, I too have voted at every election, thinking that my vote meant something. And that voting was a responsibility to
    be taken seriously.

    However, again like you, I did not realise how divorced from the electorate most, (not all), M.P.’s really are.
    I could also add all the civil servants in London.
    And on top of that the new hierarchy in Brussels.

    If I was twenty years younger, I would emigrate to Australia
    or New Zealand.

  • A Thorpe

    Reading the above I am increasingly convinced that democracy is a complete sham. Universal suffrage did not give power to the people, it opened the way to socialism and all political parties implement socialist policies. This is because political parties are only interested in getting and retaining power. They can only do this by increasing their promises of handouts to get votes and the size of the state expands relentlessly. Hayek wrote of the road to serfdom, he should have said democracy, leads to socialism which leads to serfdom. That is the road we are on.

    Paxman had little to say last night but he did put some blame on political parties. What is the point of a representative who does as instructed by the party? If we had independent MPs how would they form a government? Paxman did say that MPs should no be elected unless they have 50% of the vote and I agree, but it should not be a proportional system. It must be 50% of first votes. It would force them to policies that a majority support. Perhaps with independent MPs we could phase their elections to avoid the major change we get with general elections. The Lords must also go. We are making no progress towards a modern democracy that works.

  • Roy Hartwell

    I was once a strong supporter of the Lords as I saw it as a necessary balance to the political parties but then it was used by the political parties (after Blair’s ‘reforms’) as a way of rewarding loyal party members (most with very little worthwhile previous service) and as a political ping-pong game stuffing it with one or the others yes-men (in the non-gender sense!!). I would now like to see it abolished !

  • John Woolram

    Theresa may was a remainer, she wanted to stay shackled to the EU and that is as obvious as the nose on her face. Its an incredible thing to think that so many will not remember the traitors before them and the end and I mean end of democracy in this country. What have you done.

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