September 2019
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Labour’s “secret” plan to stay in power forever

(Wednesday blog)

I’ll keep it short today.

There’s one thing that seems blindingly obvious to me. If Labour are ever elected again, they will ensure they stay in power forever by lowering the voting age to 17 or maybe even 16. I’ve mentioned this several times on my blog. But as I’ve never seen any […]

Saint Greta, you idiot! More people die from cold in the UK than climate events world-wide!

(Tuesday blog)

We haven’t heard much from Saint Greta Turd-berg – patron saint of the cerebrally-challenged – since she sailed across the Atlantic producing probably 100 times more CO2 than if she had just taken a plane that was flying to New York anyway.

I wonder why the great modern-day saint, Greta, has been so […]

David Cameron calls other people “liars”. Pot/kettle anyone?

(Monday blog)

Dave’s got a £800,000 book to sell

You can’t have missed it. David Cameron has got a book to sell. Moreover Cameron’s publishers, Collins, are owned by Rupert Murdoch’s News Corp. News Corp also owns the Times and Sunday Times. Hence both papers have been full of “Dave says this” and “Dave says […]

Did you think the kitchen staff all had Phds in micro-biology?

(weekend blog)

Not accepting responsibility? Ever?

The recent deaths of two teenagers from extreme food allergies are truly tragic. But I do worry about the attitudes of the parents and the bleating, moaning mainstream media.

In the case of the girl who died on a plane after eating a sandwich bought at an airport – […]

Multi-cultural enrichment in America’s “Little Mogadishu” (Minneapolis)

(Friday blog)

I’ve written before about how Minneapolis has been so multi-culturally enriched by the arrival of highly-educated doctors, scientists and engineers from Somalia and Ethiopia that it has been given the nick-name “Little Mogadishu”.

Today, here’s a short (2 minutes) video of some of these highly-educated doctors, scientists and engineers from Somalia and Ethiopia […]

100 years of climate hoaxes?

(Thursday blog)

Sunshine beach holidays in Greenland?

On C4 News last night, we had Alex Thomson and Matt Frei bleating and moaning about melting glaciers in Greenland and the supposed “Climate Emergency”. But maybe these two great, world-famous climatologists – Alex Thomson and Matt Frei – are right? After all, here’s part of a newspaper […]

More eco-loonies caught in ice that should have melted

(Wednesday blog)

Boris – humiliated or winning against the swamp?

I have difficulty watching the news nowadays. It’s so blatantly biased against Brexit in general and Boris Johnson in particular. On Monday this week, reporters were salivating as they reported that Boris Johnson had been ‘humiliated’ by the House of Conmen and Crooks when Johnson […]

Lying Labour liars lying?

(Tuesday blog)

Today I wanted to write about the horrific practice of infibulation. But a kind reader sent me a link to a short (4 minutes) must-see video.

The video features some of our favourite reality TV characters – Old Man Steptoe, the Abbotpotamus, Emily ‘Thick as Mince’ Thornberry, Tom ‘Pedophile-hunter’ Watson, the ruler of […]

Clitoris-cutters above the law?

(Monday blog)

The video from yesterday

Firstly, this is just to say that the video of highly-educated engineers, scientists, brain surgeons and academics from the Middle East who had moved to Germany that I linked to in my weekend blog is now available after being mysteriously taken down on Saturday just after I had written […]

Just another normal day at the migrant integration class?

(weekend blog)

This weekend I wanted you all to see a wonderful video of Germany ‘successfully’ integrating Merkel’s migrant millions. The video appears to show an integration class for some of the highly-qualified doctors, scientists, engineers and IT experts who will certainly make a massive contribution to Germany’s economic development when they’ve stopped fighting each […]