July 2018
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I’m Ursula – please rape me, please sodomise me, please kick and hit me!

(Tuesday blog)

On September 9th, there will be a general election in Sweden. The good news is that the patriotic Sweden Democrats are now polling their highest ever results – around 25% of voters (the yellow bar on the chart) say they’ll vote for them:

However, that means that around 75% of […]

Trump’s visit to Britain was a disaster – for Britain!

(Monday blog)

Some UK newspapers tried to put a positive spin on Trump’s visit claiming that Trump had apologised for criticising Theresa the Turd-polisher’s Brexit in the Sun interview and that Trump had said that the US wanted to do a trade deal with Britain.

But listening to the press conference, that’s not what I […]

Why do they hate Britain so much?

(weekend blog)

Watching the news reports on the President Trump visit and the anti-Trump protests made me depressed and ashamed to be British. I think the most biased reports came from C4 News – although the BBC gave C4 News a run for their money.

Jon “F*ck-the-Tories” Snow seemed to be having multiple orgasms over […]

Useless drunk at NATO meeting

(Friday blog – 2)

Here’s a useless drunk at the recent NATO meeting.

And this useless drunk is the ruler of all Europe!!!!!!!!!!!!

I doubt the BBC and C4 News will be reporting this story – useless drunk at NATO meeting

I’ve now seen German and Dutch versions of the Drunk’s latest antics on YouTube. […]

Wonderful Trump skewers our useless political pygmies

(Friday blog)

I almost can’t watch the news at the moment. On every channel all we get are sneering, insulting attacks against President Trump. The BBC’s attitude, in particular, shows we need to scrap the TV licence fee and make the BBC subscription only. Then the spoilt, over-paid, overpensioned, lefty, BBC virtue-signallers would find out […]

England’s heroes to fly home

(Thursday blog)

England’s heroes will soon be coming home.

After their heroic efforts, they can return to Britain with their heads held high. We should all salute their courage and skill.

What? You thought I meant some football team?

No, I meant the cave rescuers who have been in Thailand risking their own lives to […]

More Allah-akbarriers and is Sadiq Khan welcome in London?

(Wednesday blog)


Every time there’s a terrorist attack, we’re told that we will not let the terrorists change the way we live.

Here’s a nice photo of the new Allah-akbarriers put up around the Eiffel Tower in Paris:

The new walls of “extra clear”, bullet-proof glass, standing 10 ft. high and […]

You can judge a person by the company they keep

(Tuesday blog)

They say you can judge a person by the company they keep.

So, how about our great leader, Theresa the Turd Polisher?

Here she is with the Useless Drunk:

Pretty chummy, aren’t they?

And here she is with the rulers of Europe:

They look like best friends […]

Treacherous Theresa the Turd Polisher

(Monday blog)

Let’s all give thanks to Boris Johnson for daring to call a “turd” a “turd”.

Most of us probably don’t have a clue about the finer details of Theresa the Appeaser’s 100-page proposal on our future relationship with the wasteful, corrupt, undemocratic, West-hating EU. So, we should be grateful to Boris for giving […]

An apology to President Trump

(weekend blog)

Dear President Trump,

As you prepare to visit Britain, I would like to apologise. On behalf of all politically-aware, patriotic, decent Brits I would like to apologise to you.

I would like to apologise for the flood of abuse you have received from the British mainstream media and supposedly ‘leading’ commentators ever since […]