June 2024

Trump’s visit to Britain was a disaster – for Britain!

(Monday blog)

Some UK newspapers tried to put a positive spin on Trump’s visit claiming that Trump had apologised for criticising Theresa the Turd-polisher’s Brexit in the Sun interview and that Trump had said that the US wanted to do a trade deal with Britain.

But listening to the press conference, that’s not what I heard at all. I heard Trump saying something along the lines of “You guys can leave the EU, stay in the EU or stay half in and half out. Quite frankly I don’t give a damn. You have insulted me, you have insulted the office of President of the United States and I will never forget your discourteous, unwelcoming, disdainful, sneering, supercilious behaviour. I’m off to play golf. Goodbye”

In fact, this rather reminded me of what Elizabeth Bennet said to Lady Catherine de Berg: “You have insulted me in every possible way and can now have nothing further to say? I must ask you to leave. Goodnight”.

As for a future trade deal with the UK, Trump didn’t say he wanted this. He only said it was “possible”.

I believe all the virtue-signalling, soft-brained UK-haters and the biased mainstream media have just done terrible damage to Britain due to the vitriolic vomiting of insults against Trump. I believe their stupidity will cost tens of thousands of British jobs. But the politically-correct don’t care – their holier-than-thou virtue signalling is much more important to them than the livelihoods of tens of thousands of British workers and their families.

Are all cultures really equal?

Trump also stuck to his guns on immigration – that it has been a catastrophe for Europe. This brings up an important point – the basic belief behind Europe’s obsession with multi-culturalism is the belief that all cultures are equal. But is this true?

Let’s take a culture where women are treated as subhuman, where gays are thrown off high buildings if the warring members of that culture have left any tall buildings  standing, where first-cousin marriages are the norm, where anyone leaving is sentenced to death, where education is almost exclusively for males and consists mainly of learning some 1,400-year-old book off by heart, where science and progress are despised and which is opposed to individual freedom and democracy.

How can such a culture be equal to a culture where women have full equality, where more women attend university than men, where democracy and freedom are basic principles, where science and progress are celebrated, where people can choose how they want to live their lives?

Here’s a shortish (5 minutes) video which explains the difference between the impossibility of a “multi-cultural society” compared to the benefits of a “multi-ethnic society”.

Oh, and braindead insult-spouting lefty libtards, before you accuse me of waaaccciiisssm, please note the gentleman in the video is originally from India, but now an American, and is married to a lady from Venezuela:

4 comments to Trump’s visit to Britain was a disaster – for Britain!

  • NoMore

    Very good video – clear and succinct. Unfortunately this basic truism tends to comes clear with maturity (observing, questioning and learning) and lefties never really mature (they never look, question or learn in their rush to carry their shibboleths down from the mountain).

  • William Boreham

    I recently read a survey of the 10 ‘happiest’ countries in the world and all were white democracies. Unfortunately, some of them like Sweden, Denmark and the Netherlands won’t be happy for long.
    3 of the 10 were countries originally colonised by the British and as I often argue with Americans, (not one of the 10) who seem to know little about their early history: when you say America was founded and built by white Europeans – what you really mean is by British colonisation. America had the huge advantage in that the first nation to colonise America was Britain. One only has to look south of the border to see what would have happened had it been otherwise. We gave you our (non Catholic) Christianity, our language, our literature, limited government, and a system of rights founded in British common law. Where do you imagine, the evolution of such things as habeas corpus, trial by jury, due process, and the rule of law come from? Unknown in Europe at that time.
    In fact during that time period it was well known that the British colonies of North America were the lightest taxed, most liberally governed (in the classical small government sense), freest, most prosperous, and most equitable portions of the whole world. The American Revolutionary War as simply a civil war amongst the British colonists.
    And who does one imagine were the antecedents of those who wrote your Constitution and Bill of Rights, other than of British origin. As for societies like those we discovered in Africa, when we arrived in Africa, we found primitive tribal societies, with no written language and had yet to invent the wheel – when we left, we left behind roads, railways, telephone and telegraph services, farms, factories, fisheries, mines, trained police forces and a civil service. Now look at the mess they subsequently made of it; that’s why most of them are heading for Europe – and first choice – England!

  • Stillreading

    This video should be compulsory viewing in all secondary schools. I’ve been saying for years that I am not “racist” but “culturalist” and have then had to explain what I mean. The history now taught to UK youngsters grooms them to become leftie libtards. My grandchildren, the older of whom are now at university, know no English history other than that our predecessors engaged in slavery as owners or traders and made a packet therefrom, that we colonized the world and treated the natives abominably, that we were to blame for the rise of Hitler because of the post WW1 reparations. We are responsible for all the evils of the world and consequently must continually fall over ourselves to accommodate alien cultures and religions, regardless of how damaging they may be to our own. As for the insulting anti-Trump demonstrations – and May’s repulsive, sneering facial and vocal expressions when alluding to their Brexit discussions – if as a nation we suffer economically as a consequence, as a nation we shall have only ourselves to blame. It’s just a pity that the millions of decent Brits who respect the USA and its democratically elected President will have to suffer along with the brainless idiots. I don’t, incidentally, recall much bad press or media fuss when Obama threatened that with Brexit, the UK would be “at the end of the queue”. I will abstain from commenting on why that may have been!

  • TManningham

    Doesn’t look like Sweden is Happy to me.

    When will people wake up?Never until its too late.In the coming Economic Recession/Depression it will be hell,or all concerned, give it 2 years max. before we roll over.

    The US is dead broke so are we.

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