June 2024

Why do they hate Britain so much?

(weekend blog)

Watching the news reports on the President Trump visit and the anti-Trump protests made me depressed and ashamed to be British. I think the most biased reports came from C4 News – although the BBC gave C4 News a run for their money.

Jon “F*ck-the-Tories” Snow seemed to be having multiple orgasms over the protests as he interviewed one freak after another all vomiting their inane and illogical loathing of Trump.

I had wanted to show the video of an interview C4 News’s Matt Frei did on Friday evening with a former White House adviser, Sebastian Gorka, to show the hysteria-ridden, spittle-flecked bias of our lefty, libtard supposed ‘reporters’. But, unfortunately this wasn’t available on YouTube.

Still, I was left wondering why these people seem to hate Britain so much:

What drives their snarling, red-faced, mouth-frothing anger at their own country? Why do they continually interrupt and deride anyone who doesn’t share their simplistic, infantile, monochromatic view of the world? Can’t they see what’s happening in Sweden and Germany due to mass Third-World immigration? Why do they want Britain to be an insignificant region of a resurgent German Fourth Reich? Why do they want bloody civil war in Britain?

Unfortunately, I don’t have sufficient imagination to be able to conceive how these people think – if they ever do think.

Honestly, I give up!

Here’s Paul Joseph Watson to save me from the brain-ache of thinking anymore about the (IMHO) deluded, self-serving, spineless traitors who (IMHO) seem to loathe and desperately want to betray once great Britain.

6 comments to Why do they hate Britain so much?

  • chris

    MSM propaganda started quite subtly but now it’s so vitriolic, biased, hypocritical and demonstrably lying to us, I’m surprised anyone can watch BBC or C4. I gave up a few years ago. PJW is spot on.

  • Eddie John

    If Grea britain is such a dump then -:
    A. Why dont these people leave
    B. Why is half the world queueing up to get here.

    As for that piece of sh*t Jones , it shows how low the media has sunk that they would even consider the opion of this fool.
    No sane person would listen to his childish marxist rantings.

  • Roy Hartwell

    I would certainly have more respect for the likes of snow if he was as energetic in denouncing the useless mayor of London who seems happy to preside over a disaster in the capital as it’s youth seem intent on wiping each other and everybody else out !!

  • Mr J G Fields

    If President Trump decided to take a dislike to
    England then the shit would hit the fan, and all those
    morons would really have something to protest about.

  • David Brown

    I am an English man who lives in Croatia –

    Trump told the Sun immigration is harming England.
    The Mirror reports the US Ambassador raised the case of Tony Robinson

  • NoMore

    Thanks for that link David Brown. Good article that expresses the disquiet I felt when watching the England team. Already it is feasible that due to injuries or tactics the entire team fielded could be Afro-Caribbean – that would be the tipping point for a lot of indigenous fans where they think just what team am I supporting here?

    Africans excel at a lot of sports and add a lot to the game but I would vastly prefer that the Caribbean nations had their own squad at the World Cup and we English had ours.

    At least most (all?) of our players, of whatever colour, play in England which is something.

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