July 2017
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The truth about my sad miserable life and “a few isolated incidents”

Here’s a review a reader recently posted on amazon about my ‘latest’ book FORGET THE FOREPLAY:

If you like right-wing blogs written by bitter and paranoid old men, who think it’s funny to refer to refugees as “rapeugees” or “rapemigrants” and generally spend their retirement spitting bile at women, minorities, immigrants, and anybody who doesn’t […]

Does Izerlum have “bloody borders”?

In a 1993 article in Foreign Affairs magazine titled “The Clash of Civilisations?” the author, Samuel Huntington, apparently wrote “Isl*m has bloody borders”. What he was referring to was the apparent inability of the followers of our favourite religion to live in peaceful co-existence with the followers of other religions and those who didn’t follow […]

Why would you watch Polish TV?

(This weekend I got a message from YouTube deleting one of my videos for “waacciissssmm” because I dared criticised the world’s favourite and most peaceful religion. I also got a warning that my account would be suspended if I continued to make “waaacccciiiisssstttt” videos. Free speech, anyone?)

Slightly along the same lines – I bet […]

Fantastic news! Trump keeps yet another promise!

(Weekend blog) Here’s a story you’ll never see in the mainstream media. Why not? Because the mainstream media is only interested in trying to ridicule democratically-elected US President Donald Trump. All the media want is bad news stories suggesting Trump is either an idiot or a traitor. None of the mainstream media will ever give […]

When did Russia become our enemy?

As anti-Russia hysteria dominates everything that happens in Washington, ordinary people might wonder why Christian, semi-democratic Russia is always being cast as the villain and our enemy.

Ted Cruz, former Republican presidential hopeful, has claimed: “Russia is a significant adversary. Putin is a KGB thug”. What Trump-hating Mad John McCain believes is unprintable. And for […]

“No sh-t, Sherlock!”

Yesterday a House of Lords report on the refugee/rapemigrant crisis came to an astonishing conclusion – the UK/EU policy of providing a free luxury ferry service from the Libyan coast to Europe and then giving all the rapemigrants loads of free money, free train tickets to Benefits Britain and anything else they want has not […]

The great “Africa needs more money” lie

The invasion and the lies

The invading hordes from Africa continue to pour into Europe at a rate of at least 20,000 a week (over one million a year):

At first we were told that it was our humanitarian duty to ‘rescue’ them from drowning. But slowly we’ve started to realise that […]

We shit on your laws! We shit on your police! We shit on you!

As the hordes of ignorant, intolerant, deeply criminal, unemployable invaders from Africa and Arabistan keep being “rescued” (given a free luxury ferry service to Europe) in their tens of thousands every week, here’s short video from one of those who have have been welcomed to Europe by the hug-a-rapemigrant libtards to enrich Western Europe’s culture […]

Of course the Swedes have a sense of humour

You probably always thought of the Swedes being a rather healthy but humourless bunch.

But this Swedish Government website (see link below) shows that the Swedes, well at least the Swedish Government, have an incredibly subtle sense of humour.

We all know that Sweden is being swamped by a flood of violent, ignorant, intolerant, Third-World […]

Do you “clooney”? Are you “a clooney?”

(Weekend blog for the 0.15% of readers who have shown some support by buying my latest book and for the 99.85% of readers who are too tight-fisted to pay just a few quid in support of my work)

This weekend I’d like to add a couple of new words to the English language. One is […]