June 2024

The truth about my sad miserable life and “a few isolated incidents”

Here’s a review a reader recently posted on amazon about my ‘latest’ book FORGET THE FOREPLAY:

If you like right-wing blogs written by bitter and paranoid old men, who think it’s funny to refer to refugees as “rapeugees” or “rapemigrants” and generally spend their retirement spitting bile at women, minorities, immigrants, and anybody who doesn’t look, think, and act exactly like them, AND you like outdated sexist jokes, then this book is for you. David Craig promised to close his blog if readers didn’t buy at least 50 copies of his disgusting book: they bought 12. Did he carry on spouting his usual invective against those less fortunate than himself? Of course he did. At this point, I think it’s the only thing keeping him alive.

The reviewer (who doesn’t appear to have even bought a copy of my “disgusting book“) gave me one star. I imagine that if they could have given me no stars, he or she would have done that.

But to quickly answer some of the reviewer’s points:

  • I’m not “right-wing” and have written GREED UNLIMITED which was just as critical of the Tories as my book SQUANDERED was of Blair’s New Labour
  • It’s my understanding that over 85% of the invading Third-World armies are not refugees but are parasitical, unemployable, low-IQ, violent, mostly male, economic gimmegrants and are from countries that are not at war and that the countries which have taken in these people have seen a massive increase in crime, particularly rape
  • As for my “outdated sexist jokes” – FORGET THE FOREPLAY was written about 30 years ago in just a few weeks. I only came across the file recently and, as I thought it was mildly amusing and as a friend from long ago had drawn a great cartoon for the front cover, I thought I might as well publish the book
  • And as for “closing my blog” – yes I have been regularly insulting the 98.8% of readers who are too tight-fisted to show support for my website by buying a copy of FORGET THE FOREPLAY (you don’t have to read the book! just buy it!) but in spite of my insults some readers just won’t go away
  • And finally I believe some of my books like THE GREAT CHARITY SCANDAL, DON’T BUY IT!, THE GREAT EUROPEAN RIP-OFF, SQUANDERED etc are actually quite well-researched, well-written and have made a genuine contribution. But what I don’t understand is why would someone, who obviously loathes me and my work, keeps on reading my blog and even pretends to review FORGET THE FOREPLAY? Hasn’t the person better things to do with their life?

Just a few isolated incidents?

What have the following 22 countries got in common?

Iraq, Syria, Yemen, Pakistan, USA, Nigeria, Egypt, Afghanistan, France, Israel, Saudi Arabia, Indonesia, Philippines, Cameroon, Somalia, Mali, India, Belgium, Thailand, Niger, Austria, Kenya.

What these 22 countries have in common is that during just the last 30 days in every one of them innocent people were injured and killed in the name of religion and all these victims were victims of just one religion. And that religion wasn’t Christianity, Hinduism, Buddhism, Catholicism, Zoroastrianism, Catholicism, Judaism or Trekkieism.

During the last 30 days in these 22 countries there were at least 130 religiously-inspired attacks, killing at least 982 innocents and injuring a further 1,014. But if you just followed the mainstream Western media, you’d have no idea of how widespread and deadly religiously-inspired violence was.

Moreover, on the few occasions when we do hear of an attack, our leaders assure as that we have nothing to fear from the religion responsible for these 130 attacks and deny that we are drifting towards a Third World War between civilisation and you know who.

Of course, the majority of adherents from the Religion of Love are peaceful. But here’s probably one of the most powerful short videos explaining why it doesn’t matter if the majority are peaceful because a minority can still cause the slaughter of tens of millions – history has shown that “the peaceful majority are irrelevant”:

8 comments to The truth about my sad miserable life and “a few isolated incidents”

  • dave h

    Good morning David,

    In reference to insults to your readers, it reminds me of a list i once saw of the worst/best Country and Western song titles … The one that did it for me was.
    How can I miss you when you won’t go away !

    Onwards !!

  • MGJ

    It seems highly unlikely that this person bought or read your book and even if they did, what they wrote is not a review. There is no refutation of a single word you ever wrote, just the claim that you are a nasty man and the inevitable projection about being unable to cope with people who don’t think the same as you.

    Remember, when you are on the left, anybody even a sliver to the right of you is literally Hitler so there’s never any debate – they just can’t help themselves.

  • David Craig

    Thanks, I’ve just noticed that the person who wrote the negative ‘review’ on amazon about my book hasn’t even bought a copy. He just used the amazon site to hurl abuse at me. What a w*nk*r!

  • Gloria from Victoria

    On the nose there MJG, without a doubt!

  • NoMore

    If they’d have slagged off Trump as well I would have thought it was Libtard.

  • zx80

    Theres no way the “reviewer” actually read the book because like all their type, they cant read, you should have put more pictures in for them to colour in. 😉

  • John Fields

    Take no notice of this person David, just keep up
    the excellent work that you do for people like me.
    I will not go away. Without your blog I would have to put
    up with propaganda and lies served up by the media.

  • katerina

    At least it has been removed now as obviously biased toss. Try changing the category to something more specific or at least literary humour for a higher ranking, the cat if very general at the moment.

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