December 2023
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Do you “clooney”? Are you “a clooney?”

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This weekend I’d like to add a couple of new words to the English language. One is a verb – “to clooney”. The other is a noun – “a clooney”.

The verb “to clooney” describes when a self-righteous, holier-than-thou, look-at-me-me-me, multi-millionaire hypocrite preaches how ordinary people should behave while making sure he or she is not affected by the results.

The noun – “a clooney” is someone who “cloonies”.

I know that the word “clooney” sounds like an amalgam of “c-nt” and “looney”. But in fact I have created this wonderful new word in honour of that great, big-mouthed, preachy libtard George Clooney and his Yuman Rights lawyer wife with her impeccable lefty, humanitarian credentials.

George Clooney has long demanded that the West take in more ignorant, illiterate, unemployable, violent, parasitical Third-World rape-migrants and the unelected Clooney has been an outspoken critic of democratically-elected US President Donald Trump, telling The Guardian in a March 2016 interview that he believes Trump to be a “xenophobic fascist” and an “opportunist”. He previously described Trump’s immigration policy proposals as “idiotic” and “intolerant”.

But as soon as Saint George found out that his equally libtard wife, the sacred Amal, was pregnant, he reportedly hired former Secret Service agents to assess all his properties and make recommendations for improving security for himself and his coming family.

The result of this was that Clooney has decided to leave his multi-million pound British mansion:

Given the large number of terrorist attacks in Britain, apparently Clooney’s security advised that the UK mansion was not sufficiently secure for the Clooneys.

Instead, Clooney will be moving his family back to the safety of hated Donald Trump’s America. The 56-year-old Oscar-winner will move his newly-expanded family to his mansion (below) in Studio City, California, as it was deemed the most secure, and it’s within minutes of an LAPD station;

In the meantime, the Clooneys will be spending the summer at his Italian estate on Lake Como:

Apparently quite a few migrants have moved into an illegal camp near Mr Clooney’s Italian residence. In fact, the situation has got so bad that the local mayor has introduced a new criminal offence with a €600 fine for anyone going too close to Monsignor Clooney’s luxury, lakeside estate.

I believe that the Clooneys have about eight mansions/estates dotted around the world. But amazingly, in spite of their preaching to us about bringing in more worthless, subhuman, criminal rape-migrants and in spite of them having so many homes, the Clooneys have been clooneying and haven’t yet taken in a single rape-migrant themselves. They’ve left that to ordinary, ignorant, unwashed, pleb scum like us.

And, just to illustrate how a Clooney cloonies, here is a perfect example of a clooney clooneying:

5 comments to Do you “clooney”? Are you “a clooney?”

  • Itsbetterbackhome

    For all the Migrants that have comE to the UK,you are going the Wrong Way. The Welfare States like the UK are tapped out broken by the Socialist Liberal model , broke unsustainable debt bubble will burst soon,end of the long Credit Cycle no more free money. Get out while you can. Pakistan has just joined the future, the Shanghai Cooperation Organisation India too. Africa will supply Commodities and ore in abundance they will be wealthy,the UK has noting to offer except a corrupt Financial System that is linked to Wall ST. and soon to wither away.The tmes they are a changing BIG time, get out while you can. The UK Govt elites are Cluless you can see that, all of them .Gold is Sharia compliant it is real money the rest is FIAT toilet paper.

    “Time for a new gold standard for Asia ..

    The almost certain outcome of the currency war, if China and Russia pursue the sound-money route will be to secure the trade dominance of the Shanghai Cooperation Organisation, and the isolation of America as a power. The era of state money unbacked by gold, which has ended up impoverishing everyone other than lending bankers and their favoured customers, will finally come to an end.

    Following India and Pakistan, Iran and Turkey are slated to join the SCO, possibly within a year. Again, these countries have populations that save, and given their currencies have a history of losing their purchasing power at an alarming rate, the monetary emphasis is firmly on gold. Therefore, the three billion people in the SCO plus those due to join have a common form of money which binds them, acceptable throughout Asia, and that surely will determine the evolution of government currencies.

    It is therefore fundamentally different from America’s top-down imperial culture. Furthermore, all these nations differ from the welfare nations of the West by having low-cost governments, and therefore low tax burdens on their productive populations. The ability of SCO members and associates to foster the improvement of their standards of living is far greater than that of the nations of Western Europe and North America, which are hampered by high-spending governments with welfare costs spinning out of control.”

    The UK’s mad print borrow spend on Credit Cycle is coming to a nasty end, the real world is coming roaring back, higher Interest rates , Banks, Governments Individuals just can’t hack it.
    Remember “live within your means” and “Think for your self” are going to come back into to fashion , as true as ever they were, the Millenial Marxist Corbyn lovers are clueless overgrown students about to learn some real life lessons not Marxist clap trap that has impoverished Zimbabwe, Venezuela and now South Africa.Time to grow up kiddies there really aren’t any safe spaces thats for children a bed time story..

    I know there are a lot of figures there, but yes it really does matter.

  • david brown

    On the lines of the Oscars, Emmy Awards, Baftas maybe we could have the Clooneys awarded to those wealthy media people, living in large houses and calling on the Government to admit lots of refuges who will compete for scarce social housing. Names such as Lily Allan, Gary Lineker, Benedict Cumbertach.

  • zx80

    We need a secure island to house such mental defectives as the clowneys.
    All his right-on celebrity trump hating pals could be ensconced there with him and they could be periodically showered with the kinds of people he wants the rest of us to live with.

    Wonder how long these f*cktards would last before they were screaming to be let off the island?
    5 minutes id say.
    Nothing worse than a leftist hypocrit and clowneys one of the biggest around.

  • Dave

    Hey, I bought your book…… Well, I do like to say thank you to those whose blogs I appreciate. Early days yet on the quality of the writing but I’ve already booked a holiday in Finland.



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