June 2024

Fantastic news! Trump keeps yet another promise!

(Weekend blog) Here’s a story you’ll never see in the mainstream media. Why not? Because the mainstream media is only interested in trying to ridicule democratically-elected US President Donald Trump. All the media want is bad news stories suggesting Trump is either an idiot or a traitor. None of the mainstream media will ever give Trump credit for anything.

As for our rulers, they must really loathe democratically-elected US President Donald Trump. Why? Because Trump is doing something no other political leader ever does – he is trying, as best he can, to fulfill the promises he made during his election campaign.

Trump’s promise

One of Trump’s promises was to do more to protect Christians being persecuted and murdered in Moozerlum countries

Although Christians are one of the most persecuted minorities in the Middle East, the (IMHO) treacherous, West-loathing, self-serving, Moozerlum scumbag Obama made sure that the vast majority of ‘refugees into the USA were Moozerlums.

In 2015, under Hussein Obama, the US accepted 5,435 Moozerlum ‘refugees’ from Syria and only 28 Christians (o.5%) yet Christians used to make up about 10% of the Syrian population.

In the first few months of 2016, of the 2,099 Syrian refugees admitted to the USA, 6 were Christians (0.28%) and 2,043 (97.3%) were Sunni Moozerlums. The remaining 50 were 17 (0.8%) Shi’a, 30 (1.4%) other Moozerlums and 10 (0.47%) were the horrifically persecuted (by Sunni Moozerlums) Yazidis.

Now let’s look at what has happened under President Trump: In Trump’s first 6 months in office (January 21 to June 30) 9,598 Christian refugees arrived in the US compared with 7,250 Moozerlums. Under Obama, Christians were less than 1% of refugees coming to America and Moozerlums were over 98% of new arrivals. Under Trump, Christians made up about 50% of refugees, Moozerlums 38% and around 12% either belonged to other religions or had no religious affiliation:

Moreover, the percentage Christians has been increasing every month under Trump.

Below is a link to a short video in which Trump promises to increase the number of Christian refugees allowed into the USA. It look like President Trump has delivered on yet another of his promises. That will have the Trump-hating, West-loathing, Christian-despising, treacherous, rapemigrant-loving, lefty libtards choking on their ecological yoghurt.


Oh, and before I go, I thought my tight-fisted readers who refuse to support this website by buying any of my books might enjoy these two photos of female newsreaders – one from British Channel 4 News and one from Syrian TV news. Can you spot the difference?

I wonder what this is telling us about the Moozerlumification of our once great country?

Anyway, here’s Trump’s promise – yet another promise he has kept:

3 comments to Fantastic news! Trump keeps yet another promise!

  • twi5ted

    Dont know if this is true but weather report in sweden vs iraq.

  • zx80

    Im not religious in the slightest but Trump is THE MAN.

    Ill offer him tea and biccies when he comes to britain, id vote him in as UK PM just for the meltdown comedy value of the leftist wankheads here, itd be f*cking brilliant!

    Keep it up Donny, theyre shitting their pants and their blood pressures astronomically high, maybe theyll all die of a stroke. I can dream.

  • zx80

    In other news, Anthony Lyndon Blair declares that brexit must be stopped.
    Just like that.
    An ultra narcisstic sociopath declares war on democracy and expects the public to blindly follow his word as per iraq.

    When are fuckwits like Blair, Farron, Cable, Miller and the rest of the ego driven remainer shite going to get it into their thick skulls that democracy depends on politicians ( our so called elected representative no less) doing what the public instructs them to?

    Funny how we didnt try to block our entry into the EEC all those years ago isnt it?
    In reality that should have been stopped but no , democracy won out and in we went, well now we want out and the same rules apply.

    Do they not understand the consequences of what will happen if they try to block this from going ahead?

    Ill tell them.
    Itll mean they will have demonstrated for all voters no matter their allegiances, that voting isnt worth doing, itll be a “Fuck You!” moment to eveyone who bothered to turn out, remainer/leaver alike because democracy which requires the will of the people to be followed exactly will have been ignored and there is no reason for the public to then accept any decisions made by such a system.
    In other words, the public will have no alternative but to engage in civil unrest, riots and disobedience simply due to the fact that there isnt any other way to get themselves listened to!

    Thats the genie that war criminal blair and his remainer brethren ( seems theyll jump into bed with any political whore no matter how rotten) are asking to unleash its the death of democracy and the rise of direct action and anarchy.
    Is that what you want Mr know it all Bliar?
    Is that the plan Mr Big Shot?
    You uncork that bottle you twat and youll doubtless be one of the first to find themselves swinging from a lamp post with a piano wire round their neck, which isnt such a bad thing given your track record on harming others.

    Why arent the police arresting Blair and the rest of his treasonous remainer plotters for inciting anarchy, riots and sedition?

    Now do be a good fellow and go take a fatal overdose of your meds, theres a good lad.

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