June 2024

Why would you watch Polish TV?

(This weekend I got a message from YouTube deleting one of my videos for “waacciissssmm” because I dared criticised the world’s favourite and most peaceful religion. I also got a warning that my account would be suspended if I continued to make “waaacccciiiisssstttt” videos. Free speech, anyone?)

Slightly along the same lines – I bet you never thought you’d have to watch Polish TV to find out what is happening in your own country.

Some people believe that British TV news has become the biased, propaganda tool of the ruling elites who want to eradicate national identities and destroy Western civilisation by flooding Europe with violent, intolerant, often inbred, low-IQ, unemployable Third-World detritus.

So, where can you find anything approaching the truth about what is happening to our society?

Perhaps surprisingly, Polish TV news might be a good place.

This short clip has subtitles. I’ll let it speak for itself. It tells a very different story to the Burkha Broadcasting Corporation and Jon Snow’s Channel 4 “F-ck the Tories” News.

Some people might think we should weep for the death of our once great country and civilisation and pray that Donald Trump and the East Europeans can save us from our civilisational suicide.

I’ll let you decide whether British or Polish TV news gives the most truthful view about the most important story of our times:

2 comments to Why would you watch Polish TV?

  • zx80

    Cant be true, The western media would never lie to us…oh nnonononon! indeedy doo they wouldnt.

    Not much, well quite a bit maybe, ok a frogging lot. 🙂

    Up with the polish news!

  • NoMore

    You can only show the truth about them on your country’s news if they aren’t already tucked up inside your gates in their millions. That’s the advantage places like Poland have. And having seen what they are doing to our countries at first-hand they know enough to take a pas on ever letting them in.

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