June 2024

Yet another meaningless forecast from the self-serving elites

Yesterday, the useless, always-wrong IMF issued yet another of its utterly worthless forecasts. The IMF, of course, claimed that Brexit (which hasn’t happened yet and probably won’t happen for about two years) will negatively affect UK economic growth. Just like former Goldman Sachs banker Carney and all the other establishment elites, the IMF is trying to trash economic confidence in order to prove they were right to claim Brexit would be an economic disaster:


In fact, the FTSE100 is at the highest it has been for months reducing the deficits on many British pension funds and the fall in the previously overvalued pound will do wonders for British exports and the British tourist industry. We’re already seeing some benefits of Brexit – it’s my limited understanding that Tata Steel has recently delayed the sale of its Port Talbot plant because the pound’s fall has made it more competitive thus potentially saving thousands of well-paid, skilled British jobs.

It seems that the establishment’s ‘Project Fear’ is still alive and well even though the facts on the ground suggest that Brexit is actually having a beneficial effect on the British economy.

I’m sure we all know that this latest IMF ‘forecast’ will turn out to be just as misguided as almost everything coming from the Goldman-Sachs-dominated IMF.

But that got me thinking about other forecasts that have been monumentally wrong. For example, I just came across a wonderful article from the Guardian earlier this year where the great newspaper predicted Donald Trump’s likelihood of securing the Republican nomination as being between 0% and 2%. Ooops!

Though the consensus at the same time of US pollsters, who probably know more about their country than the Guardian, was that Trump actually had about a 17% chance of winning the Republican nomination:

chances of winning in US

Again, ooops!!

The US polls also suggested that Trump had a 7% chance of winning the Presidency. Hey, I’m no forecaster, but I’d put Trump’s chances at more like 70% against Goldman Sachs’s well-paid stooge Crooked Hillary Clinton.

And finally, I saw this photo of the latest Hyde Park riots in London yesterday:

hyde park riot

If any reader can spot something odd about this picture of multi-cultural Britain, they must be even more racist than me.

5 comments to Yet another meaningless forecast from the self-serving elites

  • NoMore

    It’s often better policy to take the contrarian view to whatever these soi-disant experts in the media are touting. This is because they have vested interests in whatever position they are taking and/or have become infected with group think from living in echo chambers and ivory towers. I never doubted Trump would be the strongest contender for the Republican nomination or that we would soar like a bird out of the EU. Maybe I’m just an awkward so and so.

    They look as out of place as a bunch of whites would in the middle of a park in Kinshasa.

  • MGJ

    Just another easy story for lazy journalists – plus it fits their narrative – which I hope can only accelerate the decline of the mainstream media.

    A hilarious piece of reporting on Sky News yesterday:
    ‘Man with ISIS flag screaming *ll*hu Akbar attacks passengers with an axe. Police are investigating a possible motive!!!!’. Maybe he was a football hooligan?

  • AtheistAmerican

    Trump won because he’s a sleazy, manipulative, narcissist scumbag. Anyone who’s a “Celebrity” in this country automatically has a lead over any and every politician because Americans WORSHIP celebs.

    Paris Hilton probably could have run for President, too…

  • Pavlo's frog.

    Great picture of Hyde park.

    The daily Express had quite a few more of the same which came in very handy for me.

    My little nephew was getting very bored looking through the same “Where’s Wally ” books so I printed out these Hyde Park pictures and have entertained him all morning getting him to spot the inevitable white chick who is hanging about in the middle of all these multi-cultural, black lives “who matter”, and is obviously determined to get raped.

    My mum always used to say “If they were all like Philip in Rising Damp, or like Sidney Poitier escaping from a chain gang, that she would not have a problem with them ”

    However, now that we can clearly see dat da boyz and gilz from da hood are more likely to behave like extras in “Black Hawk Down ” some would question the wisdom of ever fighting the battle of Gettysburg.

  • Nato Expansion

    Anyone for Trident?

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