June 2024

Mad Cow Merkel has blood on her hands – the blood of her own people

‘Schadenfreude’ is one of those wonderful compound German nouns. It means ‘pleasure in others’ misfortune’. I don’t take pleasure in Germans being murdered by rampaging followers of the Religion of Peace. But I can’t help feeling a certain satisfaction in seeing what we all knew would happen – Mad Cow Merkel’s open door to the world’s M*sl*ms is now leading to the slaughter of her own people.

There have been two attacks in Germany just this week. First the axe attack on train passengers and now the shopping centre shooting, specifically targeting children at a MacDonalds.

Of course, our rulers will want to muddy the waters to hide any possible connections between these attacks and mass M*sl*m immigration. So get ready for the usual lies:

1. The attacker was a ‘lone wolf’

Yup, that’s what they said about the Nice murderer. Subsequently five other M*sl*ms have been arrested as being accomplices. As for the 18-year-old Iranian responsible for the Munich shootings – I wonder where he got his gun and the ammunition (over 300 rounds)? A local supermarket? A Seven Eleven? Or did someone supply it so he could carry out his rampage?

2. The attacker was ‘mentally ill’

This is one of the first excuses desperately tried by the politically-correct elites. We were told that the Nice attacker was a mentally-ill loner who acted almost on the spur of the moment. It turns out the attack was well planned, supported by five accomplices and that the attacker had driven up and down the Promenade des Anglais several times in the days before the attack practising his mass murder. Though, of course, some cynics might think that anyone believing in the hateful, violent philosophy of the Religion of Peace is mentally ill.

3. The attacker had no links to the *sl*mic State

This is a cynical redefinition of the truth. Of course, the M*sl*m murderers in Paris, Brussels, Nice and Germany were not directly connected to the *sl*mic State. But they were all M*sl*ms, they all screamed “Allahu Akhbar” as they killed or tried to kill and they all had something very much in common – they were all West-hating M*sl*ms. The train axe attacked even left a note in an exercise book saying: ‘Pray for me that I can take revenge on these infidels and go to paradise’.

4. We don’t yet know their motives

This is the most laughable of the excuses used by our rulers. Man or men (it is always a man) screaming “Allahu Akhbar” murder as many Western Europeans as they can and the authorities are apparently unable to guess why they did it. Perhaps the murderers just wanted to get on ‘You’ve Been Framed’? And even when someone leaves a note saying ‘Pray for me that I can take revenge on these infidels and go to paradise’ the German police are still completely unable to guess their motives!

5. It’s our fault for not integrating them

Every time these attacks happen, there are always crowds of bleeding-heart liberal progressives monopolising the TV and other media explaining to us stupid sheeple that, if only we had done more to help these wonderful migrants take part in our society, then these attacks wouldn’t happen. Hold on a minute. About fifteen of the million or so migrants who came to Germany last year have got jobs and ten of those are unskilled positions working for the German Post Office. Whenever the Burkha Broadcasting Corporation interviews one of these lowlife scum, they always claim to be engineers and architects and whatever. But almost all are illiterate, uneducated, violent, West-loathing religious fanatics intent on colonising us while living off benefits and imposing their primitive death cult masquerading as a religion on us.

Europe is the past! Eurabia is the future!

The German (and Swedish and French and British etc etc) authorities managed to cover up tens of thousands of rapes by M*sl*m migrants. They even managed to cover up hundreds of thousands of thefts from individuals and shops by M*sl*m migrants. But a cover-up becomes slightly more difficult when the perpetrator starts hacking people to death on a train or shooting them in a shopping centre.

Perhaps now even stupid, rule-obeying Germans will realise the hellish future Mad Cow Merkel has prepared for them?

As for Merkel, she’ll probably move on to become Secretary General for the UN so she can complete her mission of the destruction of the civilised West and the imposition of a filthy, Third-World, impoverished, violent, excrement-covered Caliphate where Europe once stood:

Europistan 2050

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