June 2024

Syria – 2: Germany – 0

The Germans are good at football and used to be world champions at mass murder – even better than the Japanese. But in the mass murder league they seem to have lost their touch. Never mind, the New Germans (Syrians, Afghans, Pakistanis, Libyans etc) are pretty experienced with the killing skills our German neighbours seem to have lost

You could almost laugh at the consternation of our square-headed German friends. You remember, the ones who were marching so self-righteously a few months ago with their “Refugees Welcome” banners.

The rest of us could see the hellish future facing Germany as over a million members of an intolerant, violent supremacist death cult poured over Germany’s borders following Angie Merkel’s generous invitation.

Yesterday saw not one but two separate attacks by Syrian supposed asylum seekers.

In one, a Syrian man attacked and killed a woman he was reportedly in love with, hitting her with a meat cleaver in the southern German town of Reutlingen.

Another woman and a man were also injured in the attack. Local authorities have identified the man as a 21-year-old asylum-seeker from Syria who was known to the police and had previously been charged with causing bodily harm.

He attacked the woman with a meat cleaver taken from the kebab shop where they both worked shortly after 4:30pm on Sunday.

A little later, in Ansbach (wherever that is) a Syrian suicide bomber blew himself up after being turned away from a music festival in southern Germany. The 27-year-old killed himself and injured 12 others when he detonated an explosive device after he was denied entry to the event in Ansbach, Bavaria, attended by around 2,500 people.

Of course, we’ll get the usual excuses:

The first attack was a ‘crime of passion’ and had ‘nothing to do with religion’ even though the Syrian in question was only stopped from murdering several innocent bystanders by a BMW driver who drove into him.

The second attack is being attributed to the Syrian being mentally unstable and thus also ‘had nothing to do with religion’. Yet, it seems to someone as stupid as me, that you actually have to be fairly sane and have some skills to make a bomb. I wouldn’t know how to do it. Moreover, making a bomb and deliberately targeting a music festival takes some planning. Again suggesting someone with a very clear idea of what they wanted to achieve.

Bavarian interior minister Joachim Herrmann said “We don’t know if this man planned on suicide or if he had the intention of killing others”. Perhaps I can help this thick-headed German twat? Generally, when members of the Religion of Peace try to get into a music festival with a rucksack full of explosives, they are trying to kill other people. But, of course, that’s only my guess.

So, that gives us four attacks in Germany in less than a week, all by followers of an intolerant, violent supremacist death cult. At least two of the attackers were recorded as screaming “Allahu Akhbar” and yet none of the attacks according to the German police has anything to do with religion. These are the same police who denied there had been any sexual assaults in Cologne on New year’s Eve when, in fact, there had been over 2,000.

There used to be the joke that the Germans beat us at our national sport, but we twice beat them at their national sport. Now it seems our M*sl*m friends are also beating the Germans at their national sport.

Angie, Angie, when will those dark clouds disappear?

Angie, Angie, where do we go from here?

5 comments to Syria – 2: Germany – 0

  • NoMore

    It is beyond belief that they are saying the suicide bomb at the music festival is NTDWI?!! Perhaps the German “police” should cast an eye over the stats rolling in each day on thereligionofpeace website – they might be surprised to see many bomb-a-likes there in the usual Musl!m hellholes.

    Also that strange business in Munich – Shoebat have screenshots of the killer’s FB page (now deleted by Suckerberk) where Turkish flags abound and his friends and family have strong Turkish and Syrian links on the Erdogan/ISIS side of local politics. They also have a shot of a heavyset shooter looking nothing like the boy or like anyone who would be bullied anytime soon. Three separate shooting locations and shooters suddenly morph down into a young misfit. Perhaps the kid’s middle name was Harvey not Daud. Has the coup moved on to Germany?

  • NoMore

    By coup I mean of course Erdogan’s coup not the fake one to justify the real coup.

  • Mystery---Man

    We get the same shit here in America.
    The officials/people in charge Refuse to connect the dots.
    See, they don’t want a fucking civil war to erupt And they don’t want to lose out on the Mooslim vote.
    And they don’t want to be labelled as Racists or Islamophobes.
    So they sit back and pretend it’s something else; something more Rational to them…

    Hold the inevitable conclusions off and keep collecting their paychecks…

    I brought up the unpleasant solution of nuking Mecca on this website:
    countless times. Now they’re going to ban me or have already banned me, for being insane.

  • David Brown

    Erdogan’s fake coup.What now is the position of Turkey and the EU ? if Turkey becomes an Islamic police state an Turk reaching any EU member state would be able to make an asylum claim.

  • NoMore

    Expect a lot of Kurds and recently unemployed teachers. The asylum system is no longer fit for purpose and is totally devalued. A start would be to only allow asylum to and from designated areas. Coming from a Musl!m country? No asylum allowed in Europe. Here is a list of safe Musl!m countries you need to make your way to. African? Go claim asylum in a safe African country. No paperwork? Deport to Libya.

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