May 2024

How woke won?

Wednesday/Thursday blog

I’m pushed for time today. But I’ll start this blog up and see how far I get.

I came across this quote from someone called Max Horkheimer of the Frankfurt School:

I checked the Frankfurt School on Wikipedia:

The Frankfurt School perspective of critical investigation (open-ended and self-critical) is based upon FreudianMarxist and Hegelian premises of idealist philosophy. To fill the omissions of 19th-century classical Marxism, which did not address 20th-century social problems, they applied the methods of antipositivist sociology, psychoanalysis, and existentialism.

But I didn’t understand a word of Wikipedia’s description so gave up.

Max Horkheimer’s quote seems to be in line with another theory of how Marxism will conquer the West – the idea of “a long march through the institutions” cutting our links to the Judeo-Christian values which form the basis for most Western societies:

Just from recent news stories we can see that it is woke, rather than Marxism, which has won. Though I suppose woke is a form of Marxism. For example, whether in politics, academia, the media, schools and even business, there is only one permitted viewpoint.

Here are just a few taboos which we are no longer permitted to mention:

  • there are only two genders
  • uncontrolled Third-world immigration may not benefit the advanced West
  • man-made climate change is a load of unscientific cult-like nonsense
  • all white people aren’t all guilty of conscious or subconscious racism
  • colonialism might actually have brought some benefits to Africa
  • it is white people’s racism and not Black communities’ own cultural issues which causes Blacks to fall behind Whites, Indians, Chinese and, in fact, every other racial group you can think of
  • consanguineous marriage causes higher risks of physical abnormalities and reduced intelligence and so should be made illegal
  • there may be physical (for example, insulin tolerance) and other (IQ?) differences between races
  • and so much more

Moreover, we can see daily examples of how all our institutions have been captured by the same woke ideology. Academics expressing ‘difficult’ views are cancelled, shunned and often fired. The ludicrously misnamed ‘civil service’ has declared open warfare on any politicians daring to challenge wokeism. They went after Priti ‘Useless’ Patel; they got Dominic Raab; and now they’re trying to bring down Suella Braverman. Over at the Equality and Human Rights Commission (EHRC) trans-activists have launched a campaign to have the Chairwoman fired probably due to her views about ‘biological sex’. Apparently EHRC employees have filed a dossier of 40 (boringly predictable) complaints about her alleged ‘bullying’ and harassment’. The Royal Air Force has started rejecting qualified white male applicants instead preferring less qualified applicants from ethnic and sexual minorities. And our mainstream media are afraid to question any of the woke diktats mentioned above.

In addition, our life is gradually turning into a version of the Soviet Union – cold, dark, miserable, grey and totally controlled by government komissars. The obsession with Net Zero to fight totally imaginary anthropogenic climate change will impoverish 99% of us while our rulers enjoy all life’s luxuries. You all know what’s coming for us ‘useless eaters’:

  • 15-minute cities restricting us to a small area near our homes
  • personal carbon budgets limiting what we can buy, how much we can heat our homes and how much we can travel
  • possibly new government regulations on how much space each person should be allowed in order to ‘solve the housing crisis’ perhaps including swingeing penalties on older people deemed to be occupying homes that the authorities judge are ‘too large’ for them
  • Zil Lanes on roads, airports etc for the lucky 1% as they jet around the world lecturing the rest of us on the need to keep cutting our CO2 emissions
  • and so much more

How this has been allowed to happen is a subject for someone much smarter than myself. But I note that almost every person in power today – in politics, business and academia – attends Klaus Schwab’s World Economic Forum (WEF) meetings in Davos. Moreover, the 73 pages of WEF Young Leaders shows us who will be running our lives in 10 to 15 years. Here’s a link:

This link gives you access to the 73 pages of the smiling, happy, privileged people who are moving seemingly effortlessly into top positions in politics, academia, media and business and so will be controlling your lives in the near future.

Current leaders who are also alumni of the WEF Young Leaders programme include Saint Jacinda Ardern of New Zealand, the vertically-challenged Emperor Emmanuel ‘Napoleon’ Macron of France and Leo Varadkar former Taoiseach of Ireland. Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg is also a WEF Young Leaders programme alumni.

I’m not suggesting some evil, James-Bond-villain conspiracy, with Klaus Schwab as the cat-stroking mastermind, to take over the world. But I am suggesting that with our current rulers and our future rulers (often WEF alumni) there is a shared mindset that we useless eaters need to be restricted and controlled; that concepts such as communities, countries, borders and patriotism need to be destroyed mainly through mass immigration; and that the world would be best governed by unelected and unaccountable internationalist organisations rather than elected national governments.

Anyway, I have to go now. But hopefully there are a few issues here worth considering.

5 comments to How woke won?

  • Stillreading

    I am repeatedly, again and yet again, astonished by the short-sightedness of otherwise apparently sensible, certainly reasonably well-educated people.(Well, certainly better educated than today’s average Arts graduate!). I don’t expect much common sense or foresightedness from the under 30s, but I do from those in their 60s, 70s and 80s, retired teachers, lawyers, doctors. Yet only yesterday I was expressing the view to a group of half a dozen such acquaintances that we ought all to start using cash in a personal attempt to postpone at least for a while the horrors of CBDC, with its associated unavoidable digital ID and, therefore, personal tracking by Government of every citizen. I stated my belief that this would, as night follows day, be followed in time by “carbon rationing” and consequent restrictions on food, heating and travel. Yet the only response I could elicit was “But it’s so convenient not to have to carry cash any more.” I’ve just seen an item on TV about how the low emissions zone in Bristol is costing volunteers helping young people to sail £9 every time they visit the sailing centre if their car is “non-compliant” – and most are not – so there will be an inevitable loss of volunteers for this valuable bit of charitable public service. The charity itself needs to raise tens of thousands to replace it’s non-compliant mini-buses. Yet none of these affected people are actually protesting. They are moaning and groaning, but essentially they are pacifically accepting the limitations, when they should be protesting at the HQs of local and national government. Then followed an item about a removal firm in Sheffield similarly affected by the LE zone there. The firm’s owner explained that there does not exist an electric vehicle capable of conveying the weight required by his occupation. He currently avoids the zone by using unsuitable alternative routes, thus costing himself more in fuel and probably offending residents of the affected areas. Then we have the deplorable exhibition of woke intolerance last night at Oxford, one of the nation’s top two most prestigious academic institutions, where police had to be called to deal with protesting “trans” rioters, whose tender susceptibilities apparently could not withstand having on the hallowed premises a guest speaker who once stated the biological fact that chromosomes defining gender, determined at the moment of conception when sperm met ovary, are immutable. “Gender fluidity”, denial of scientific fact in favour of “feelings”, Critical Race Theory (inherent “white guilt”), denial of specific racial characteristics both advantageous and disadvantageous (all of course evolved over millennia in response to climatic and territorial demands) anthropogenic “catastrophic climate change”. Etc. Etc. As has been said before on this blog, the young of the world, those who will be my age in another 50 plus years, are sleep-walking to a nightmare of surveillance, control, restriction and deprivation. Or rather, they are not sleep-walking. Many, over-indulged from birth, hedonistic, possessed of illusions of their own grandeur and importance never conceded to those of us now in our 70s and 80s, they are permitting themselves willingly to be lead to imprisonment in the belief that they are in charge of their own fate and can “save the world”. They aren’t and they won’t. The WEF and its cabal of self-appointed “elite” are in charge and will destroy the world as we have known it. Only they will be the beneficiaries and only short term. A true Dark Age will then follow.
    An ironic aside: I was listening yesterday to a R4 podcast of readings from a book on how pathogens have affected history throughout millennia. Commenting on the first visitation of Bubonic Plague, the writer stated that the flees which lived on wild mammals in which versinia pestis was endemic, way out in the wild somewhere well away from humans, essentially left their wild hosts, choosing instead to colonise in the rat population which lived side by side with humans, when and because THE CLIMATE GOT COLDER. This was around 1300 give or take. So it had been warmer before -no thanks, though – as far as we know! – to man-made carbon emissions or zillions of ICE vehicles. I reckon it’s all to do with the activities – which we still do not properly understand – of that large ball of fire some 93 million miles away! But then, what do I know? Perhaps I should ask Saints Greta or Attenborough. They are so much better informed than am I!

  • A Thorpe

    I wish more people were pushed for time when they write, it seems to produce a lot of common sense.

    A few years ago the Frankfurt School seemed to be mentioned quite a lot. It is difficult to determine what influence they have now, and who and where they are. I understood that Hitler saw communism as similar to his ideas and he wanted to get rid of these troublesome academics and so he kicked them out of Germany and they spread around the universities especially in America. The quote sums up what I believe they were doing and their stated objectives are clearly aimed at disrupting civilised society. Their objectives seem to have been achieved and more, if they are still active. I also thought that most of them were Jewish but they don’t have Jewish values.

    I have always regarded universities as centres of debate and critical analysis. But this has certainly changed. Could it be because of the influence of the Frankfurt School? It isn’t just their woke ideas and refusal to debate others, they also seem to have abandoned some known science where it does not support the approved government narrative. Goodness knows what they are teaching. The same seems to apply in schools. This is what should really concern us.

    I don’t have any family so I have no means to find out what children are being told in schools. I don’t understand why parents are not doing something about it, especially the sexualisation of children and the gender nonsense.

    I have never believed in the existence of gods and one of my earliest memories is of deciding to stop saying the Lord’s Prayer and I stood in silence at school from then on. But it seems apparent that many people need something outside of themselves to believe in and I think religion has been important. In the UK Christian belief seem to be in decline and even those who claim to believe are not following its values. It his hardly surprising listening to Welby. The only religious leader I had any time for was Lord Sacks.

    It is clear that out politicians have no control over the country, and don’t seem to know what to do anyway. They have lost control of the civil service and it was discussed on GB News. Their job is to do what the government wants regardless of which government it is, but they are disrupting the government policies. The unions are again disrupting the government of the country and have no respect for democracy.

    There was also discussion on GB News of the regulations that have been imposed, something that I worked out in relation the energy having worked in the industry. The government now has more control through regulation than it did in the days of nationalisation. It is effectively socialism through the back door and this started with Blair. It was also Blair who sold the golden shares to enable our service industries to be taken over by foreign companies. The biggest triumph of the socialists is the NHS.

    We have creeping socialism or communism, it doesn’t matter what it is called, it all amounts to state control. In addition capitalism is working against us because the government have allowed business to take over smaller business and thus they have reduced competition. Capitalism only works with free, competitive trade, but that has been slowly eliminated, especially by the EU.

  • Carolyn

    For “15 minute city” read Ghetto! Which tells you all you need to know.

    I have to admit that I like the convenience of paying for things by waving my card at a machine. This makes CBDC sound fairly innocuous, a minor variation on a theme. What is not being made clear is the banks intend using it to control what we are allowed to spend our money on. There are 2 article in TCW about the Bank of England who are currently running a consultation CBDC – Not “do we want it” but “how do we implement it”. Both articles are worth reading and we should all respond to the consultation. The author makes the point that what we already have is perfectly adequate so why the need for CBDC?

    On a separate note, I was trying to imagine how I would feel and think about today’s current issues if I was (say) 21. Would I be swallowing the net zero, transgender, racism narratives hook, line and sinker or would I be questioning the narrative? I did a science degree so I like to imagine I would have made up my own mind but then I’d have to overcome the endless brain washing the education system would have inflicted on me over the years. Ultimately I couldn’t decide how I’d feel, my life experience is what it is and that has created my mind set.

  • A Thorpe

    I’ve just watched Farage and Clive Moffatt discussing net zero. Not once did either of them mention “There is no energy crisis”. Until they and others recognise this, they will achieve nothing.

  • Stillreading

    I think they dare not Thorpe. In that interview, as in others on GBNews, it is implicit that speakers have little or no belief in “anthropogenic climate change,”, “catastrophic global warming” whatever, but if they say too much they will be cast into the wilderness, never to be heard from again. True Freedom of Speech has now disappeared from Western airways. Just remember what happened to Mark Steyn – GBNews’ best reporter/presenter ever, yet cast into the wilderness. Look at what Fox in the USA have done to Tucker Carlson. Better I think to have Farage and others scratching away at the surface of the net zero nonsense, injuring it in some people’s minds of not actually killing it off, than to have nothing said at all. Clive Moffat, coming as he does from years in the relevant industry, is always worth hearing.

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