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Maybe we were lucky to have lived in a brief historical aberration?

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The elites give us monkeys a few bananas

I’m increasingly coming to the view that we have been fortunate to have lived in a period which can only be described as a brief historical aberration. It’s an historical aberration because it has been a period during which the elites have partially reduced the amount of power and wealth they control.

Let me try to explain

If you Google ‘rule by the elites’, the first description which comes up is: “In philosophy, political science and sociology, elite theory is a theory of the State that seeks to describe and explain power relationships in contemporary society. The theory posits that a small minority, consisting of members of the economic elite and policy-planning networks, holds the most power—and that this power is independent of democratic elections”.

I think the key words here are: “this power is independent of democratic elections”.

Throughout history, the top 1% have always controlled most countries’ power and wealth. However, in the 20th Century, the elites felt pressured to share some of their power and wealth with us unwashed, ignorant, undeserving plebs. For example, after the pointless slaughter of the First World War, the elites were worried about a Russian-style communist revolution in Britain. So they promised us monkeys: “a country fit for heroes”

This led to:

Then came World War II. Actually it wasn’t really the Second World War, it was merely a continuation of WWI. After the Treaty of Versailles, I think it was the French Field Marshall Foch who predicted the Treaty would lead to a new war within 20 years. He was only out by a few months.

Anyway, after the suffering of WWII the elites made more concessions to keep us from revolting against their abuse of their power over us. For example, our beloved National Health Service started in July 1948 and through the National Insurance Act of 1946 a State Pension for everybody was implemented on a contributory basis. Taking effect from 1948, men were eligible at 65, while women could receive it from 60.

The elites no longer fear us

It’s clear that the elites no longer fear us. So they have decided to take back the power and wealth they had conceded to us. We can see how the 1% gradually loosened their ownership of their countries’ wealth in the UK, France and the U.S. during the 20th Century:

But in the 21st Century the 1% are increasing their share of their countries’ wealth. This chart only goes up to 2014. But since 2014, and particularly since the pandemic, the rich have become much richer. According to some estimates, the top 1% have grabbed over 50% of all wealth created in the last few years.

Whether it’s through pandemic lockdowns; the ludicrous Climate Crisis scare; the policing of wrong-thought and wrong-speak; mass, open-borders immigration; the handing over of our countries to unelected, corrupt international organisations; all our politicians joining the Klaus Schwab WEF fan club; the imposition of restrictions on where we travel, how often we can use our cars, what products we are allowed to buy and how we are allowed to heat our homes, the elites have shown that they have triumphed and we have lost.

Say farewell to any thoughts of Democracy. It was just a brief historical aberration which emerged in the 20th Century and has now been superseded by the reimposition of rule by the elites.

Welcome to your new impoverished, restricted, colourless, joyless future unless, of course you’re a member of the lucky 1%.

Wonderful readers’ comments

On Tuesday I had an article used by The Conservative Woman. As with so many articles nowadays, the best bit is not the article, but the readers’ comments. Enjoy:

Woke nonentities required – apply to NHS

3 comments to Maybe we were lucky to have lived in a brief historical aberration?

  • Stillreading

    A supremely depressing article David. Unfortunately true in every respect. As a population we plebs have a binary choice. We either roll over, display our vulnerability and let them continue to oppress and repress us ever more, or we instigate a revolution. We oldies, some of whom remember as do I the patriotism, the privations and the pride in our Nation which pertained during WW2, are in the main too old to revolt and fight physically or be much affected by a lot of what is coming. Soon most of us will be too old to drive so won’t even much affected by the deplorable “15 minute cities”. We shall sit around in homes we can’t afford to heat, unable to access a GP so unable, therefore deprived of any hospital treatment, until we expire from malnutrition and hypothermia. Top marks to the Elite! Population Reduction and Homes for Immigrants achieved in one! Because let’s not kid ourselves that when the Grim Reaper gathers us in our beloved children and grandchildren will necessarily be permitted to inherit the wealth we have tied up in our homes! I have maintained for some time that at any time a Government could reduce the Inheritance Tax threshold to a level where inheritors of a property would have no alternative but to walk away and leave its disposal to the Elites! Right now the BBC is banging on about rental properties, giving tenants ever more rights over landlords, and at the same time talking about how to house millions of illegal immigrants in “properties” other than hotels. For properties read houses. In other words, that empty house down the road whose erstwhile occupant has just died and whose new owners are awaiting probate preparatory to putting it on the market, or even in those two “spare” rooms in your or my house which the Elite have decreed is “underoccupied”. Beware, all home owners. They will be coming for us! Meantime the utter idiocies of net zero, the “climate crisis”, gender-bending and pronoun confusion continue, facilitated by the twin evils of falling educational standards and indoctrination of children too young to understand they are being indoctrinated. Any reversal of the current headlong rush to destruction of 20th Century Civilization will have to come from the young of the West -because it’s not just in the UK that everything we have known and valued is disintegrating. It’s happening throughout almost all Europe and the USA too. As today’s young – the hedonistic 20s and 30s and the over-indulged and self-indulgent teens – become aware that they are starting to suffer true deprivation (and I don’t just mean ordering only 2 takeaways a week instead of 3!) they may decide to take action against the Elite whom they will see as their opressors. And it won’t be nice!

  • Paul Chambers

    They are doing everything they can to try to stop it because they know what’s going to happen next. It’s impotence signaling. The old machine is raging until its dying breath.

  • A Thorpe

    You are absolute correct on this in my view. I often wish that I could go back to speak to my maternal grandfather. He was born in 1880 and a typical Victorian who thought kids should be seen and not heard. My mother told me after he died that he hated Churchill but didn’t know why. I somehow feel he understood what was going on. One of the reasons we do not see this is because ordinary people like us are missing from history. My grandfather lived through two wars and saw the reality of them. History is about the elites and of course wars.

    I read a theory that was not explained in detail that elites appeared when we settled into an agricultural exitance around 12,000 years ago. As we became more efficient, more food was produced than needed and this allowed cities to be created. Some people realised that life was easier to control the excess production than do the hard work of farming. This was when elites became established and we let it happen. There are glimpses of us in the historical records but it really is only about the elites. Now is the time for us to make our presence felt but most people prefer the good life and protection that they believe the elites provided.

    I’m convinced that Britain was behind both world wars. I’m not clear about the causes of WWI but I suspect it was about a power struggle in Europe with Britain trying to prevent Germany and Russia gaining more dominance. This continued to WWII and Britain wanted to see a war between Germany and Russia. They didn’t care who won but believed they would damage each other so much that they would no longer be a threat in Europe and the Empire. The British government didn’t care what happened to us in the wars.

    Britain (and France) did nothing when Hitler sent troops into the demilitarised Rhineland. Britain supported Hitler when he occupied Austria and the Sudetenland and then the rest of Czechoslovakia, apparently thinking it would prevent a war. But then Britain and France made an agreement with Poland to protect their independence if Germany invaded. What was the reason for that? They made no attempt to work out how they were going to protect Poland. The invasion of Poland was why Britain declared war on Germany. What did it achieve? At the end of the war Poland was occupied by the USSR and Britain allowed it. My belief is the the USSR won the war not Britain or the USA. Stalin was clearly the most powerful at the end of the war and look what he got as a result. Another indication that the USSR won the war is the number of deaths. I don’t have them available but there were significantly higher deaths on the eastern front compared to the western. That was where Germany was defeated. The result was the cold war and we are seeing this still with Ukraine.

    Our apparent freedom after the war was to get us to work hard to return to a peacetime economy and with that came apparent freedoms and a higher standard of living for many people. It is just an illusion.

    I think we should also look at the aims of the Frankfurt School to bring communism to the west, or in other words control of the masses by the elites. The aims and more have all been achieved. Look them up.

    The stage is set.

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