June 2024

Britain to be “clean energy superpower”. Errr……….

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I guess you’ve all seen the story. Sir Kneeler “I don’t know what a woman is” Starmer has pledged to make Britain into a “clean energy superpower” when Labour boot out the useless pretend Conservatives at the next election. This is part of Labour’s “Green Prosperity” plan for what pathetically little is left of the British economy. There is so much one could say about how cretinous this is that you could almost write a book about it. Oh, I already did:

So, here I’ll just highlight two of the most absurd issues with Labour’s “Green Prosperity” plans:

Absurdity 1: This will improve the UK’s energy security

In the Sunday Times report on this a Labour source is quoted as saying: “We are against the granting of new licences for oil and gas in the North Sea ……. They undermine our energy security”. So, Labour are claiming that the UK’s energy security will be undermined by Britain producing its own oil and gas and our energy security will be strengthened by relying on unreliable, often unfriendly, despotic foreign regimes for our energy supply. Good grief! Surely I don’t need to explain the stupidity of this statement?

Absurdity 2: More renewable energy means higher energy costs

Labour claims that using oil and gas rather than renewables “will do nothing to cut bills”. Well, here are two possibly relevant charts:

The first shows the percentage of renewable energy by country:

(left-click on images then left-click again to see more clearly)

The second shows the energy costs by country:

Hopefully you’ll see that apart from a few exceptions the more supposedly renewable energy a country uses, the higher are its energy costs and the more fossil fuels like coal, oil and gas a country uses, the lower are its energy costs.

Labour’s plans won’t bring Britain “Green Prosperity”. They will only bring “Green Bankruptcy” as British companies will be unable to compete with foreign rivals due to the UK’s high energy costs.

The Western world has truly gone mad and our leaders truly are idiots and liars.

And what is perhaps more worrying is that we don’t have a single mainstream-media journalist with either the intelligence or courage to expose the Net Zero, renewable energy farce for the nonsense it clearly is. After all, it only took me a couple of minutes to Google charts for percentage renewable energy by country and energy costs by country. Why did no journalist do this?

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  • A Thorpe

    Isn’t this just a classic case of schizophrenia. Starmer’s thoughts have no relationship to reality and it seems be the case for most politicians. I hope you read the comments on TCW about Lord Frost’s talk on net zero. Farage and Rees-Mogg are just the same. They all believe that carbon dioxide emissions must be reduced. This is the problem, and shows why your book is so important. It is a belief in fake science that is driving net zero and they cannot even see that the empirical evidence you present does not support the fake science. Nothing will change until this fundamental belief changes.

    This weekend at the Monaco grand prix it was said the F1 intends to be carbon neutral by 2030. I doubt all the people attending the events will be carbon neutral. They are completely delusional.

    It is becoming like a religion, but Christ is not returning to save us, now we have to save the earth from our own activities. Somebody has said when we stop believing in God, we don’t believe in nothing, we believe in anything.

  • Stillreading

    “The Western world has truly gone mad and our leaders truly are idiots and liars.” It does indeed seem to me and all those who came to adulthood in the 50s and 60s and are awake, not Woke, that Western life as we have mainly known it is rapidly disintegrating. Even the most able and best-educated of those under about 40 seem genuinely to believe that despite the idiocy of net zero, life for them personally will carry on as before. Freedom to travel as and when they wish, a couple of flights a year to foreign parts, car ownership – electric of course, despite the evident total absence of dependable power or a readily available nation wide charging system – plentiful food to suit personal preference, centrally-heated homes, world-wide WIFI and/or satellite connectivity to the indispensable mobile phone with its dozens of apps. I was deploring only yesterday to a younger family member the now apparent universality of the dreaded “parking app” (well, not just one – perhaps that would be just about acceptable – but a plethora) and pointing out that, firstly, not every “senior citizen” possesses or wants to possess or can afford to possess a “smart phone” and secondly that many older perfectly capable and safe car drivers nevertheless have a slight hand tremor and less precision of finger movement than do the young, making typos in entering a car registration number more likely, thus leading to a penalty charge. We oldies are being phased out, gas-lighted, side-lined and it seems next winter and the winter after will probably be literally frozen out – out of this world and speedily into the next. And all this under a so-called Conservative government. When (not if – it’s inevitable) we get Sir Kneeler, it won’t be only he, but the entire nation which will be brought to its knees. We shan’t be alone though. The USA is well on its way there, Germany has arrived – partly at least due to its ridiculous policy under Merkel of closing down its nuclear power and relying on Russian gas – France won’t be long, Canada I believe is in a fairly sorry state. It’s all part of the plan and goes along with mass uncontrolled immigration from culturally alien populations, designed to dilute and destroy national patriotism and national borders and render all Western populations dependant on WEF control. Right now Sunak is about to sign the UK up to WHO dictat on management of future “world health crises”, irrespective of how such crises, pandemics, whatever, are determined. Just wait until Central Bank Digital Currency is forced upon us along, unavoidably, with compulsory digital ID (for your safety, didn’t you know?)! The inevitable sequelae then will be “carbon rationing”, the 15 minute city, the prohibition on spending your own money where and how you wish to spend it. No more slipping a few untaxable bank notes to that great local plumber or carpenter who turns up on a Sunday to fix the overflowing water system or put up a few shelves. The younger generations of the West, those who have the most to lose, have been indoctrinated by the education system and by the sheer ignorance of many teachers into unquestioning acceptance of the “the science is settled” anthropogenic climate change nonsense and are sleep walking, semi-hypnotized zombies, into a nightmare, yet all they can see at the moment is the ease with which they can wave a mobile at a check-out or enter a few digits on a tiny screen, to buy a sandwich or park a car. Where will they be, where will we all be if still alive, when the reality of net zero hits and there’s no power to charge the mobile to pay for the sandwich or park the car, even less to charge the battery in said car? It is all sheer lunacy. Speaking personally I am truly astonished at the gullibility of so many younger friends and family members who just cannot see what is coming rapidly down the road, heading with lethal speed right at then.

  • Carolyn

    Well said StillReading. I look forward to the day the internet goes down, they have no idea the power it takes to keep those servers running and cool to store those endless selfies. If they think they have mental health issues now …..

  • A Thorpe

    Did you see the Rees-Mogg interview with Blair’s adviser John McTernan last night on GB News? He talked sensibly about price fixing but the madness took over as soon as he started talking about net zero. Like most people he does seem to genuinely believe that carbon dioxide is causing global warming and that the warming is bad. Increasingly it isn’t just about electricity from renewables but about carbon capture being essential.

    It is also reported that New York Senator George Borrello has introduced legislation that would prohibit the use of fossil fuels in the manufacture or distribution of renewable energy equipment or infrastructure. He is also concerned about the environmental impact of mining rare earth materials.

    Our knowledge and science is no longer based on facts, it is based on opinions that are completely unrelated to any known science. This issue is only going to be resolved when we understand why this has happened. I suspect that AI will make it worse.

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