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W.H.O. rules the world?

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If you watch GB News and in particular Mark Steyn at 20.00h each weekday evening, you’ll know all about this story. If you get your information from other sources, you’ll probably have heard nothing at all about this latest horror.

It’s another example of our leaders signing us up to various international treaties without either they nor any of the mainstream media bothering to tell us. After all, how many people know that most Western countries’ rulers signed them up to the July 2018 Marrakesh “GLOBAL COMPACT FOR SAFE, ORDERLY AND REGULAR MIGRATION”?

The Chinese Communist Party’s latest power grab

From May 22-28, 2022, the 75th World Health Assembly will convene at United Nations headquarters in Geneva, Switzerland, with delegates from 194 nations to formalize an International Pandemic Treaty that will supersede the individual countries’ independence including the US Constitution and centralize certain global powers under the World Health Organization (W.H.O.) – an organisation we now know is controlled by the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) through the W.H.O.’s (IMHO) utterly corrupt, Third-world boss.

On Jan. 18, 2022, officials from the Biden administration quietly sent the W.HO. extensive amendments without an official statement or a single press conference. These proposed amendments are written to strengthen the organization’s ability to unilaterally intervene into the affairs of nations merely suspected of having a “health emergency” of possible concern to other nations. If these amendments are approved, the W.H.O. will have the power to declare an “international health emergency”, nullifying the powers of nation states.

The U.S. amendments delete a critical existing restriction in the regulations: “WHO shall consult with and attempt to obtain verification from the State Party in whose territory the event is allegedly occurring…” This enables the Director-General to declare health emergencies at will and can be used to justify ostracism and economic or financial actions against any nation.

Does the W.H.O. really need more power?

“Covid-19: Make It the Last Pandemic,” a report published by the United Nations in May 2021, laughably claims that the pandemic would have been prevented if the W.H.O. had been given more global authority. The report states, “In its current form, the W.H.O. does not possess such powers …To move on with the treaty, W.H.O. therefore needs to be empowered — financially, and politically… The treaty should possess an adaptable incentive regime, [including] sanctions such as public reprimands, economic sanctions, or denial of benefits.

Remember, this was the W.H.O. which praised the CCP’s handling of the Wuhan lab-leaked plague, which advised against an international travel ban, which claimed that the Wuhan lab-leaked plague was not infectious and which has done all it can to cover up the fact that the WuFlu leaked from a Chinese Wuhan lab.

Fatties watch out – the W.H.O. is coming for you

It’s perhaps interesting that the W.H.O. uses the term “health emergency” rather than the word “pandemic”. After all, the term “health emergency” can be worryingly broad in its interpretation.

For example, in June 2021 the W.H.O. declared that obesity and overweight were a “health emergency”.

And previously the World Health Assembly agreed a political declaration on non-communicable disease (NCDs). The “W.H.O. Global Strategy on Diet, Physical Activity and Health” describes the actions needed to support healthy diets and regular physical activity. The Strategy calls upon all stakeholders to take action at global, regional and local levels to improve diets and physical activity patterns at the population level.

Does this mean that soon the CCP-controlled W.H.O. will be empowered to instruct individual countries on new taxes and other means to reduce their populations’ weight?

W.H.O. to jump on the climate change bandwagon?

But perhaps most worrying is the possibility that the useless, corrupt, CCP-controlled W.H.O. may be about to hijack the climate change madness. Here’s an article from the British Medical Journal (BMJ) 30 March 2020’s%20restricted%20definition,while%20decreasing%20it%20in%20others.

The article’s authors claim that: “Rapid and potentially irreversible climate change poses a direct threat to global public health. Andrew Harmer and colleagues argue that W.H.O. should recognise this in the same way as global threats from specific diseases”.

If the W.H.O. leaps into the catastrophic man-made climate change lemming-like rush to societal suicide and if the Biden administration’s proposals to give the W.H.O. powers to over-ride national governments’ authority are approved over the next week, then theoretically the W.H.O. could start imposing rules on things like how we heat our homes, what kind of cars we can drive, how often we could take flights and how much energy each of us is allowed to use.

Then we really would have the one-world government conspiracy theorists keep warning us about.

We were warned

I haven’t seen this rather important story mentioned by any of our politicians nor covered anywhere in the mainstream media.

So, here’s a lovely lady on Mark Steyn’s programme from a couple of days ago explaining this impending disaster that our rulers are foisting on us. Enjoy!

10 comments to W.H.O. rules the world?

  • Stillreading

    Thank God for GBNews and on this issue, particularly Mark Steyn. A man who says what he thinks and thinks a lot of good sense! The notion that a UK Government is intending to sign us up to TOTAL CONTROL over our personal or national freedom by the WHO, an organisation which has already shown itself to be both incompetent and corrupt, at any time that medically illiterate organisation may decide there’s some sort of “health emergency” is appalling. I could scarcely believe it when I heard it. A Petition has already started to protest against this.
    Unless in the future we are prepared to have our travel restricted, our children’s schooling further interrupted, our businesses ruined, our freedom to visit friends and family limited, to be ordered to wear filthy face coverings for ever more, we’d all better start protesting NOW. The majority of the population is, I find, both so medically uninformed and so politically apathetic that if those of us who DO care do not protest vigorously, this evil will be upon us before we even know it. I may be wrong, as I watch little live TV other than GBNews, but as far as I am aware, the leftie, woke BBC at least has made absolutely no mention of this horror.

  • Paul Chambers

    Truly worrying and a step towards more corrupt centralised government which given the radical agenda, to make us poorer & with less freedom, can only survive outside a democratic system. The EU on steroids and will make FIFA and the IOC look like a vicars tea party.

    Not sure these do much at all but there is a petition to stop the transfer of more powers to the WHO.

  • A Thorpe

    You left out an important event – Trump stopped WHO funding and Biden reversed the decision. Trump was correct. It is time the WHO and the entire UN circus was closed down. The UK seems to be the second biggest contributor to the WHO, hardly surprising considering Johnson’s enthusiasm for lockdown and control.

    I saw a programme about architecture last night and the featured architect has was also fully into taking climate change into account in his buildings.

    This is just another diversion from the main problem which is the availability and cost of our energy supplies and the impact on economies.

  • Loppoman

    Petitions will make no difference.
    All govts. are singing from the same hymn sheet and they have decided that this is for them. Lots of money in it.
    Civil disobedience and riots are the only way to, possibly, change it. Forget about changing it democratically. All very depressing.

  • Eric Legge

    Anyone who is still deluded enough to believe that this country has any political party that has this country’s well being, as any kind of priority, must be particularly stupid.

    The name of their game is to minimise the English as far as humanly possible. Unfortunately, most of them are English.

    Britain’s Border now Force have two new vessels, to bring illegal immigrants ashore more efficiently

  • Jeffrey Palmer

    Interestingly, this WHO power grab conference follows hard on the heels of the ‘World Government Summit’, held in Dubai on 28th-30th of March this year.

    I read that the main addresses at the latter bunfight were given by Mari Pangestu, Managing Director of Development Policy and Partnerships of the World Bank Group, and David Malpass, President of the World Bank Group.

    One wonders therefore whether there will be a future showdown between the Banksters and Big Pharma for ultimate control of the unfortunate world population, like two rival Cosa Nostra ‘families’ fighting each other in the Chicago of the 20’s.

    Just like today, those organised crime outfits were pretty adept at buying, and coercing, the co-operation of politicians and cops. I’m sure there are quite a few ‘Offers they can’t refuse’ being made in certain high-level circles at this very moment.

  • Brenda Blessed

    Moat of the people that the mainstream media constantly paint as being conspiracy theorists have turned out to have been correct.

    They are predicting false-flag events in the run up to the mid-term elections in the USA. The Republican vote is blowing the Democrat vote away. The Roe vs Wade change on the right to abortion is given as an example aimed at inducing Democrats to go out and vote. Another is the recent supermarket shooting by a white supremacist causing 10 deaths. Apparently, the method used is to radicalise autistic men. The aim also being to bring in legislation to ban gun ownership, which is huge in the USA, making control of the populace much easier.

    Ever since the “pandemic” began, the best of the “conspiracy theorists” have been predicting severe food shortages, in the third world in particular, due to the “pandemic” lockdowns in the first world.

    Most intelligent, well-informed people took high inflation for granted given the enormous amounts of money being printed by the central banks to keep the lockdowns going. Apparently, 80% of the number of US dollars in existence were printed in the last two years. Inflation is defined as too much money chasing too few goods. Increasing interest rates is the usual remedy.

    By the banks increasing the base interest rate, interest rates should have been increased slowly to normal levels as soon as possible after the 2008 “banking crisis” to deal with the problem, but have only started being increased recently. The Bank of England has made several changes to the base interest rate, which stands at 1%.

    So, the next crisis will probably be people whose houses and flats are in negative equity in which the mortgage debt is greater that the market price of a property because so many people will be selling due to unaffordable mortgage interest rates. Of course, those on variable mortgages will be hit the hardest.

  • Loppoman

    It looks to me that the govt. can do what it likes.
    Sufficient numbers of numpties will have been indoctrinated before the next election to ensure one of the main parties will be elected. It will not make any difference which one it is. The ‘white replacement’ project is well on its way. The dinghy arrivals will continue forever. The Rwanda crap is just a delaying tactic signalling to the numpties that the govt. is doing something. Whites that can leave the country, will, and take their money with them. You’ll be left with a mass of dross unable/not willing to work, looking for hand-outs. There will be no pensions or benefits because there will be no one to pay tax. If you have any kids, tell them to make plans to quit this country as it hold no future for them.

  • Hardcastle

    Depressing but totally realistic summaries of our predicament.There is a very real possibility of serious food shortages irrespective of price and for many unplayable energy bills,this coming winter.This could,just could,lead to serious social disruption and as I see it the only way in which we might change the political direction of travel.At the moment the sheep are focused on Summer,barbecues and blaming everything on Russia.Winter is not far away and the psychology will rapidly change as winter,higher still energy charges,double digit inflation chickens come home to roost.Good article in the Telegraph Business by Heath.Pity they were not pointing out these realities years ago,bit late now.

  • Eric Legge

    And behold, right on cue the new AIDS – MONKEYPOX.

    Monkey Pox; ‘Always something new out of Africa’, Pliny the Elder –

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