May 2022
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Have any of our idiotic rulers understood the “Resources Powershift”?

Monday/Tuesday blog

I realise that most of my readers are highly intelligent and well-informed. They are certainly much more intelligent and better-informed than the politicians who have somehow crawled their way into lucrative positions of power over us and the media prostitutes who regularly preach to us unwashed, pig-ignorant plebs about how we should think […]

Time to learn some new words and concepts?

weekend blog

We live in new and exciting times:

We have almost destroyed our economy and burdened the next 5 to 10 generations with unrepayable levels of debt in order to fight a virus leaked from a US-funded Chinese lab which has a mortality rate of less than 1%. To put the WuFlu’s mortality rate […]

Yet another wonderful video by the magnificent Tony Heller

Thursday/Friday blog

Here’s the amazing Tony Heller of debunking the latest pack of climate-catastrophist lies from the supposed ‘climate scientists’ and the climate-crisis propagandists in the mainstream media.

Tony Heller’s research skills are quite extraordinary.

Unfortunately, due to YouTube censorship, this latest Tony Heller video is not available on YouTube.

So, here’s a link […]

Our rulers’ new “Ministries of Truth”

Tuesday/Wednesday blog

Apologies if readers are already aware of this story. But as I think it’s quite important, I’ll cover it anyway.

The USA’s “Ministry of Truth”

USA’s Department of Home Security (DHS) is setting up a new Disinformation Governance Board. The Board is being set up to coordinate countering misinformation related to homeland security.


A month of fasting, prayer, reflection and murder? – final score

Monday blog

Censored for “misinformation”

Readers might be amused to learn that I have been censored for spreading “misinformation”. I posted part of my weekend blog questioning the need to vaccinate babies against the Chinese lab-leaked plague on a business networking site called “LinkedIn”.

Within an hour, my article was deleted by the LinkedIn thought-controllers […]