April 2022
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Not laughing now, eh Fritz?

Thursday/Friday blog

How the Germans all sniggered and mocked when President Trump gave a speech at the United Nations in 2018 warning that Germany would become totally dependent on Russia for its energy.

Click on link below to see Trump’s warning, Germans’ reaction and latest US media headlines about Germany’s dependence on Russia for its […]

Fauci and the lab leak. Has the smoking gun finally been found?

Wednesday/Thursday blog

Today I want to direct you to an amazing story that has just appeared in the magazine Vanity Fair. I don’t know anything about Vanity Fair. I always assumed it was a glossy mag where rich people showed off how rich they were to impress their peers and to wind up envious social […]

China loves Russia’s Ukraine war and the West’s supposed ‘sanctions’

Tuesday blog

Kicking ourselves in the testicles with both feet?

Have you ever tried jumping in the air while shouting “I support net zero” and “Down with Putin” while kicking yourself in the balls with both feet at the same time? I haven’t tried this. And I imagine it’s quite difficult to do. And possibly […]

“It’s now or never” warned Elvis and the IPCC

Monday blog

As most of you will know, the ludicrous IPCC (Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change) issued its latest report last week warning that this really really really was our absolute last chance to stop a climate catastrophe:

Maybe Elvis actually is alive and has joined the IPCC?

I guess the IPCC […]

Putin warned us – “not an inch eastwards”. NATO spat in his face. That was stupid!

Friday/weekend blog

First, let me make it clear – I am not condoning Putin’s invasion of Ukraine. But Putin has made it very clear for at least the last 14 years that he saw Ukraine and Georgia joining NATO as an existential threat to Russia and warned, “not an inch eastwards”.

When a large, vicious, […]

The sad sad snubbing of Joe ‘No Mates’ Biden

Thursday blog

I started writing this blog yesterday when I thought that no UK mainstream media would cover this story. However, during the course of yesterday, it was mentioned first in the online version of Daily Express and then later in the Daily Telegraph. I think GB News also briefly mentioned it yesterday evening.

But […]

The real people smugglers are our own ruling elites

Tuesday/Wednesday blog

If you haven’t had time to read my Monday blog, I recommend it. It’s quite short and exposes how our beloved NHS is squandering the extra billions we’re showering on it.

I’ll give you a clue – Diversity, Equality and Inclusion Managers

Priti’s people smugglers

We have heard much over the last two […]

Is this why the NHS needs lots more of our money?

Monday blog

I don’t believe you

First, just a quick observation. It was reported this weekend that 4.9 million people in Britain have Covid. Obviously they didn’t test everybody, so this figure must be based on some kind of ONS (Office for National Statistics) sampling. So, if say there are 300 people living in your […]

A checklist to identify your level of “Artificial Stupidity”

Friday/weekend blog

As readers will be aware, we in the West are moving into an era of thought-totalitarianism in which there is only one accepted viewpoint on every issue facing us.

Here are just twenty three of the most widespread beliefs we must agree with if we are to be an accepted member of society. […]