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Fauci and the lab leak. Has the smoking gun finally been found?

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Today I want to direct you to an amazing story that has just appeared in the magazine Vanity Fair. I don’t know anything about Vanity Fair. I always assumed it was a glossy mag where rich people showed off how rich they were to impress their peers and to wind up envious social climbers.

I must have been wrong because Vanity Fair has published an investigation into the origins of the Chinese Wuhan plague.

It seems that in June 2021 an evolutionary biologist named Jesse Bloom was investigating the origin of Xi PingPong’s plague and sent a draft of an article he had written to the world’s most trusted doctor, Dr Anthony ‘Frankenstein’ Fauci.

Bloom apparently specialises in how viruses evolve. Bloom’s paper hadn’t been peer-reviewed. But as it contained possibly embarrassing revelations about the US National Institutes of Health (NIH) which had been run by Frankenstein Fauci for decades, he sent a copy to Frankenstein for his comments. The possibly embarrassing revelations concerned two issues:

  • genomic sequences, which might shed light on the origin of the WuFlu, had been deleted from the databases of both the Wuhan Institute of Virology and of Fauci’s NIH
  • the possibly risky nature of research projects Frankenstein Fauci’s NIH had been running at the Wuhan Institute of Virology passing US taxpayers’ money through Peter Daszak’s EcoHealth Alliance.

Fauci and his boss Collins quickly set up a zoom call with Bloom and a few others during which, as far as I understand, the NIH crowd furiously stomped all over Bloom and tried to get him to withdraw and delete his paper. Bloom was apparently so concerned about the zoom call that he wrote down what happened during the call and Vanity Fair seems to have got hold of Bloom’s notes.

All this reminds me of the joke:

Q: What’s the difference between a conspiracy theory and the truth?

A: About 6 months

Anyway, here’s the Vanity Fair article. It’s a real humdinger:

3 comments to Fauci and the lab leak. Has the smoking gun finally been found?

  • A Thorpe

    I will read all that at sometime but I’m not sure it is anything new and they would need documentation to do anything about it. There are some articles by Dr David E Martin who has investigated biological research to confirm that none of it relates to bioweapons. He claimed to have found patents in the USA for genomes similar to SARS CoV 2 and he points out that patents cannot be taken out on naturally occurring viruses. There is also an agreement between Moderna, Fauci and the University of North Carolina to share profits from vaccines that are said to be the Covid vaccine and agreed before the virus appeared. There are other claims about North Carolina being involved in gain of function research. My money is that is where the virus was developed and it was then transferred to Wuhan.

    The issue is that we really do not know what is going on anywhere and whilst our governments like to generate suspicions about China, Russia, etc, we cannot trust our own governments at any level, as partygate shows.

    On an unrelated issue I watched the Channel 4 programme about energy costs. The small energy companies were allowed to setup in some cases without any experience and they have collapsed with billions of debt. Northampton Council set up a company which collapsed which has left council tax payers with billions to pay after just 4 years. This is the fault of the regulator. I have been saying for sometime that the government has more control over the energy industry and the prices we end up paying, either directly or through other taxes. The industry is now more controlled than it was during nationalisation.

    In a democracy we should know what our governments are doing and we should be able to hold them to account. The MPs and the media are failing in their duty to do this.

  • A Thorpe

    The Conservative Woman has just published an article about Dr Martin:

    It is a transcript of a lecture and there is a link to it:

  • A Thorpe

    Not much interest in this is there? I have just read through the article but lost interest. It is not an easy read. It needs breaking up into points and conclusions.

    I did note that there is a reference to Obama stopping the gain of function research, but some work may have escaped the conditions of the ban, and this could have been research transferred to Wuhan, but it is not made clear.

    It also made a reference to stopping the gain of function research if it resulted in a manufactured virus being 10 times more dangerous than a naturally occurring virus. This has always puzzled me, because if it was created to be more dangerous and it escaped somehow, then why isn’t it more dangerous? There was no statistically significant increase in the UK annual mortality rate in 2020 and most countries seem to be the same. The deaths are increasing after the vaccines were introduced but it does not mean the vaccines are the cause, now being claimed by many. That has to be established.

    Was the panic and fear when the virus was discovered because it was known to have escaped and was thought wrongly to be highly dangerous? I cannot accept that all the governments acted together because they knew this. It would have leaked out by now and governments never act together so quickly anyway. Strange times.

    Where the virus came from seems to be the most important issue. According to the article the purpose of the research was to identify potentially dangerous viruses transferring from animals and how to deal with them. Daszak has been investigating this for 20 years and has nothing to show for it. If we don’t know where the virus came from then no progress will be made in dealing with possible future viruses from animals. It seems nobody wants to find out. The obvious conclusion is therefore it was released, and nobody will confess to that either.

    This morning it was announced that the UK has approved another vaccine but made in the traditional way. This means they must have isolated a sample of the virus and grown it to make the vaccines. Which variant is it for? Further, many people claim the virus has not been isolated and FOI requests have not turned up any replies confirming they have the isolated virus. It will be interesting to read what “experts” make of this.

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