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A checklist to identify your level of “Artificial Stupidity”

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As readers will be aware, we in the West are moving into an era of thought-totalitarianism in which there is only one accepted viewpoint on every issue facing us.

Here are just twenty three of the most widespread beliefs we must agree with if we are to be an accepted member of society. Should you disagree with any of these, and even worse if you dare express doubts about any of these, you risk cancellation, social banishment, career destruction and financial ruin.

This list is not meant to be exhaustive. I’m sure readers will think of other incredibly stupid ideas being forced on us by the progressive, virtue-signalling, holier-than-thou, libtard, globalist elites:

  1. White people are responsible for all the world’s problems
  2. All white people are racists – either overtly or else subconsciously
  3. All the greatest scientific, medical and cultural achievements have come from Africa
  4. There is no difference between races either in intelligence or physical attributes
  5. All cultures are equal (we must never mention the oppression of women, homosexuals and lesbians by our friends from the Religion of Wonderfulness)
  6. The concept of there being just two sexes – male and female – is an outmoded relic of oppressive patriarchal societies
  7. There are at least 72 genders. Any person can self-identify with whatever gender they wish at any time they wish
  8. Women can have penises, men can have vaginas. Men can become pregnant, women can impregnate other women or even men
  9. Allowing men with penises into women’s toilets, changing rooms and prisons constitutes no danger at all to women
  10. Africa would be a scientifically-advanced, economically-successful earthly paradise if it hadn’t been for evil white colonialists
  11. Only white people were responsible for slavery – at no time have Africans or Arabs ever had slaves or sold slaves
  12. Things like correct spelling, mathematics and sheet music are culturally-oppressive hangovers from white supremacism
  13. The Covid ‘miracle vaccines’ are incredibly effective and totally safe. Anyone refusing vaccination is a right-wing, anti-vaxxer murderer putting other people in danger due to their own ignorance and selfishness
  14. Human activity is causing catastrophic global warming and only by obeying the truant child prodigy – Saint Greta of Sweden – can we save the human race from self-destruction
  15. Hot weather is a result of catastrophic Global Warming, cold or wet weather is a result of catastrophic Climate Change
  16. Anyone concerned about preserving the world’s wildlife must never mention the explosive population growth in Africa as it is quite clear that a doubling of the population of Africa every 22 years has no effect at all on Africa’s wildlife
  17. Likewise, it is quite clear that the poverty, misery, lack of clean water, starvation of hundreds of millions in Africa is a result of white colonialism and has nothing at all to do with the doubling of the population of Africa every 22 years
  18. Similarly, it is quite clear that the poverty, misery, lack of clean water, starvation of hundreds of millions in Africa, while African rulers become billionaires looting their countries, has nothing at all to do with African corruption but is somehow caused by evil white colonialism
  19. Nobody needs to take responsibility for their actions any more as everything is the fault of ‘the Government’ and everybody should be compensated by the Government any time they do something stupid
  20. The concepts of countries and borders are outmoded. We are all part of the same family of mankind and everyone should be allowed to go and live in whichever country they choose
  21. Democracy is dangerous as it can lead to abhorrent results like “populism” – the election of leaders who are popular with their electorates. It would be better if we were all ruled by a global bureaucratic class which knows what is best for us
  22. The BBC in the UK and CNN and MSNBC in the US provide balanced, objective reporting and are national treasures. News channels like GB News in the UK and Fox News in the US are dangerous right-wing, Trump-supporting , neo-fascist propagandists
  23. There is only one side to every issue. Thus there is no need for discussion. Anyone disagreeing with the politically-correct version of every issue is either stupid or evil and/or a fascist

Here’s Thomas Sowell explaining how young people today are being taught what to think rather than how to think – how young people are being taught what Sowell calls “Artificial Stupidity”:

8 comments to A checklist to identify your level of “Artificial Stupidity”

  • Ian J

    Which of these is the April Fool?

    All of them??

    Gulp, Oh, None of them…

    The world has gone mad!

  • David Craig

    Excellent comment. Concise and damning.

  • A Thorpe

    The April Fool joke is number 20. Democracy is the problem. In the UK we do not elect the Head of State or the Prime Minister in general elections. Even worse, the PM we get might change without another general election. Democracy enables those in charge to take away our freedom, the opposite of what we believe it provides.

    The biggest problem is that most people ignore all these issues and try to get on with their lives as best they can and believe they cannot do anything about it anyway.

    The Thomas Sowell video is from a book first published in 2010 but probably revised. It shows how he is well ahead of the majority. His view that some people would be doing a public service by not voting is also relevant here.

  • Jeffrey Palmer

    At my advanced age, I find it quite interesting being a spectator during the collapse of an entire civilisation, being entirely aware of what is happening and what is about to happen. Many people of my generation, having been taught history at school and having acquired, over many years, a working knowledge of human nature, find themselves in a similar position.

    It’s no surprise however that Russia currently finds itself in the cross-hairs of the Western Wokerati, since neither its government nor the majority of its citizens appear to believe in any of the above-listed viewpoints.

    This is hardly surprising, as a very large proportion of the population grew up in an era of similar ideological totalitarianism, where only the official point of view was allowed and where you could be officially judged clinically insane if you expressed an alternative viewpoint. And neither the Russian government nor the people display any desire to repeat that experience.

    And one notices that Putin, no matter what the official Western view of him is, requires no walls, barbed wire, watchtowers, minefields, or machine guns to stop his people from defecting. Unlike the previous, Leftist inhabitants of the Kremlin.

  • Ed P

    To escape the madness listed, I’m deliberating whether to learn Russian or Mandarin.

  • Landloper

    Regarding Point 18: After decades of ‘No-borders-I’m-a-citizen-of-the-world’ posturing, it turns out that borders and nations do matter after all. Not our border or nation of course, but those of the Ukrainians. How amusing to see dewy-eyed progressives cooing that the Ukraine was showing the world ‘what it meant to be a nation’.
    *** Disclaimer: The nations of Ireland (now defunct) and of Palestine were always excepted from the liberal mantra of ‘nationalist = xenophobe’.

  • Hardcastle

    I’ve failed the test, I have failed to agree with any of the above.One could add,particularly in the light of recent events.Health Practitioners are always right and have our best interests at heart.You can always depend on the BBC and the MSM to tell the truth and look at all issues from all angles.The Pharmaceutical industry is a Paragon of vitue and has saved us all.Public figures demand immediate respect be ause they are experts in all things.Britain is the least corrupt nation on the globe.Anything developed in Great Britain during the Industrial Revolution was racist,promoted colonialism and impo existed us all as well as ushering in Climate Change and The Climate Emergency.Impoverishing our Nation and de industrialising our country will help us enter a new,better utopia,where socialism can,at last,be properly administered.With a bit of luck I will be dead by then but I am fearful for my children and grandchildren.Unless of course,the realities rushing towards us cause a political revolution,one can but hope.

  • Marc Ager

    In short, the checklist correctly boils down to establishing that if you believe in any form of EQUALITY (except that there are only universally acceptable viewpoints), you are incurably stupid.

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