October 2020
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Do they want to be offended? Do they want excuses to kill us?

(Monday/Tuesday blog)

In the name of Allah, the most gracious, the most MERCIFUL..

The latest Religion of Peace and Tolerance (ROPAT) atrocity in France – the beheading of a schoolteacher poses some uncomfortable questions yet again and again and again:

How old was the supposedly 18-year-old Chechen ROPAT member who beheaded the teacher. After all, […]

Why do so many people in the West hate their own countries?

(Friday/weekend blog)

This is probably the most important question facing Western civilisation. So I’m hardly likely to come up with profound insights to do justice to it in a 600- to 700-word blog written at 05.00 on a Friday morning.

But anyway, here goes:

We’ve never had it so good

We really have never had […]

In Pakistan today at least 3 Christian girls aged 6-14 will be kidnapped, gang-raped and forced to convert and marry

(Wednesday/Thursday blog)

First some good news

KANDAHAR, Afghanistan, Oct. 13 (Xinhua) — Ten Taliban militants were killed as their vehicle ran over a mine planted by the group in Afghanistan’s southern Kandahar province on Monday, Kandahar police spokesman Jamal Barikzai said Tuesday.

According to the official, a group of Taliban militants planted mine on a […]

How deadly is ‘deadly’?

(Tuesday blog)

Here we go again. Lockdowns, bankruptcies, suicides, serious illnesses going untreated, lives ruined and the economy trashed to supposedly ‘save the NHS’.

All this is to protect us from the supposedly ‘deadly’ Chinese Xi-Flu. But how deadly is ‘deadly’?

How deadly is ‘deadly’?

I realise that most Brits are numerically-challenged. Nevertheless, here are […]

Christian-hating BBC supports Jihadis as usual

(Monday blog)

Why does the BBC hate Christians so much?

The BBC is meant to provide balanced reporting. Some hope!

But yesterday evening there was a report from (I think) BBC reporter Orla Guerin from the latest Jihadi war – the one in Nagorno Karabakh. The intrepid Guerin was filmed in front of an apartment […]

Get Covid – live longer!

(weekend blog)

I don’t have a story today as I believe I would be contravening the Obscene Publications Act were I to show you some of the wonderful things being done by our friends in the countries where the world’s favouritest religion dominates.

Get Covid – live longer!

But I was slightly amused by the […]

Today around 1,500 people in England and Wales will die!!!!!!

(Friday blog)

Putting hyperbole into context?

The politicians and media seem to be hell-bent on frightening us with terrifying claims about imminent disaster from Xi Pingpong’s Chinese flu. The politicians do this to browbeat us into obeying every stupid and ineffectual restriction they and their supposed ‘scientists’ dream up. The media do this to grab […]

How the howling media mob panicked our pathetic politicians?

(Wednesday/ Thursday blog)

You can’t expect Einsteinian insights from a 600- to 700-word blog (with pictures for the hard-of-understanding) written at 05.00 in the morning. But I think I’m beginning to understand how our rulers allowed our economy to be trashed by the Xi Pingpong’s Wuhan flu and what to do about it now.

That […]

Why are so many Times readers so ignorant, deranged and filled with hate?

(Monday/Tuesday blog)

I used to enjoy reading the readers’ comments on the Times website. Most journalists are generalists and so their articles tend to be fairly superficial. But some Times readers were experts in their subjects and so could often add information or insights that went beyond what the journalists knew. Moreover, having researched and […]

Is the Earth round? Does it go round the Sun? Is our climate cyclical?

(Friday/weekend blog)

Please do NOT look at the chart below!

Why not? Because it suggests that our climate changes in cycles alternating between warm and cold. And some lunatics (like myself) even believe that the cyclical nature of our climate might have something to do with the fact that most planets in our solar […]