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Christian-hating BBC supports Jihadis as usual

(Monday blog)

Why does the BBC hate Christians so much?

The BBC is meant to provide balanced reporting. Some hope!

But yesterday evening there was a report from (I think) BBC reporter Orla Guerin from the latest Jihadi war – the one in Nagorno Karabakh. The intrepid Guerin was filmed in front of an apartment block that she claimed was attacked by the Armenian military just after the Russians had supposedly brokered a ceasefire:

My impression (because I’m clearly stupid and unable to appreciate the ever-balanced balance of BBC’s news broadcasts) was that Guerin shamefully (IMHO) took the side of the Muzlim Azeris against the Christian Armenians by blaming the Armenians for breaking the ceasefire. Moreover, Guerin only interviewed an Azeri government minister about which side had broken the ceasefire. Naturally this guy blamed the Armenians.

Is that really balanced reporting? Just asking.

Are the Muzlim Turks helping the Muzlim Azeris finish the job the Turkish Muzlims started?

Anyone with any knowledge of history (perhaps that excludes BBC reporters?) would know that our Turkish friends tried to wipe out the Christian Armenians about 100 years ago:

Around 1,500,000 Armenians were massacred by our ever-peaceful Turkish by hanging, beheading and being forced onto death marches into the desert:

Certainly our Turkish allies succeeded in ethnically cleansing Turkey of the hated Armenian Christians.

Who started the latest Muzlim vs Christian violence?

What the BBC probably ‘forgot’ to tell us was that about a month before the assault on the Armenian enclave of Nagorno Karabakh, Turkey launched a pipeline for Syrian mercenaries to aid in the Azerbaijani offensive.

Word of a new Turkish-sponsored mercenary opportunity, the second since Libya, began circulating in northern Syria on September 1. By September 6, commanders of Turkish-sponsored militias were registering fighters to ship off to Azerbaijan. The salary offered was about $1,500 a month.

Khaled, a Syrian man already employed by a Turkish-backed Malik Shah brigade, says he left for Azerbaijan two weeks before the Karabakh assault started: “On September 14, we left Syria to Kilis area (southern Turkey) by bus. We were about 25 young guys.”

In southern Turkey, he says the men were screened for illness and injuries, and those under the age of 18 or over the age of 40 were told to return. From there, they were transferred from Kilis to Gaziantep by car, flown to Istanbul in a civilian plane, and then to Azerbaijan with a batch of 35 recruits. They were some of the nearly 1,200 Syrians who have been sent by Turkey so far to fight on behalf of Azerbaijan, according to the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights.

Turkey’s “full support” motivated its ally Azerbaijan to reignite fighting in the disputed Nagorno-Karabakh region, Armenian Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan said Tuesday in an interview with AFP. “While it is true that the leadership of Azerbaijan has been actively promoting bellicose rhetoric for the last 15 years, now the decision to unleash a war was motivated by Turkey’s full support,” the 45-year-old premier said.

Is it the same the whole world over?

In Thailand and Myanmar, our Muzlim friends are at war with the Buddhists. In India, Crapistan and Kashmir, the Muzlims are at war with the Hindus and Sikhs. In Crapistan, the Christian minority are brutally oppressed by the Muzlim majority:

In much of Africa our Muzlim friends are busy slaughtering as many Christians as they can:

In the Middle East, our Religion of Peacefulness chums would desperately like to kill every single Jew:

And in Syria, Libya, Afghanistan, Lebanon, Egypt and loads of other wonderful countries our peaceful friends’ national sport seems to be slaughtering each other:

Is it time to close down the BBC?

As it does with every conflict involving members of our favourite religion, the BBC always takes the side of the religion of peacefulness.

Maybe it’s time to close down the worthless, biased, Christian-hating, Izlumophiliac BBC?

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  • A Thorpe

    The best time for religion was in the times of Ancient Greece and Rome. They had multiple gods and didn’t seem mind having more. When the Romans invaded other territory, they didn’t suppress the gods they encountered and sometimes they recognised the same god but with a different name. Because of multiple gods there was no dominance of one priest. The Romans persecuted the Christians and Jews, I suspect mainly because they were causing trouble, but I don’t l know much about that. The problems with religion started with monotheism. When the Eastern Roman empire adopted Christianity the persecution of the Jews started. Then of course we had the Papacy and god’s representative on earth. Religion has created problems one way or another ever since.

  • In Buddhism, which dates back to 500BC, there are no gods or God. The Buddha ordered that his body had to be destroyed completely so that no relics of it remained so that he would not be turned into a god himself. He also ordered that his teachings should never be forced on anyone in any way. That people could take to it or leave it. He created a huge splash 2500 years ago just by his presence and what he said and taught. No miracles, rising from the dead, being children of the gods, etc. What he taught to lay people is encapsulated in the book called The Dhammapada.

    The Buddha said that the cosmos created itself and will die like everything else and then re-create itself endlessly.

    Japanese Zen Buddhism is a combination of Buddhism and Taoism, which is based on the book, Tao Te Ching, attributed to Lao Tzu from around the same time BC.

    Both books are available free of charge online and as free audiobooks on YouTube. Here is a link to The Dhammapada that is an audiobook with the text from the book displayed. In my opinion, most of the world has not yet reached the level of understanding in those two books.

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