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Today around 1,500 people in England and Wales will die!!!!!!

(Friday blog)

Putting hyperbole into context?

The politicians and media seem to be hell-bent on frightening us with terrifying claims about imminent disaster from Xi Pingpong’s Chinese flu. The politicians do this to browbeat us into obeying every stupid and ineffectual restriction they and their supposed ‘scientists’ dream up. The media do this to grab our attention and increase their audience and advertising revenues and advance the lousy careers and salaries of arrogant and ignorant self-serving supposed ‘journalists’.

To do this they love to make shock/horror claims like – “Covid-19 infections double every 5 to 7 days” and “hospitalisations have shot up by 72%” and “The UK’s coronavirus death count has shot up as cases continue to rocket” and “1,000 students at one university test positive for Coronavirus” so on and so forth.

But our rulers and their self-serving mainstream media never put their Coronavirus figures into context.

For example, today around 1,500 people will die in England and Wales. That’s just one day’s deaths of the 542,000 who die every year. Only about 70 of these deaths – about 4.7% – will have anything to do with the Chinese plague. Thus 95.3% of deaths will be from other causes. When you look at things that way, Xi Pingpong’s Chinese plague doesn’t look quite so terrifying as our rulers and media like to claim.

How about cancer? This year probably close to 150,000 people in England and Wales will die from cancer – that’s around 410 a day. That’s almost 6 times as many as will die from the Kung Flu.

Or there’s Dementia/Alzheimers – about 70,000 deaths this year or over 190 a day – almost 3 times as many as will die from the Wu-Flu:

(The chart above is from April so you can disregard the Covid-19 blue line)

Moreover, although our superiors in politics and the media scream about the supposedly ‘horrifying’ increase in infections, around 80% of those tested positive were asymptomatic. If they hadn’t been tested, they would never have known that they even had Xi’s Chinese plague.

We know who will be killed by Emperor Xi’s plague

The other part of context that our rulers and media often ‘forget’ to mention is that it is really a very limited group who are actually at risk from Emperor Xi Pingpong’s deliberately-spread virus.

If I remember correctly, the median age of those testing positive is about 32 years old. But around 90% of deaths are people over the age of 65, around 80% of deaths are in people over the age of 75 and 91% of deaths are those with serious comorbidities. Given that the average life expectancy in the UK is about 81 and that it will be much lower for those with serious comorbidities, the large majority of those departing this earth with Emperor Xi’s help really aren’t actually losing that many years of their active lives.

And, of course, only 20% of the 17,000 infected today (3,400) will even have any symptoms of  Xi’s plague. The other 13,600 will only know they had the Chinese plague because they were tested.

Politicians always double down on their mistakes

All the above makes it abundantly clear that we should stop allowing ourselves to be cowed into trembling submission. Instead we should protect the elderly and vulnerable and let everyone else carry on with their lives with a bit of social distancing and a bit of hand-washing.

But the problem is that politicians (aided and abetted by our hyperventilating media) have decided that lockdowns are the only way to manage Xi’s Chinese plague. So they cannot admit that, now we know more about Xi’s plague, we can take a different approach. Our political and media rulers are afraid that a change of course in the light of better knowledge would suggest they got things wrong in the first place. So they have to double down on policies that are no longer relevant or effective in order to save face even if this risks Britain committing economic suicide.

Headscarves protect ladies’ modesty?

And here to cheer us up is a picture of a lady from the world’s bestest, most progressive religion. It looks like she is at a potato seller’s pitch at a market somewhere.

Luckily she’s wearing a headscarf to cover her modesty:

8 comments to Today around 1,500 people in England and Wales will die!!!!!!

  • Hardcastle

    Yes David,it is absolutely obvious to anyone with a brain who is willing to do a little research and challenge the propaganda,so there must be another agenda driving this madness,which is replicated throughout most of the world.There are many scenarios being suggested and we will soon find out too our cost.

  • twi5ted

    This whole thing is about Trump who is in the way of so called liberals’ scheme to by pass democracy and deliver internationalism.

    Britain seem to be the whipping boy for the US in this regard. Maybe still the fallout from the second world war when a bankrupt country agreed to give up power and has been very keen on supranational projects ever since. Maybe this is the price we agreed to avoid embarrassment of the rich elites who had driven the country into the ground at the expenses of the workers!

  • Ian J

    I see that the highest number of cases (whether correctly tested or not) in the UK is given as less than 1% of the population (Nottingham) and still our our bureaucracy and NHS are incapable of coping!

  • William Boreham

    I think we’ve gone bananas over our response to this Covid ’pandemic.’ It’s hardly the Black Plague or even the Spanish flu, but because of it, we’ve destroyed our economy and all that implies for future generations. I see in the paper today, the average age of those who died of Covid is 82.4, compared to the those who died of other causes ‘only’ 81.5 and 40% of Covid deaths are aged over 85! What the hell are we worried about? Some figures I bandied about were when there was international shock and horror when it was reported that worldwide, the death rates from the Covid pandemic had reached one million! Omitting to mention that a further 44 million deaths had also occurred this year so far from other causes. Or that those deaths are more than matched by the fact that also so far this year, 108 million babies have been born worldwide, bringing the world population up to an unsustainable 7.8 billion. Here in Britain about 43,000 have died so far reputedly from the Covid virus. Compare that to the 228,000 who had died by 1919 of the Spanish Flu in a county that had lost 750,000 of its brightest and best menfolk in the previous 4 years. In a country with a population then of 40 million, compared to now, 67 million – and yet the country still shouldered on regardless, no lockdowns or mandatory face masks.

  • A Thorpe

    You could put it another way. The politicians and media can do this because of the compliance of the masses in accepting these views, just like Pavlov’s dogs. Perhaps it is a form of amusement for them.

    We do seem to have inconsistent views about death. When there is a serious plane crash it can be in the news for weeks but it is the safest form of travel. Huge numbers die and are injured on the roads but it hardly makes the news, except to tell us we may be delayed, which seems to be more important than people being killed. It is all about statistics as discussed in the blog but the media is discussing daily deaths, totally out of context, and most cannot understand why they are being deceived, not just by the numbers, but the cause of the deaths.

    We don’t have a panic every year over seasonal flu. We flock to the beaches without a thought of skin cancer. We live unhealthy lifestyles with no thought of the heath consequences. Now we are panicking over something we cannot see, and I don’t know anybody having any Covid symptoms and they don’t know anybody, but every year I will hear of somebody having flu.

    Perhaps when the consequences finally hit us and the politicians and media have to accept them, the masses will come to their senses, but it will be too late. I only hope that Boris, Hancock and the NHS pay the price for what they have done.

  • Jeffrey Palmer

    At the beginning of Lockdown. I posted somewhere to the effect that those of us who lived through events such as the Berlin crisis and the Cuban missile crisis, when none of us knew whether or not we would be alive at the end of the following twenty four hours, would be somewhat better equipped psychologically to cope with the alleged risks of C-19.

    Sadly, I find I was mistaken. Many intelligent, educated, otherwise rational men of mature age of my acquaintance have actually convinced themselves that they are in imminent danger of death if they so much as venture outside their own front doors, and self-righteously inform me that they will rat to the Stasi on anyone who they see violating the decrees imposed on us by millionaire Professors Whitty and Vallance (imposed, naturally, without the slightest Parliamentary scrutiny, for whatever that’s worth).

    I now speculate that this is because they grew up in an era when our national leaders, men who had been through one or both World Wars and had in many cases taken prominent roles in leading the second of those wars to a successful conclusion, were generally people who could be trusted and who had a certain degree of personal and public integrity. Therefore those who grew up in the 50’s and early 60’s still instinctively retain a residual degree of trust in our public figures.

    Millennials, on the other hand, because of the era that they grew up in are used to taking every word that comes out of any contemporary public figure’s mouth with a large pinch of salt, being accustomed to the fact that all such people are in the racket for no-one’s benefit except themselves, and maintain themselves in their lucrative jobs by a constant barrage of lies.

    As a result, young people have little interest or belief in politicians’ spurious claims about the actual risk of death from C-19 in a nation of 68 million people (or 80 million according to store receipts processed by the supermarket companies).

  • Brenda Blessed

    I disagree that the politicians are doubling down in order to hide their past errors. These so-called liberals always provide credible but completely ostensible grounds for everything that they do that hide the real reasons and goals.

    For example, since 2012 it has been known that bacteria have a natural ability to edit viral DNA out of their cells and replace it with good DNA. The phenomenon has been called Crispr.

    “In nature, Crispr is half of a defence system that enables bacteria and archaea to remember and adapt to invading viruses. That adaptive immune system will cut-up the genetic material a virus injects into a microbial cell, which then pastes bits of material into its own DNA, like a memory or ‘Wanted poster’ that allows the microbe to rapidly recognize and destroy similar viral invaders.

    “The other half of the system are the enzymes that do the cutting and pasting. One of the most important is ‘Crispr-associated protein 9’ or ‘Cas9’ — which, together with the Crispr sequences saved in DNA, forms the Crispr-Cas9 system.”

    To me, it looks as if the ostensible aim is to get the world’s population vaccinated against Covid, but with the real aim being to alter the population’s DNA by using this genome-editing tool that was discovered and replicated by scientists but created by bacteria.

    Since the eugenists, such as Bill Gates, who is behind a vaccine for Covid-19, who has stated that he wants the human population reduced by 90%, and the politicians, who are intent on wrecking the world’s economies in order to force en masse vaccination, the vaccine must have a much bigger payload than immunising against Covid-19, because the immune systems of around 95% of people perform that immunisation on their own.

  • Thanks, Brenda. I wasn’t aware of Crispr or that mere bacteria had the innate capability of editing viral DNA out of their cells. Clearly, the power of nature runs far far deeper than most of us realise.

    The Possessed (The Devils or Demons) by Dostoyevsky is a prophetic novel by the Russian author that depicts essentially what happened to Russia 40 years in advance.

    A similar demonic phenomenon is most definitely taking place right now.

    Some of the greatest writers have the ability to prefigure what is going to happen at some future age or era in their works.

    Kafkaesque – having a nightmarishly complex, bizarre, or illogical quality.

    Franz Kafka – “We live in an age which is so possessed by demons, that soon we shall only be able to do goodness and justice in the deepest secrecy, as if it were a crime.”

    His most famous novel is The Trial, written between 1914 and 1915, begins with this sentence: “Someone must have been telling lies about Josef K., he knew he had done nothing wrong but, one morning, he was arrested.”

    The invisible court that presides over the society in which Joseph K. lives and unexpectedly has to defend himself against, turns out to consist of the scum of the earth.

    Had Kafka written that novel after radio and TV were available, as was the case with George Orwell, The Trial might have been much like Orwell’s 1984.

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