August 2020
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Captain Tom vs today’s bleating, blubbing bed-wetters

(Friday blog)

Captain Tom vs today’s bleating bed-wetters

Anyone watching the TV programme yesterday evening about the life of Captain Sir Tom Moore got a glimpse of how great Britain could have been if we hadn’t become a country of whining, self-regarding, victim-status-claiming, bleating, blubbing bed-wetters.

BBC Breakfast can always be relied on to give […]

BLM scum really seem to hate Blacks!

(Thursday blog)

Yesterday I briefly congratulated the fascist scum pretending to be BLM (Black Lives Matter) protestors for scoring a spectacular own goal when they apparently managed to force one of the USA’s highest-ranking and most inspirational African-American police chiefs, Carmen Best, to resign after 28 years in the Seattle Police Department:


BLM idiots’ spectacular own goal?

(Wednesday blog)

Just a short blog today to celebrate a truly remarkable own goal by the self-regarding, virtue-signalling, historically-challenged, narcissistic, free-speech-hating, West-loathing, libtard, fascist idiots rioting supposedly for Black Lives Matter (BLM).

A great victory for Seattle’s BLM rioters?

As you’ll probably know, the US city of Seattle was the scene of some of the […]

Why was Covid-19 downgraded by ‘experts’ just days before UK put into lockdown?

(Monday/Tuesday blog)

Utterly useless government run by Bojo the Clown?

I agree that the UK government’s response to Xi Pingpong’s Covid-19 Chinese plague has been disastrous:

the UK has the second highest rate of deaths per million of population in Europe Hancock, Williamson, Sharma and all the the other lightweight politicians have been worse than […]

Heatwave – I blame our useless government

(weekend blog)

Party time in Beirut?

Firstly it might be worth mentioning that the next few months are really going to be party party party in Lebanon’s capital Beirut:

Of course, ordinary people won’t be partying too much. Almost 200 are dead and about 300,000 may have had their homes damaged:

Beware Britain’s ‘beaches of death’

(Friday blog)

Britain’s ‘beaches of death’

OMG! OMG! OMG! OMG! Be careful today! Be very careful! Aaaarrrrggghhhhh!

Today the temperature in some places in Britain may actually be higher than 30 degrees. The BBC news have issued warning after warning about how incredibly dangerous this might be.

There were even the usual photos of supposedly […]

Africa’s corrupt, thieving murderers ‘take the urine’ – yet again

(Thursday blog)

Great news for Zimbabwe’s farmers (not!)

Here’s a heart-warming story you might have missed last week.

Last Wednesday Zimbabwe’s government signed an agreement supposedly worth $3.5 billion to compensate white farmers who were evicted from their land during a controversial and often violent land redistribution program in the early […]

Did the BBC try to blackmail the Government? And fail?

(Wednesday blog)

Banned by the Times

First, I must proudly admit that I have just been banned from commenting on the Times and Sunday Times websites even though I pay an annual subscription.

Normally I only write comments where I believe I have information that some readers may not be aware of. So I don’t […]

Lying BBC liars’ diversity lies?

(Monday/ Tuesday blog)

Hooray! More diversity!

I think it’s this week that the BAME Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) takes away free TV licences from the over-75s who aren’t on Pension Credits.

But what will the BBC do with the extra hundreds of millions it’s about to extract from our elderly?

We already know that the BBC […]