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Captain Tom vs today’s bleating, blubbing bed-wetters

(Friday blog)

Captain Tom vs today’s bleating bed-wetters

Anyone watching the TV programme yesterday evening about the life of Captain Sir Tom Moore got a glimpse of how great Britain could have been if we hadn’t become a country of whining, self-regarding, victim-status-claiming, bleating, blubbing bed-wetters.

BBC Breakfast can always be relied on to give the latest bunch of yellow-mattress, sobbing bed-wetters hours of undeserved opportunities to bitch and moan about how terribly they have been treated by life and how it’s all either the Government’s and/or white racists’ fault.

The two main groups of emotionally-incontinent, tear-stained moaners on BBC Breakfast this morning seem to have been school/college students and tourists taking holidays in France.

Our snivelling students

I fail to have sympathy with all the snivelling A Level and BTec students bleating about the results they have been given for at least three reasons:

  • they have known for months that exams were impossible due to Xi Pingpong’s Chinese Covid-19 plague
  • the qualification bodies have played safe and awarded many more of the higher grades A*s, As and Bs than are achieved in a normal exam year
  • faced with a huge loss of income from fewer lucrative foreign students, our money-grabbing universities are desperate to accept anyone and are lowering their already embarrassingly low entry standards.

Here’s just one chart from my book THE GREAT UNIVERSITY CON showing how low the requirements are to get into a British (poly pretending to be a) university:

Just to explain the chart: This shows undergraduate acceptances in 2010 by their UCAS tariff points. To put this into context, UCAS awards 140 points for an A* at A-level, 120 for an A, 100 for a B, 80 for a C, 60 for a D and 40 for an E. These figures show that 51% of university undergraduates enrolled in 2010 with qualifications equivalent to a DDD at A-level or worse (fewer than 180 UCAS points). They also show that, in 2010, 35% of undergraduates enrolled with no tariff points!

Given this, I completely fail to understand what the bleating, blubbing student bed-wetters and their lefty, UK-hating, woke, ever-complaining teachers are weeping and wailing about.

Moreover, when the BBC interviewed critics of the system used this year, they always allowed the interviewees to spout their bile but never asked the interviewees what the qualification bodies should have done.

Our tear-drenched tourists

The other lot who were given the chance to howl and weep and wail this morning were British tourists – especially those on holiday in France – who will now be subject to a 14-day quarantine on returning to the UK.

Again, my well of sympathy is curiously dry:

  • they knew before going on holiday that quarantines could be imposed at short notice on countries with rapidly rising Chinese kung-flu plague infections
  • while on holiday they could have seen that the infection rate in France was rising rapidly and that the French Government was imposing new restrictions
  • WTF were they going on holiday anyway during a worldwide pandemic that has already killed over 500,000 innocents?

I’m no genius. But it is rather clear to me that right now is not really the best time to take a foreign holiday. However, it seems that hundreds of thousands of total dumbasses quite simply couldn’t imagine that there might be problems taking a holiday during the worst pandemic for 100 years. After all, they could always blame the Government for their own stupidity. And if they were lucky, they might even get interviewed on BBC Breakfast about how appallingly they had been treated/betrayed by the Government while obviously accepting no responsibility at all for their own stupidity.

Grab them by the throat!

Hopefully most of you will have seen a version of the video below. From what I understand it was taken in Melbourne. Just in case there are any A Level student bed-wetters reading this, Melbourne is in a country called Australia which is on the other side of the world. As most of today’s geography students probably don’t know Australia is very far away.

Apparently, the rather draconian new restrictions imposed on Melbournians due to Xi Pingpong’s kung-flu include having to wear a face-nappy whenever someone leaves their home. This is a pretty ludicrous imposition as it’s almost impossible to catch the kung-flu outdoors.

Anyway, it seems a young lady was stopped by the Australian police for not wearing a face-nappy. Unfortunately, rather than explaining that she had valid medical reasons for not wearing one, she decided to give the finger to the policeman and then kick a policewoman in the stomach. This is not the recommended way to act when stopped by the police. Do not try this at home!

But while the young lady’s response to being stopped by the police may not have been the best, what is truly shocking is the way the cop grabbed her by the throat.

Had the lady been an Aborigine or some other person of colour, there would have been riots and looting by the usual fascist BLM brigade. But as she was white, well…………


5 comments to Captain Tom vs today’s bleating, blubbing bed-wetters

  • Mark

    Interesting blog as always! On another note Richard Day from Ipswich seems to have been beaten to death by three “youths” outside a takeaway. As per usual no description has been given for who the police have detained for obvious reasons. England really has gone down the pan.

  • A Thorpe

    I’m pleased that you are still able to watch TV and read papers to keep reassuring us that we are not missing anything and at the same time providing some amusement.

    I haven’t seen Captain Tom yet, but he is being celebrated for his NHS fund raising. I wonder how many really understand what his generation did to give us what we have today? They don’t see what it took to do that and what modern life and the failing education system has turned them into.

    It is quite depressing seeing how politicians like Blair and the university intelligentsia have turned universities into places to waste time and be filled with Marxist propaganda between school and possibly work whilst running up enormous debts that taxpayers will end up funding. They are being taught what to think, not how to think. Why aren’t students protesting about schools being shutdown unnecessarily. They seem to be on the streets protesting about everything else. America has gone just the same way. The obsession with equality results in people being accepted for courses that they cannot benefit from and ending up in a worse situation.

    It isn’t the best time to go on holiday abroad, but if some people do not take the risk, then how are we ever going to get back to normal? I am more amused by the warnings to stay off British beaches because of high temperatures when it is exactly what many people go abroad for.

    There is a longer video of Australian excesses in a Tony Heller YouTube video Joe Biden Vs Freedom showing another woman being forced to the ground by police. The ridiculous aspect of the video you show is that the boyfriend is just wearing a scarf and the woman a badly fitted perhaps homemade mask, both utterly pointless, but which also applies to any mask. How can the human race descend into such farcical behaviour in a matter of weeks? I can see no end to it and a worsening situation. I have hardly left my house in the last two weeks because I cannot stand seeing what our government has done and why people are so accepting of the rules that take away our freedoms.

  • PeterW

    I am surprised that Captain Tom Is feted by the BBC. He, surely, represents all the values that the BBC despises. Indeed, it is surprising that this wonderful bloke has not been arrested and imprisoned for treason, or, at the very least, thought crime
    The blame for Britain’s predicament lies firmly at the feet of our inglorious Politicians, particularly those a weak, cowardly Left persuasion
    The Legal profession also has much to answer for, with its financially driven pursuit of the victim culture

  • Stillreading

    I can only fully endorse everything written in your blog and the above comments. Teachers forbidden to sanction ill-disciplined youngers, threats to ring Childline if parents dare to try to control their children’s less acceptable behaviour, the emphasis throughout the population on rights to the total exclusion of obligations, general breakdown of Law & Order even in rural areas, where thefts of heavy plant and livestock from farms is now a flourishing criminal profession, stabbings in all our larger towns and cities a routine fact of everyday life, universities which indoctrine students, even those in the “hard” subjects of the sciences and medicine, in left-wing ideologies which limit independent thought. We – along it seems with the States and the rest of Europe – are on a lemming-like rush to ultimate disaster. Taken together with evidently uncontrolled illegal immigration by those from alien cultures, few of whom have any intention of assimilating into our traditional culture, it is undeniable that we are committing collective suicide. I had – indeed still have – hope for Australia, where until recently at least there appeared to exist a less tolerant attitude to crime and antisocial behaviour. I suspect that the couple in the video were already known to the Melbourne police and possibly deliberately staged the episode. I am informed by a friend with relatives living in the country, that New Zealand is a lost cause – very lefty and apparently, like Europe, in self-destruct mode. It seems only a matter of time before most Western and Judaeo-Christian culture will disappear from human record and memory, following which the world will inevitably revert to something approaching Medieval values and lifestyle. We already have examples before us in an architecturally and culturally ruined Iraq and Syria.

  • It might be worthwhile buying shares in Innovo, the incontinent-pants manufacturer that recently showed a feminist advert of a group of female troopers wearing those short pants demanding change and finally standing to attention.

    Parler is a new platform worth looking at: “Parler is an unbiased social platform focused on open dialogue and user engagement. We allow free speech and do not censor ideas, political parties or ideologies. We protect your privacy and will never sell your personal data.”

    Most of the people banned by the social media for expressing conservative views will be on it.

    Here is another very interesting development:

    “Red Pill University (RPU) is a creation of Freedom Force International (FFI), an international organization founded by G. Edward Griffin, whose better-known works include The Creature from Jekyll Island and World without Cancer. RPU’s goal is to provide a deeper learning experience about the stories behind the stories. Our faculty is hand-chosen to provide the richest source of information in a single place”

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