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Lying BBC liars’ diversity lies?

(Monday/ Tuesday blog)

Hooray! More diversity!

I think it’s this week that the BAME Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) takes away free TV licences from the over-75s who aren’t on Pension Credits.

But what will the BBC do with the extra hundreds of millions it’s about to extract from our elderly?

We already know that the BBC has just announced plans to invest £100 million of its TV commissioning budget (our money forced from us through threats of criminalisation) over the course of three years into bringing audiences more “diverse and inclusive content” as part of its “Creative Diversity Commitment”.

If my somewhat dodgy maths is correct, this £100m to be spent on more diversity is enough to pay for free TV licences for about 670,000 over-75s for one year.

The BBC seems pretty pleased with its new “Creative Diversity Commitment”.

The BBC’s director-general Tony Hall shared in a statement: “The senseless killing of George Floyd – and what it tells us about the stain of systemic racism – has had a profound impact on all of us. It’s made us question ourselves about what more we can do to help tackle racism – and drive inclusion within our organisation and in society as a whole.”

“This is our response – it’s going to drive change in what we make and who makes it. It’s a big leap forward – and we’ll have more to announce in the coming weeks.”

But do we actually need more diversity?

There’s one small problem with the BAME Broadcasting Corporation’s great plan to be more diverse. BAME people, gays and females are already over-represented in the media (especially the BBC) while white, heterosexual males are under-represented.

Let’s for a moment ignore those with biggest mouths, those who shout loudest and the BLM idiots plus their brain-dead, virtue-signalling supporters all screaming for ever more diversity and do something that seems to have gone out of fashion in our new woke world – let’s look at the actual facts and figures:

Where are the whites, the males and the straights?

A major survey of the British television industry has revealed that Leftist “woke” commentators, gay people and ethnic minorities are massively over-represented.

The Creative Diversity Network (CDN) published its Diamond: The Third Cut report after surveying “over 30,000 diversity forms relating to over 600,000 TV production contributions”.

BAME – The CDN found that “BAME [Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic] on-screen representation” is a remarkable 23% — far above the BAME share of the British general population, estimated at 14%.

Gays Gay people also get far more on-screen roles than their proportional representation in broader British society would suggest, accounting for on-screen contributions at the BBC (10.7%), ITV (10.5%), Channel 4 (13.1%), Channel 5 (18.1%), and Sky (7.6%) despite making up only around 2% of the general population.

Gay people were similarly over-represented off-screen, accounting for BBC (14.7%), ITV (14.1%), Channel 4 (16.1%), Channel 5 (12.5%), and Sky (10.4%) of off-screen jobs.

Women Women also enjoyed stronger representation, accounting for 52.4% of on-screen contributions and 53.7% of off-screen contributions, while actually accounting for just 47% of the working-age population.

While these figures reveal most groups supposedly suffering from discrimination are actually over-represented on TV, the foreword to the report ludicrously declares that there is “more work to do”. And it laments that behind the scenes women and minorities “remain absent from many senior creative roles”.

For example, the report bleats and moans that “while females dominate contributions in some production roles, such as commissioning editor (64.6%), head of production (85.8%), and in hair and make-up (98%), they are still under-represented in other areas of production, such as camera (17.3%), sound (15.1%) and lighting (3.7%), and in some senior roles, for example writer (38.1%) and director (26.2%).”

Defund the BBC?

So it seems that the only people who are under-represented in the media (especially the BBC) are white, heterosexual males.

Time to scrap the TV licence? Time to defund the libtard BAME Broadcasting Corporation?

By the way, I’ve just donated £100 to the Defund the BBC campaign.

I know it won’t make any difference. But I’d rather give my money to this cause rather than handing it over to some supposed ‘charity’ (Oxfam? UNICEF? Save the Children?) who’ll probably just give it to some corrupt, thieving, multi-billionaire African dictator:


12 comments to Lying BBC liars’ diversity lies?

  • Stillreading

    Great blog David. Thank you for drawing readers’ attention to this in your customary unambiguous and outspoken style. As one of the millions of oldies affected, I could find almost £160 this year, but rising annually, to fund this now flagrantly left-wing broadcasting organisation, but it would constitute a significant sacrifice and I shall refuse to do so. I shall be acting on behalf not only of myself but of the millions of less well-informed, less articulate, more easily frightened old people. I am not sure, though, about de-criminalizing non-payment whilst still retaining the requirement to pay. Furthermore, collection of the licence fee has, I understand, been delegated to that notoriously inefficient but obnoxious debt-collecting agency, Capita. As I understand it, as long as non-payment remains a criminal offence, deplorable as that is, the BBC’s sole method of enforcing payment is via criminal prosecution, resulting ultimately in a fine, imprisonment if that fine is not paid, and ultimately a prison sentence. It does mean that conviction results in a criminal record, not pleasant and could prove inconvenient, but I guess that at my age I could bear it! However, if non-payment were to become a civil offence, then Capita could, on behalf of the BBC, obtain an injunction and send round the bailiffs to gain entry if someone can be bullied sufficiently to let them in (I wouldn’t!) or failing entry, to carry off the car or any other accessible personal possessions. I think I’d rather take my chance before the Bench, since that would consist of three decent, educated fellow citizens, not a gang of bully boys. On the topic of the BBC itself and what now constitutes much of its output I, like the vast majority of senior citizens, am sick to death of “dramas” featuring men with their tongues down each others’ throats, women similarly, and characters of indeterminate gender who, we soon learn, are “trannying”. Saturday evening’s “Casualty”, once an entertaining and informative drama with a serious medical message, was the most recent manifestation of the BBC’s commitment to “diversity”. Well, that’s fine. If that’s what the BBC wants to do and it believes that’s what the public wants, then let it become a subscription channel. I shan’t subscribe, neither will most of my contemporaries. I’m sure, though, that the BLM rioters and protestors and destroyers will be delighted to support the broadcaster who so heroically supports them! In the meantime, the best form of passive non-compliance with the TV licence demand is probably, pending a reversal of the BBC’s decision, to wait until the very last, final. threatening demand for payment arrives, then send, by post, a cheque for the full annual amount, but with an ommission or error – failure to sign the cheque, failure to make figures and words agree, an error in the amount payable. Take our choice. Then when the cheque is returned for amendment, write out another one and send it off, with another error. Keep this up for as long as possible. And of course, unless the return envelope is pre-paid, post it off sans stamp! Whatever you do, do NOT set up a Direct Debit. This is exactly what the BBC want and will construe as compliance and will take full advantage of in the future as the annual cost edges up. I’d no idea a Gofundme page had been set up, so thank you for the link. I shall be subscribing. Incidentally, an acquaintance forwarded to me last week a Youtube link showing that magnificent modern-day martyr, Saint George Floyd, up before Judge Judy in the States many years back, on a charge of assaulting a young woman when she was getting out of her car in order to make off with it. He evidently served a long, laudable apprenticeship to Sainthood.

  • loppoman

    There’s nothing for me on the BBC. At least a few years ago there was real comedy (no one was insulted), good drama and good serials. eg. Rawhide, Wagon Train, etc. I know, it wasn’t to everyone’s taste but we didn’t have to watch and listen to the trans, gender, diversity, climate nonsense. Nowadays, you will be lucky to miss any of that in their output. And it’s going to get worse.
    I don’t want to pay but, in the end I will have to, there’s no option unless you want to get into trouble. Like everything else in this country, it’s called “democracy”.

  • A Thorpe

    If this weekend’s F1 is a guide to the future, we will all have to take the knee when the National Anthem is played. The propaganda machine is at full throttle.

  • twi5ted

    The BBC have an important role in historical revisionism and crowding out ghastly social media. Our authoritarian government who champion far left causes such as globalism, BLM and climate change need them to further their agenda.

    This government have little sympathy for the indigenous oldies, hence their treatment of the care homes in the covid1984 scamdemic. So making them cough up to fund the propaganda is no sweat off their backs especially as they were complicit in the brexit vote. Maybe if they can bump off enough oldies they can rerun the referendum.

  • Jeffrey Palmer

    I turned in my TV license two years ago and dumped my television, refusing any longer to assist in funding a left-wing propaganda outfit worthy of the old Soviet bloc, or to continue to pollute my brain with its drivel.

    Only when you’ve done so do you realise just how much you’ve been tied to the TV, and how much it numbs the mind.

    I have caught up with my reading, and found a commensurately greater amount of time for doing other, interesting and constructive, things.

    My laptop is perfectly adequate for researching news, and provides a much greater variety thereof, with often much more intelligent and informed reporting, than the heavily censored, PC version which the Mainstream media considers is suitable for us.

    It’s a course of action I would highly recommend (for those without a live-in female companion, of course!).

  • Ed P

    Cancel your payment.
    Then when the Crapita goons turn up, do not let them in, do not admit anything (even your name), say only, “I do not watch or record live transmissions”.
    After a couple more visits and irrelevant threatening letters, they’ll move on to their next victim.

  • Stillreading

    The BBC are relying on the lifelong sense of obligation in us over 75s to obey the Law, allied to our fear of prosecution or of having our homes invaded, to get us all to pay up. It’s up to those of us who have the desire and will to oppose the imposition of this charge not only for ourselves, but as I wrote earlier, for all those too frightened to do so, to ratchet up our fight. Just giving up the TV is for many not an option. I am willing to give up BBC TV rather than continue to fund its left-wing propoganda, but I am not willing to give up TV altogether. There are plenty of worthwhile programmes on other channels which I record, then skip the offensive adverts when I watch later. Apart from adversely affecting overwhelmingly the oldest, most law-abiding, most loyal, mainly indigenous UK citizens, the inegality of the TV licence, being per household, is manifestly unjust. Why should one octogenarian widow or widower, living alone on a very limited income and watching only one channel at a time be required to pay the same as a family of five or six, with TVs or other receiving devices in every room or every pair of hands, all watching different channels concurrently? Boris implied when he was desperate for the votes of the old that he would do something about the TV licence. He has failed to do so. It is evident he doesn’t give a toss. Well, give us another few years and those of us who are still alive by then will demonstrate at the next election how little we care for him and his Party and all their broken promises. I have written to the PM stating this, incidentally, but have received no reply. From my Constituency MP, to whom I also wrote, I received merely a platitudinous stock response from her PA – the MP herself beinbg far too occupied climbing the greasy pole of Junior Minister these days to bother much with Constituents’ concerns – which was nothing short of offensive in its failure to address any of the issues I raised. So I know where NOT to put my cross when the next General Election comes around.

  • loppoman

    Stillreading, unfortunately it will not make any difference which box you put your cross in. LibLabCon – all the same. We need a PR system to secure any changes. What hope of that? Nada. If I was younger, I’d be out of this country. I’m too old to become an activist.

  • Stillreading

    The BBC’s attitude to, and promotion of, all kinds of diversity is disproportionate. It occupies broadcast time which could better be used elsewhere. Inevitably during my more than eight decades of life I have personally and professionally encountered a number of gay gentlemen and Lesbian ladies, mostly in loving long-term relationships, and with only one exception very pleasant, empathetic people they were. They’d had to be. The men in particular had suffered greatly in their younger years, when to practise homosexuality was still illegal. (No one seemed ever to question two ladies living together, as several of my secondary school teachers did, probably because Lesbianism was, literally, unheard of by most of my parents’ generation and indeed to me until I was in my early twenties!) Introducing homosexuality or Lesbianism in a BBC drama in a legitimate context is totally acceptable when to do so constitutes an essential part of the plot. Its demonstration in considerable detail usually is not, any more than it is of heterosexual congress. In fact, to leave the visual depiction of most variations of sexual practice to the imagination, whilst leaving no doubt to adult viewers as to its incidence, is dramatically far more effective. To devote significant broadcasting minutes to it serves merely to enable the BBC to prolong a feeble storyline well past its sell-by date, whilst fulfilling its self-proclaimed intention to thrust diversity zt us at every opportunity. Regarding males or females who wish to “change their gender”, I can only endorse what J K Rowling had to say recently on the matter. Surgery and medication will change the outward appearance, but the genetics remain unchanged. It is deplorable that young people still in their teens have been able to obtain irreversible life-changing “treatment” to apparently change their gender. It is commonly acknowledged than many youngsters of both sexes go through a mildly homosexual phase during or just after puberty. We used to call it “having a crush” and we got over it when the first half-way acceptable member of the opposite sex chatted us up! How about the BBC introducing something as boring as normality to one of their more popular drama series? Oh! I know! That wouldn’t be diverse enough.

  • A Thorpe

    I have just watched part of a video of Gad Saad giving a lecture on Ostrich Parasitic Syndrome. Not recommended since most of the slides he was discussing were not shown. One however was relevant, and it was a reference to an article in the Independent from 2017 – “Riz Ahmed warns Parliament that lack of diversity in TV is leading people to ISIS.” Now we know why so many have left the UK to join ISIS.

  • Stillreading

    Oh yes Thorpe. Everything violent, antisocial, treacherous, which happens in the UK, including every black on black knifing, is the fault of the indigenous population, those of us who are trying to uphold the values with which we are raised. Didn’t you know? It’s up to us to bend our backs and our values to appease then all. If we don’t we have only ourselves to blame for the catastrophic consequences which will come. What does make me sad is that there ARE black and Asian people in the UK, first and second generation, who have assimilated quietly into our culture and have made and are making significant contributions to our nation’s welfare. A number of friends and neighbours have remarked to me recently that they’ve never considered themselves racist until now, when the destructive antics of the BLM lot have made them so. My own attitude is similar. The BBC is aiding and abetting this response and is dividing, not uniting, the population.

  • steve smithe

    Please go to Patriotic read The PLan I feel many people will be in agreement if so please join.

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