March 2020
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The secret history of China’s Coronavirus ‘bloodless weapon’ of conquest?

(Thursday/Friday blog)

I wanted to do a BBC and climate change blog for Friday and the weekend. But then I came across this…. which I believe is more important

It details a conspiracy theory about where the Coronavirus/Covid-19 really originated.

In summary:

Step 1. The Saudi SARS sample

On June 13, 2012 a 60-year-old Saudi […]

Is the Gretavirus more deadly than the Coronavirus?

(Wednesday blog)

The Gretavirus superspreader

While the Coronavirus (which was accidentally leaked either from Dr Peng Zhou’s L-4 laboratory at the Wuhan Institute of Virology or its offshoot Wuhan National Biosafety Laboratory, one of China’s most high-tech installations designed for biological research into the most deadly forms of viruses known to humankind) continues to occupy […]

Hopefully Chinese blackmail will backfire and hurt them more than us

(Monday/Tuesday blog)

Last Thursday, I wrote a blog about how corrupt, lying, disease-ridden China is our enemy. In the blog I gave two examples of how the corrupt, lying, disease-ridden Chinese could blackmail the West and bring our economies crashing down. The two examples were China’s control of most of the planet’s rare-earth metals and […]

Blackmailing the useless EU. Our Turkish friends laughing all the way to the bank!

(weekend blog)

Blackmail is a Turkish delight

You might remember that last week Turkey’s magnificent president popped over to Brussels to give EU leaders a friendly ultimatum. Either they give Turkey loads more EU-taxpayers’ money or else the Turks would unleash a tsunami of migrants into Europe:

But things seem to have […]

May the Lord save us from stupidity and lies!

(Friday blog)

I’ll take a sort of break today and just bring you two short videos that will hopefully have you holding your head in your hands in despair at the total stupidity and lies all around us.


First stupidity – here’s a campaigner against VAT on tampons accusing Julia Hartley-Brewer of being “transphobic” […]

China is our enemy! Will the Covid-19 plague will wake us up to this fact?

(Wednesday/Thursday blog)

The great antibiotic threat

Let me start with some figures I found shocking – somewhere between 80% and 95% of all antibiotics (different sources give different figures) used in the USA are manufactured in China.

Let’s think of the implications of this: were China and the USA to get into a spat about […]

The great cover-up? Do governments stick together against the ‘little people’?

(Monday/Tuesday blog)

The big coincidence?

I don’t want to come across as a bulging-eyed, mouth-frothing, tin-foil-hat-wearing, crazed conspiracy theorist:

But there’s one aspect of the Covid-19 outbreak that seems confusing.

There are clearly two possible sources of the current Covid-19 outbreak – a ‘wet market’ in Wuhan or a virology research institute […]

The new migrant invasion – don’t believe the lying bastards at the BBC and C4 News

(weekend blog)

I wanted to do a different story this weekend. But I think this one is more important.

If you’ve been watching the lying, rapemigrant-loving bastards on the BBC and C4 News, you’ll probably have seen reporters bleating on about the poor supposed ‘refugees’ trying to cross from Turkey into Greece as they supposedly […]

Proof that the Coronavirus is an American and Jewish plot?

(Thursday/Friday blog)

Here we have an Arab intellectual (yes, I know some cynics may think that’s an oxymoron) explaining that the Coronavirus is really an American and Jewish plot.

Iraqi political analyst Muhammad Sadeq Al-Hashemi said in a February 26, 2020 interview on Al-Ayam TV (Iraq) that in the 1981 thriller novel titled The Eyes […]

Flying over misery with a G&T or two

(Wednesday no blog)

I’ve just got back from a 13-hour flight from the Far East (the land of the RFFM to be more precise) and won’t be able to do a proper blog today.

But there’s one thing I always find difficult to fully grasp.

As I’m sitting in my plane seat drinking my third […]