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Covid-19 is a “soldier of Allah” sent to smite us infidels and unbelievers!

(Thursday blog)

It would clearly be discriminatory and waaccciiissst of me to only give limited opinions about the Chinese Covid-19 plague seen from Westerners’ point of view.

So for balance, here are some of the greatest brains from the Religion of Total Craziness (sorry, I meant ‘Religion of Wonderful Peacefulness’) explaining the real origins of the Chinese plague:

Totally crazy?

Gazan Imam Jamil Al-Mutawa claimed that the coronavirus is a “soldier of Allah” that has harmed Western countries while sparing Palestinians and Muslims.

“Look how anyone who schemes against the Al-Aqsa Mosque is being shattered to smithereens… This is the greatness of Allah!” he is heard saying, praying that God will continue unleashing the virus against those behind the US administration’s Israeli-Palestinian peace plan, dubbed by Trump as the “deal of the century.”

The sermon at the White Mosque in Gaza, broadcast by the Hamas-affiliated Al-Aqsa TV, came a day before the first two cases were confirmed in the Gaza Strip. Since then there have been at least 59 cases of the virus in the Palestinian-ruled areas of the West Bank.

And one of the hardest-hit countries in the world, Iran, is Muslim. But Iran is Shiite and this crazy is a Sunni. So this crazy is happy about the “soldier of Allah” smiting the Iranians too.

Even more totally crazier?

Faisal Al-Khozae, a Jordanian expert on international law, said in a March 16 2020 interview on A-ONE TV (Jordan) that he tends to agree with the conspiracy theories that COVID-19 is a man-made biological weapon. Claiming that the U.S. selected China to be the country from which the coronavirus would start spreading, he said that the United States has 12 highly advanced laboratories that have been producing viruses like COVID-19, SARS, AIDS, swine flu and anthrax for 20 years.

The craziest of them all?

And now for the real craziest of crazies.

On March 22, 2020, Iranian Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei delivered a 40-minute-long speech, which aired on Channel 1 (Iran) and posted on Khamenei’s website. The Iranian leader said that America is Iran’s most evil enemy and that top American officials are charlatans, greedy, insolent liars, and merciless terrorists. He said that America’s offers to help Iran with treatment and medicine are strange because America itself has equipment shortages, and he elaborated that no Iranian would accept these offers anyway because America has been accused of manufacturing and spreading COVID-19.

Khamenei said that he does not know if these accusations are true, but that if they are, American medicine might be a means to further spread the disease in Iran and the American doctors who would come to Iran might do so in order to gather more information about the behavior of the virus in order to increase America’s hostility towards Iran. In addition, he referred to a theory that strains of COVID-19 were produced specifically to target Iran using information gathered about Iranian genetics.

Every cloud – silver lining

With the behaviour of the crazies and their scientifically-challenged leaders, one silver lining from the Chinese plague cloud may be a lot fewer crazies in this world and thus a huge improvement in the quality of the human gene pool.

For example, here are some Indian ladies from the Religion of Scientific Enlightenment explaining why they will not be isolating themselves but instead will congregate in large groups because Allah will protect them:

6 comments to Covid-19 is a “soldier of Allah” sent to smite us infidels and unbelievers!

  • William Boreham

    I’m beginning to think that Donald Trump had the right gut feeling when he said ’The cure was becoming worse than the disease.’ It’s too late now I’m afraid, we have destroyed the world’s finely balanced economies and we are entering a 1930’s type depression at best, Weimar Germany 1923 at worse. When did we become so squeamish over a multiple death rates? I see on the Mail today, worldwide death toll for coronavirus reaches over 20,000! Shock, horror! Well, on the first DAY of the Somme battle in 1916, just on 20,000 fine British soldiers lost their lives and not a hair was turned. Hell, in my lifetime alone, WW2, Stalin, Mao and Pol Pot has resulted in tens of millions being killed one way or another. All too late now for sanity to prevail I’m afraid. Aussie here talking about George Orwell and how the Victorian government has reacted to the outbreak.

  • Roy Hartwell

    My instinct from the word go was we should isolate and support those deemed ‘vulnerable’ and allow the vast majority of the population to continue. This would have meant most people would have had mild to debilitating symptoms and. yes, some unexpected deaths amongst seemingly fit and healthy people.
    It would have led to the ‘herd immunity’ we now seem to have abandoned and left the NHS time to deal with the more serious ‘vulnerable’ cases later on. It would appear Boris has unfortunately been panicked into the current fiasco led by Imperial college work which has been disputed by others.
    I agree with Trump, the cure is going to be worse than the disease !!

  • Ed P

    Those covered-up women are about to pit Darwin vs Allah – I wonder who will win?
    The black cloth over the mouth & nose will not filter out any virus (125nm diameter, cloth weave has gaps approx 50 to 200 times larger).
    It’s actually quite insulting to normal human intelligence to hear such medieval ignorance!

  • A Thorpe

    Churchill in his book The River War, which you can find online, said about Islam that “No stringer retrograde force exists in the world”.

  • A Thorpe

    Typo – stringer should be stronger

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