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Lying Labour liars lying?

(Tuesday blog)

Today I wanted to write about the horrific practice of infibulation. But a kind reader sent me a link to a short (4 minutes) must-see video.

The video features some of our favourite reality TV characters – Old Man Steptoe, the Abbotpotamus, Emily ‘Thick as Mince’ Thornberry, Tom ‘Pedophile-hunter’ Watson, the ruler of diverse multi-cultural Sadiq-Khanistan and many other household names.

As the Labour Party does everything it can to block Brexit and keep us in the German Fourth Reich, it’s worth remembering some of the promises that Labour’s leading lights once made to us time and time and time again.

Some cynical readers may even see links between infibulation and today’s Labour Party – after all both include “stitch-ups” and “cnuts” and a lot of shouting and screaming.

Enjoy the video:

8 comments to Lying Labour liars lying?

  • Julia Green

    Why are Labour ANYWHERE NEAR the levers of power? Because the BBC, Sky and half of British newspapers are run by Marxists and let them get away with murder, have been for years.

  • loppoman

    Seriously, I would bring in the army for a period of one year, shut down parliament, sack all the politicians, clear out the Lords, appoint a cross-section of useful individuals from across the country to sit and come up with a different system that represents people’s views and wishes. Hold elections based on proportional representation and start again.

  • A Thorpe

    It isn’t just the lies of politicians. It is the stupidity of the electorate who cannot see the lies. We are repeatedly told we did not vote for a no deal, but the MPs agreed the question which said nothing about the deal. They say we did not vote to make ourselves poorer, but Cameron repeatedly told us this would be the case if we left the EU. We have the SNP’s Ian Blackford constantly telling us that Scotland voted to remain in the EU and the same applies to MPs of constituencies that voted to remain. The referendum was not like a general election. It was not on a constituency or country basis, it was on a UK basis. If we had a Speaker who was not biased he would have told the MPs to keep to the facts and their promises. Bercow is to blame for this chaos more than anybody.

  • A Thorpe

    @Ioppoman I cannot see your suggestion working. Firstly, we would need a referendum to change the electoral system. PR would result in a hung parliament which is effectively the situation since 2017 and it cannot agree anything. Nothing gets done in the UK parliament unless we have a PM who commands the Commons.

  • loppoman

    No, no more referendums. There would be no parliament just some educated, responsible bunch of people deciding on a totally new electoral system. Split the country into areas, choose a number of ordinary folk from each, put them in a building and let them vote for the best alternative they can come up with. Forget about the current system – ditch it, it doesn’t work.

  • A Thorpe

    @Ioppoman. Please no, not that crazy nonsense. In a democracy you cannot sweep away an electoral system with universal suffrage and replace it with something that the entire electorate is not able to vote on. That is not a democracy, it is a dictatorship. Your description of what you want sounds much like the present system – the country is split into areas, each area has a representative and they all sit in a building (called Parliament) or you perhaps more accurately you describe the EU Parliament. As Churchill said democracy is not perfect but it is the best we have (or something like that).

  • loppoman

    @A Thorpe. My first post did specify an interim period of one year for the process. I am not for abandoning democracy. But atm – Democracy? What democracy?

  • leila

    I’m with Loppoman. This present system is beyond words. The money! wasted on vast pensions given to the ‘elite’for very little life work, layers and layers of useless politicians/ civil servants all rewarded as libraries etc are closed. The poor decisions constantly made, wrecking each British institution as they blunder through time. The system is a disgrace for a country of such talent and work ethos.

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