April 2015
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Will M*sl*ms ever take responsibility for anything?

There’s a story from the Netherlands this week that the BBC somehow didn’t cover. A group of M*sl*m families, whose children have travelled to Syria – the males to fight for ISIL, the females to be raped by ISIL – are planning to sue the Dutch government for failing to do enough to prevent their […]

The Establishment cover-up of Establishment sex abuse becomes ever more absurd

What a surprise! The Crown Prosecution Service boss, Alison Saunders, has decided that former Labour MP Lord Janner will not be prosecuted for decades of alleged sex attacks on underage boys, mainly from children’s homes in his Leicestershire constituency.

This is now the 4th time that the CPS has managed to find an excuse to […]

Shocking new poll shows Cameron ahead of Miliband and Miliband ahead of Cameron

With so many pollsters polling and psephologists psephologising, I thought I’d run my own poll and psephologise over the results:

My independent poll of the public’s attitudes to David Cameron and Ed Miliband clearly shows that:

Cameron is 68% ahead in “pretending to recognise the needs of hard working families”, while Miliband is 44% ahead […]

Wanna get rich? Become a housing association boss

Drowning Dave Cameron’s latest desperate attempt to buy a few votes by virtually giving away housing association properties to their tenants would be laughable if it wasn’t so tragically stupid. But it has cast the spotlight, however briefly, on an area that few people know much about – housing associations. And as housing associations bosses […]

The nightmare election result that nobody seems to have noticed

So, Labour have published their election manifesto. And a fine load of promises it is. It’s remarkable that such a document could come from the same people who ruined our country through deliberate mass (particularly *sl*mic) immigration and who bankrupted Britain during 10 years of financial incontinence, spending more every year between 2000 to 2010 […]

A quiet week for the Religion of Peace?

Last week – 6 April to 12 April – was a fairly quiet one for the Religion of Peace with only about 104 people killed and another 179 seriously injured in the name of religion:

Last week’s fun and games

Date Country City Killed Injured Description 2015.04.12 Egypt al-Arish 8 45 A suicide truck […]

How can anyone be as economically-ignorant as the Scots?

Our country will probably never recover from the economic devastation wreaked on us by the financially-incontinent, economically-illiterate recidivist liar Gordon Brown.

He not only set the scene for disaster through a ruinous orgy of wasteful public spending while in power, but by massively increasing salaries and pensions of public-sector workers and with over £300bn of […]

Promises, promises – as our debt goes higher and higher

It has been a great week for empty promises from those political pygmies who would rule over us after the May general election.

Here are just a few of the main ones:


SNP Retirement pension age freeze


Ukip Minimum 2% GDP for defence

Greens 5% VAT on housing repairs


Labour “Non-dom” status […]

Are most “Airmiles” schemes just a scam?

Sainsbury’s have just announced they’re halving the number of Nectar points you get for shopping in their stores. You’ll now need to spend a hefty £500 to get just £2.50 of vouchers – equivalent to a discount of 0.5% as a ‘reward’ for your loyalty.

That may not be great value. But at least, when […]

Let us remember Labour’s achievements last time they were in power

I tried to make a list of Labour’s ‘achievements’ last time they were in power. But there were so many that I eventually gave up:

1. Bankrupted Britain by spending more every year for ten years than the government took in tax

2. Getting us into the hell of Iraq by lying about Iraq’s WMDs […]