June 2024

The Establishment cover-up of Establishment sex abuse becomes ever more absurd

What a surprise! The Crown Prosecution Service boss, Alison Saunders, has decided that former Labour MP Lord Janner will not be prosecuted for decades of alleged sex attacks on underage boys, mainly from children’s homes in his Leicestershire constituency.

This is now the 4th time that the CPS has managed to find an excuse to not prosecute this (IMHO) filthy old lying scumbag:

  • In 1991, Leicestershire police were allowed to interview Janner about allegations of sexual abuse of underage boys, but then were told to back off by senior officers
  • In 2002, after a new investigation into Janner, the CPS decided there was insufficient evidence to prosecute him
  • In 2006, yet another police investigation put the spotlight on Janner and yet again the CPS claimed there was insufficient evidence to prosecute
  • Now the CPS says there actually is sufficient evidence to prosecute but that Janner has dementia (in spite of speaking and voting in House of Lords debates just 2 years ago) and so it would “not be in the public interest’ to prosecute him

So, the CPS considers that it is ‘not in the public interest’ for us to:

– know the extent of Janner’s abuse

– hear about other establishment figures who were also involved with Janner

– find out who has been protecting Janner

Janner may or may not have dementia or Alzheimer’s or whatever it is he and his family are claiming he suffers from. And  it may or may not be quite as serious as they suggest.

But older readers may remember the case of Ernest Saunders from the ‘Guinness Four’. He was sentenced to five years’ imprisonment in 1990, but released from Ford Open Prison after just 10 months when the judge hearing Saunders’ appeal, Lord Justice Neill, said that he was satisfied that Saunders was suffering from pre-senile dementia associated with Alzheimer’s disease, which is incurable. Saunders subsequently made a full recovery from his incurable condition – the only person in medical history to have done so – and went on to continue his highly successful business career.

Now that the prosecution against Janner has been dropped for the 4th time, perhaps he too will be feeling a bit more chirpy and maybe also make a partial or even full recovery?

So, next time you’re caught doing 100mph on the motorway, just tell the police you have ‘friends in high places’ and you really can’t remember driving that fast as your memory hasn’t been so great lately. It worked for Saunders and Janner, maybe it will work for you?

2 comments to The Establishment cover-up of Establishment sex abuse becomes ever more absurd

  • david brown

    the CPS statement claimed they regret having not taken this case to court in the past. As with the other cases involving political people what the do is keep kicking the can down the road until the person dies.Most of these people do not just have powerful protectors they also have leverage as they could bring down other powerful people who share the same Hobby.

  • mike mines

    ‘hear about other establishment figures who were also involved with Janner’

    I rest my case…

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