July 2024

Let us remember Labour’s achievements last time they were in power

I tried to make a list of Labour’s ‘achievements’ last time they were in power. But there were so many that I eventually gave up:

1. Bankrupted Britain by spending more every year for ten years than the government took in tax

2. Getting us into the hell of Iraq by lying about Iraq’s WMDs and throwing our troops into the hell of Afghanistan without any plan of what to do when they got there

3. Mid-Staffs – about 1,400 hospital patients killed and then a massive cover-up to prevent the news getting out

4. Destruction of final-salary pensions for most private-sector employees, while massively increasing the salaries and pensions of public-sector workers

5. Rubbing the faces of the middle classes in multiculturalism which has led to the increasing *sl*mification of Britain – London bombings; perhaps 40,000 underage British girls being gang-raped and gang-sodomised in Rotherham, Oxford, Birmingham, Manchester and many other British towns; Lee Rigby murder and attempted beheading; Trojan Horse takeover of Birmingham schools; and the creation of the Free *sl*mic Republic of Tower Hamlets where vote-rigging, intimidation and corruption are flourishing

6. Blair gave away a large part of our EU rebate and got absolutely nothing in return

7. Gave away Britain’s sovereignty through the Lisbon Treaty and the Human Rights Act

Miliband Blair Brown Balls

8. Sucked up to the bankers creating horrendous consequences for Britain in the global recession costing British taxpayers over £45bn and which will take a generation to fix

9. Halved manufacturing from 22% to 11% of GDP

10. Destroyed thousands of jobs and impoverished millions through high energy prices caused by the lunacy of Ed Miliband’s Climate Change Act to fight against the Global Warming fraud

11. Sowed the seeds of the destruction of the Union with lopsided devolution, ignoring England’s interests as Labour handed over power and money to their supporters in benefits-dependent Scotland and Wales

12. Created hundreds of quangos to carry out Labour ideology and stuffed them with socialist placemen and placewomen

13. Bankrupted many NHS hospital trusts by loading them with £300bn of PFI contracts which guaranteed the PFI companies massive profits every year for the 30 years of their contracts

14. Allowed over 1,500,000 East Europeans into Britain while telling us that only 13,000 would come

15. Carried out the orders of their public-sector union paymasters by massively increasing the size of the public-sector workforce as well as doubling most public-sector salaries and pensions – all this without any attempt to reform our bloated, incompetent, over-paid, over-pensioned, self-serving public-sector

16. Sold most of our gold at rock-bottom prices

17. Sent our troops into pointless wars under-equipped resulting in hundreds of unnecessary deaths and horrific injuries

18. Created welfare as a lifestyle, with the totally dysfunctional tax credit system and the catastrophe of excessive housing benefit which has created thousands of buy-to-let millionaires at taxpayers’ expense

19. Failed to secure our borders and allowed hundreds of thousands of failed asylum seekers and foreign criminals to stay in Britain

20. Transformed the National Health Service into the International Health Service whereby anyone reaching Britain gets free medical care. This is particularly popular with pregnant Nigerian women

21. Etc, etc, etc.

Trouble is – has the Coalition been any better?

2 comments to Let us remember Labour’s achievements last time they were in power

  • Juliet 46

    You absolutely tell it like it is! Your permission to print this off, please, so that I can then thrust it under the noses of doorstepping politicos from any of the three mendacious main parties.

    (Re your housing benefit, buy-to-let point – Sharia mortgages are classified as “Rent” so are paid to low income families in benefits funded by the taxpayer – our “Leaders” must be mad…No wonder so many want to come here. What a system!)

  • You are welcome to do whatever you want. Personally I’d wrap it round a brick and throw it at any politician who came near my home

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