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Will M*sl*ms ever take responsibility for anything?

There’s a story from the Netherlands this week that the BBC somehow didn’t cover. A group of M*sl*m families, whose children have travelled to Syria – the males to fight for ISIL, the females to be raped by ISIL – are planning to sue the Dutch government for failing to do enough to prevent their children from going off to war:

“The families of individuals that ran away to join ISIL are preparing to file a lawsuit against the Dutch government, local media reported Wednesday.”

“According to Dutch media, families gathered together in order to plan to sue the Dutch government for not making the necessary efforts to prevent their children from traveling to Syria to join the armed group ISIL.”

“Mohammad Nidalha, a resident of the southern city of Leiden whose son reportedly traveled to Syria to join ISIL, leads the initiative.”

“Nidalha claimed that he had informed the police as soon as he found out that his 20-year-old son had traveled to Syria to join ISIL. Yet, he said, the police did not do anything.”

“Nidalha, who claims he has spoken with nine families so far, said he started the initiative to prevent other families from suffering like him.”

“He was quoted as saying, “The lawsuit will not bring back my son back but I am doing this to prevent other families to go through the same problems.”

We’re seeing a similar attitude from ‘British’ M*sl*ms – blaming the police and the security forces and British *sl*mophobia and anything else they can think of for their children’s radicalisation, but the parents and the imams and M*sl*m community leaders never accepting any responsibility themselves.

About 200 ‘Dutch citizens’ have apparently gone to join ISIL and of these around 28 have so far been killed. Let’s hope the other 172 also soon go to paradise.

Meanwhile the idiotic British authorities are trying to keep our M*sl*m fanatics in Britain where they can kill us rather than laying on free buses to Gatwick so they can all f**k off to Syria and get killed by American bombs and Kurdish militia.

There was however one story the BBC could not ignore this week – how mostly M*sl*m refugees from Africa crossing the Med threw all the Christians on their boat overboard so they drowned. And soon these wonderful people will be given the right to remain in Europe and will mostly head straight for Benefits Britain to further enrich our multicultural society. That’s something to look forward to.

6 comments to Will M*sl*ms ever take responsibility for anything?

  • Paul

    Doubtless that appalling parent Abase Hussen would be doing the same if he hadn’t been caught on video

  • NoMore

    If the bludger’s son is 20 he is an adult and a free agent. Loser Dad doesn’t have a case. As for the others if they care so much why are they not locking up their own kids at home or going out to Syria to bring them back? No money in it?

    These boats from Africa should be being escorted unpolitely back to the dismal shore whence they came by armed Navy vessels.

    Will Europe start tipping over at the UK side with the weight of all the third worlders crowding in? Sadly it doesn’t mean they are depopulating their sh*thole countries for Whitey to take over and run properly again – the ones staying behind will quickly breed up the numbers again for the next generation of boat-trippers.

  • david brown

    NOMORE in an ideal world we could do a swap let them have Europe which they would soon trash and we had Africa which with its vast resources should be the worlds richest place,
    Only the Chinese are moving in no doubt with the intention of taking it over.How will they deal with the Africans when they fully take over?

  • mike mines

    Its called asymmetric warfare, they all play it and its about time we kuffirs learned the rules before its too late…

  • Jon MC

    “We’re seeing a similar attitude from ‘British’ M*sl*ms – blaming the police and the security forces…”
    Indeed and the HUGE irony (or perhaps not) is that the MOST vociferous Daddy of the latest three Jihadi brides turns out to have been (is?) associated with “al-Muhajiroon” an Islamic group banned in the U.K. for … wait for it … extremist views. He was video’d on a March screaming “Burn America!” and other such niceties.
    Anyone care to guess who he took along?
    His latterly jihadi-bride daughter of course.

    So even when Daddy is a (non-violent) Islamic extremist who takes his daughter to mix it with violent Islamic extremists the fact that Darling Daughter gets radicalised is still everybody’s fault but his.

    Such hypocrisy would be unbelievable from anyone other than a devout follower of “The religion of peace”.

  • Fritz Kohlhaas

    Whining Muslims like to play “We are victims”! It’s in the Koran! The psychopath Mohammed said it!

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