June 2012
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‘Corrupt, unelected, pompous, lying, buffoon’ Barroso loses his cool in sunny Mexico

The (in my opinion) ‘corrupt, unelected, pompous, lying, buffoon’ Jose Manuel Barroso seems to have lost his rag during a press conference at the G20 meeting in Mexico. “Frankly”, he said apparently quite angrily, “we are not here to receive lessons in terms of democracy or in terms of how to handle the economy”. So […]

Arab Spring. Then Arab Summer. Then Arab Winter?

I believe it was Peter Sellars in his last film role as Chauncey Gardner in Being There who taught the US president that after Spring comes Summer and after Summer comes Winter. For many months, we have been subjected to gushing reports from journalists – particularly those from the politically-correct BBC – about how Arabs […]

Argentinian idiot Nalbandian gets well-deserved come-uppance

Argentinian tennis player, David Nalbandian, was disqualified in the Queens tennis tournament final for kicking a hoarding that grazed a line judge’s leg. Although he apologised, the Agrentine buffoon blamed everyone but himself for his stupidity and loss of temper. Sorry mate, but I was at Queens watching Nalbandian on Friday. Whenever this turkey lost […]

Why are we paying for Osborne’s £140bn job application?

Chancellor George Osborne may be as stupid and selfish as Gordon Brown and Ed Balls, but Boy George has realised one thing – he’s so crap at his job that he’s going to be a one-term chancellor. So George has a problem – how can he keep on earning millions if he can’t live off […]

Useless Osborne & lying Cameron – God help us all

So now we know Osborne’s great plan for economic recovery – hand over even more of our money to his friends in banking supposedly to help businesses. That will be Bob Diamond’s Barclays which has cheated small businesses out of tens of millions by mis-selling them complex insurance against interest rate rises on their loans. […]

Britain – land of hardworking Poles and drunk, lazy, obese British scum?

I wonder if my local public gardens represent much that is right and wrong with Britain today. On one side are the two bowling greens where those that have worked and paid taxes all their lives relax and play bowls. In the cafe, there are usually a few massively obese slobbish women with their noisy […]

“Hooray! Eurozone saved!” – Two hours later – “Arrrggggh! Eurozone doomed!”

For weeks, Spanish pride and vanity prevented Spain’s incompetent leaders admitting their bankrupt country needed a bailout. This weekend these pompous idiots thought they’d come up with a brilliant solution that would allow them to get their greedy hands on over £80bn of European taxpayers’ cash to pour into the black hole of their own […]

Gordon ‘Liar’ Brown gives Oscar-winning performance at Leveson inquiry

Our (in my opinion) lying former PM, Gordon ‘Boom and Bust’ Brown did us all proud yesterday. At the Leveson inquiry he gave a performance that even that great actor Tony Blair would have envied. How Brown managed to keep a straight face while making the most preposterous (in my opinion) claims deserves our admiration. […]

Mr Hague – you want to go to war in Syria? I’ll buy you a ticket and a gun and you can go off and fight

Prize dumbo, Foreign Secretary William Hague, has just claimed that “the situation in Syria is like Bosnia in the 1990s” as he warns the country is on the brink of a civil war in the hope of getting popular backing for British military action. Well, Mr Hague, for a start the Bosnia conflict was between […]

Useless Osborne’s pathetic excuses for his own failure

The worthless George Osborne is now bleating about how the eurozone crisis is damaging Britain’s supposed recovery. John Maynard Keynes is quoted as having said, “When the facts change, I change my mind. What do you do, sir?” With the eurozone in a much worse state than it was in 2010 when the Coalition scraped […]