December 2022
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Argentinian idiot Nalbandian gets well-deserved come-uppance

Argentinian tennis player, David Nalbandian, was disqualified in the Queens tennis tournament final for kicking a hoarding that grazed a line judge’s leg. Although he apologised, the Agrentine buffoon blamed everyone but himself for his stupidity and loss of temper. Sorry mate, but I was at Queens watching Nalbandian on Friday. Whenever this turkey lost a key point (even though he was winning), he was swearing, kicking the walls around the court, hitting balls at the crowd and hitting his racket against anything within reach.  This guy is a foul-tempered, disgraceful loser who has deservedly lost his £36,000 or so prize money and should b—–r off back to his worthless, bankrupt country. However, even more disgraceful is the fact that our useless police, who ignore crimes committed against law-abiding British citizens, have managed to find the time and resources to launch an investigation for assault against the Argentinian tosser.

Talking of Argentinian tossers, with the Argentine economy falling off a cliff under the country’s incompetent, corrupt leaders, the political elite there are desperately trying to divert public attention away from their own stupidity and greed by once again confronting Britain over sovereignty of the Falkland Islands. If Argentina’s rulers had not scuppered their own country, then Argentinians (even those as stupid as Nalbandian appears to be) would be so rich and so happy that they wouldn’t care who owned the Falklands.

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