November 2022
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Useless Osborne & lying Cameron – God help us all

So now we know Osborne’s great plan for economic recovery – hand over even more of our money to his friends in banking supposedly to help businesses. That will be Bob Diamond’s Barclays which has cheated small businesses out of tens of millions by mis-selling them complex insurance against interest rate rises on their loans. That will be the crooks at HSBC, famous for mis-selling virtually worthless investments to the elderly and vulnerable, and who have more than a thousand subsidiaries in tax havens around the world to funnel their profits abroad and avoid UK tax. What Osborne needs to do is 1. Put all the Civil Service on a 4-day week and put the £200m a week saved into job creation schemes. 2. Abolish corporation tax, replacing it with retention of some VAT – this will slash tax evasion by our larger companies and create thousands of jobs.

But Osborne just gives more money to his banking friends. God help us!

As for our lying PM David Liar Cameron – he tells us that nobody wants a referendum on the EU. Well, Mr Liar, who apart from  Barroso’s whore Nick Clegg wanted a referendum on AV? Nobody? Who wants a referendum on the EU – many millions of people.

A useless Chancellor who only cares about making his banking friends richer. A lying PM who has more in common with the corrupt, unelected Portuguese fool Barroso than with the people who voted for him. God help us all!

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