June 2012
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Our greedy, lying, thieving MPs steal ever more of our money – and there’s nothing we can do about it

After the furore over most of our 646 MPs stealing our money by fiddling their generous expenses, you’d have thought that this bunch of rogues and scoundrels would lay low for a while and moderate how much of our money they stole. You’d have been wrong. Very wrong. Instead of limiting their theft, our MPs […]

Does William Hague’s wife work for Robert Mugabe’s ‘favourite’ bank? Bob Diamond’s Barclays

I may have my facts all mixed up, so apologies in advance if I have. However, it is my understanding that Foreign Secretary William Hague’s wife earns a goodly amount of money working for Bob Diamond’s Barclays Bank. It is also my understanding that Barclays Bank has made an awful lot of money helping Zimbabwe’s […]

Mr Osborne – there is an easy way to get the economy growing again

Clearly our hopeless Chancellor and his well-paid, useless advisers haven’t a clue about how to get Britain’s economy growing again. So, free of charge, I’ll tell them. The trick is to abolish Corporation Tax completely. Let me explain. Every tax has a limited life because sooner or later those, who should be paying it, find […]

A brief lesson in economics for the fools Cameron and Osborne

Dear Mr Cameron and Mr Osborne. I realise neither of you multimillionaires has ever had a proper job and so you are both pretty clueless. So here’s a very simple explanation of economics. When public spending is above 40% of GDP, then it should be reduced to nearer 35%. I think we all agree on […]

The Queen’s example puts today’s venal, self-serving politicians, bureaucrats and military leaders to shame

The Queens’ sixty years of public service are a useful backdrop against which to judge today’s worthless, lying, self-serving politicians, bureaucrats and military leaders. We have a lying PM who is incompetent, out of his depth and floundering in a sea of his own blunders, who has poured our money into the pockets of his […]

What a lot of medals Prince Charles has. He must be very brave.

I noticed Prince Charles decked out in his military uniform dripping with medals. But what did he do to deserve them. Did he ever fight in a war? Not that I remember. So what are all those medals? I suppose he might have got one for constant whinging. There might be another one for serial […]

Why was it we bailed out the banks? To avoid a recession?

We’ve been pouring so much of our money into our banks (and the pockets of our bankers) for so long, perhaps it’s not surprising that people are forgetting why we did it in the first place. If I remember correctly, we were told by our politicians (most of whom were getting cash from the bankers) […]

Why must the Queen go on and on? Useless, selfish, self-absorbed, whining Charles

Most of us probably admire the Queen for her sense of duty and the way she has served Britain for so long. Would she like to retire and hand over to someone younger? I don’t know. But I do know, that for her, retirement is virtually impossible. Why? Because were the useless, whinging, self-absorbed, intellectually-challenged […]

It’s a pity Osborne and his advisers have no intelligence and no imagination

Osborne was meant to cut public spending to reduce the deficit. But it seems the ‘highly educated’, ‘never had a proper job in his life’ Osborne and his equally ‘highly educated’, ‘never had a proper job’ advisers haven’t a clue how to do this. Instead they keep on increasing taxes and reducing tax thresholds to […]