December 2022
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What is the point of our useless, woke, cowardly, politicised police?

(Friday/weekend blog)

Run rabbit run?

I’d like to start this blog with a comment made by a reader a couple of days ago:

It was fascinating yesterday to watch the youtube videos of hapless Plod being chased down Whitehall by hordes of primitives, astonished and terrified to discover that all the face-painting, all the […]

Was ‘Saint’ George Floyd a violent, dangerous thug?

(weekend blog)

I just wanted to mention two unfortunate truths about the ludicrously-exaggerated Black Lives Matter protests

Was ‘Saint’ George Floyd a violent, dangerous thug?

I am in no way condoning the way the police treated George Floyd. But as the crowds of virtue-signalling, woke protestors (encouraged by a fawning mainstream media) try to beatify […]

“There was a transgender from Khartoum”

(Monday/Tuesday blog)

Let’s start today’s blog with a little Limerick I found floating around in cyberspace:

There was a transgender from Khartoum

Who invited another to his/her/its/ze’s room

But they spent the whole night

In a terrible fight

Arguing who would do what with what […]

A 12-year-old girl enriched again and again and again and …………

(Thursday/Friday blog)

I know that the vast majority of British people value the vibrant, diverse, multi-cultural enrichment that mass, uncontrolled Third-world immigration brings our once great country:

Therefore, I’m pleased to bring yet another heartwarming story of how our ethnic minorities (which may soon be a majority) have improved life for us […]

Come to ‘peaceful’ Sweden and get raped, blown up or shot

(weekend blog)

Oh Sweden, what have you done?

I know Sweden quite well. I speak Swedish and have worked in Sweden for several years. OK, I know Sweden used to be possibly the most boring country in the world and the Swedes some of the most boring people you would ever meet. But the country’s […]

Happy “International Pronouns Day” to you all

(Thursday blog)

Happy International Pronouns Day to you all

I apologise. I’ve missed yet another important day in your lives – International Pronouns Day.

Yes, last Thursday – 17 October – was International Pronouns Day. How could I have forgotten? How could I have been so remiss?

International Pronouns Day is an incredibly important day. […]

In Australia, someone dares defend their home. In Britain they’d get prosecuted by our useless PC plods

(Monday blog)

Good riddance to the whining Scrots

First let us celebrate that the whingeing, whining Scrottish rugby team have been thrashed out of the world cup. The other teams, whose games were cancelled due to the typhoon, accepted this with sportmanship realising that their Japanese hosts were more concerned with protecting property and lives […]

Desecrating churches is OK. Desecrating a mosque gets you a death sentence

(Thursday blog)

The strange death of Kevin Crehan

Many readers will remember the case of Kevin Crehan. Kevin ‘Bunny’ Crehan, 35, was jailed for putting bacon on the door handles of a mosque during a racist protest in Bristol. Here’s a photo of Crehan’s ‘terrible’ racist crime:


Pretty frightening, huh? Oh, […]

Peterborough – was it postal votes fraud wot won it for Labour?

(weekend blog)

Peterborough by-election fraud?

(I wrote this blog early Saturday morning. I see today that the Mail on Sunday has now picked it up)

I’ve been trying to assemble some facts to better understand the Peterborough by-election ‘results’.

Fact 1 – Turnout was 48.4%, down from 67.5% in the 2017 general election

Fact 2 […]

How on earth did “misgendering” become a matter for the police?

(Thursday blog)

In Britain we used to respect the police. But the blundering political correctness of our police’s witless and useless libtard leaders has made our police into a laughing stock.

So, here’s a great article on Breitbart about how our police have turned themselves into a national (very bad) joke. Perhaps the police should […]