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Learning who really rules over you? (Hint – it’s BLM)

(Tuesday blog)

Apologies for being totally boring and repetitive. But here’s old Voltaire yet again:

And here’s why I’m repeating the French bore’s warning:

BLM good, freedom bad

Here’s a nice picture of our ‘politically independent’ police taking the knee in grovelling submission to rioters at a Black Lives Matter (BLM) protest in May:

As you’ll remember, the BLM marches took place just before the summer at the height of the Xi Pingpong Wuhan flu plague. But instead of enforcing the law against mass gatherings, our police first took the knee and then ran away and hid in the Foreign Office building for safety during the ‘mostly peaceful’ protests.

But at the recent anti-lockdown protests, our brave police charged into the crowds beating anyone they could hit:

This included harmless middle-aged ladies:

Is it any wonder ever more people are coming to despise our police and to see them as enemies of the people?

Whether you agree with lockdown or not, you expect the police to apply the law impartially. I suspect many ordinary front-line police are horrified by the way the police service is being politicised to serve the interests of the supposedly ‘liberal’, EU-loving, Izlumophiliac, rapefugee-welcoming, West-loathing establishment elites. But with our police being run by (IMHO) politically-correct, progressive, careerist, diversity-obsessed, UK-hating, Common Purpose utter garbage like this:

And this:

Who probably wouldn’t recognise a real crook even if they tripped over one, whether they like it or not, our police are rapidly forfeiting any right to our support.

It’s more than slightly embarrassing that even as far away as America people have noticed the once-respected British police’s grovelling subservience to the new God of Woke:

7 comments to Learning who really rules over you? (Hint – it’s BLM)

  • twi5ted

    I noticed several topics that user comments are largely censored and media will refuse to balance choosing one side. ER / BLM are largely beyond criticism. Also pharmaceutical companies and vaccines. Green energy. Electric cars. Cycling. Economic refugees. Government ever increasing debt. Big government.

    Almost as if this is coordinated. The money behind these agendas are so vast and the rewards for humble MPs and minor members of the royal family too tempting.

  • Stillreading

    Attempts are being made to condition us all into zombies and sadly with the young it is working. It’s the sensible middle-aged I feel for. I am old and can afford financially and emotionally to distance myself (intellectually, not physically – no irony intended) from all the nonsense but my children have another 30 or 40 years of life at least and they are in for a hard time.

  • Hardcastle

    Their big problem is the value of paper currencies is reaching a critical phase.Fiat currencies do not last for ever as Governments continue to borrow and spend money they do not have.Older people like most on this blog have experienced the effect of inflation at least once in our lives and can see where we are headed.Savers and retirees are about to be relieved of their cash,but the debt is so great that it will be insufficient to prevent hyper inflation and the consequences of that for the majority.The virus has been a godsend for governments only too well aware of the financial black hole to come.Control of the population will be necessary for the financial reset to come.BLM,climate change etc etc are just side shows to keep our eyes off the main event.Buy gold,get out of the financial system as much as you are able,be prepared to survive in a world this country has not seen or even imagined possible.Far fetched? I no longer think so.

  • A Thorpe

    These are strange times when a quote from probably 250 years ago has more relevance today than anything any of our world leaders has to say. The only quote from our times might be Douglas Murray saying we are “educated into imbecility” and Boris’s announcement in the news today shows he intends to ensure this happens for people without A levels.

    Is the answer to Voltaire, the BBC or perhaps David Attenborough?

    Pictures are worth more than words and today’s selection proves why.

  • William Boreham

    I notice the BBC loves to display the footballers on their knees before matches on Match of the Day.
    I think the footballers are glad the stadiums are empty as I can well imagine the reaction of the fans viewing the ritual humiliation. One wonders exactly what the white footballers think they are supposed to be grovelling on their knees for? The death of a few low-life, habitual felons in a country 3000 miles away? The racism in this country where their black team mates are only earning £200,000 a week? Living in a country so racist half the population of black Africa seem the be heading in this direction? Sad that there’s not one of the white players with the balls to say, sod this and stand upright and proud of his race during those nauseating prematch moments. I knew this country had lost the plot when not only did that unfortunate Burnley fan get the sack from his job for paying for a plane to fly, White Lives Matter banner over the stadium, but his girlfriend also got the sack! As the headline today says, it seems it really is the BLM that rules over us.

  • Jeffrey Palmer

    History teaches us that eras of social licence and political instability are always followed by periods of reaction.

    Many Tory voters who once placed their trust in Johnson have now realized that what they’ve ended up with is, in practice, little different from what they would have got if they’d voted in Corbyn and his crew; full-on cultural Marxism.

    Lawyer Starmer is currently a plausible front-man for a Labour party still locked in its eternal, vicious civil war between pragmatists and fanatics; with Johnson’s hapless government, let’s face it, it’s an open goal for a clever barrister to shoot at. But, doubtless to his relief, Starmer has not yet needed to try to come up with any party policies that can bridge the impossible gulf between what the party’s Trotskyists will tolerate and what even contemporary British voters find acceptable. The Tories are now irredeemably corrupt, and Farage is a busted flush who has run away from every personal challenge at the last moment.

    However, Laurence Fox’s new party might just stand a chance of changing things, from what I read of its initial manifesto. Not that it stands any chance of winning an election, but many traditional Tory voters now realize that in reality they have nothing left to lose by taking their votes elsewhere.

    So they could easily, through tactical voting, deprive a lot of corrupt, Globalist Tories of their lucrative jobs. If an economic collapse triggers an election in the next couple of years, as it could well do, Fox’s ‘Reclaim’ party might well make a significant difference, if only by putting the fear of God into Tory grandees.

    Fox himself appears to have guts, having knowingly sacrificed his career in the ‘Woke’ entertainment industry in order to speak out, and who has already experienced, and thus seems to be prepared for, the kind of vituperation and existential hatred which will be heading in his direction from the Left and from the media. And, probably, from Johnson and his ghastly crew of globalists. Early days, but we shall see.

  • Did you see ITV’s GMB this morning?

    Piers Morgan is measuring the days that no government minister has appeared on the show due to a government ban. Keeps calling the Tories cowards.

    This morning, they had the topic of the US presidential debate taking place tonight at 2:00am – 9:00pm US ET time. Surprise, surprise, they didn’t have the guts to have a Trump supporter on and just did a hack job, using only the “legendary reporter”, Carl Bernstein, who works for the Washington Post, owned by Jeff Bezos.

    It was a non-stop dump on Trump by the interviewers and the interviewee.

    Then, a little later, they had the black barrister, Alexandra Wilson complaining about not being recognised as the barrister in a court case three times in one day.

    The headline in the Daily Mail is: “Black lawyer gets mistaken for the DEFENDANT three times in single day in court as she declares ‘there MUST be something about my face that says I am not a barrister.””

    She is the founder of Black Women in Law and said that she was wearing a black suit, but did not say whether or not she was wearing her barrister’s blonde wig.

    This was no doubt on GMB in order to make a case for the unconscious bias that is assumed to be built into white people with regard to black people that requires attending a special restitutional course in order to rid them of it.

    Some of the comments on the Daily Mail story are worth reading.

    The tragicomedy continues….

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