May 2024

Why you can’t get a doctor’s appointment?

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Another ‘great’ review

First I thought I’d let you know about the latest ‘reader review of my book THERE IS NO CLIMATE CRISIS on Amazon, The review title is What if David Craig is just making a few bob by being contrarian? and the review is “The usual non-scientific garbage”.

A couple of things to say about this. The first is that the reviewer is not a “Verified purchase”. That means he/she/it didn’t actually buy the book. And given the lack of insight as to why my book is “The usual non-scientific garbage”, it rather looks like the reviewer hasn’t even read it. All they’re trying to do is sabotage me by discouraging other people from buying it. It would never occur to me to go on Amazon and write negative reviews of all the books peddling the climate catastrophist nonsense. But I guess the eco-loons don’t have any moral standards.

Secondly, when I mentioned writing the book to my agent, he said I was wasting my time as no publisher would dare publish it and no bookshop would dare stock it out of fear of the Twitter and social media cyber-pitchfork-wielding mob. So I had to invest several months of my time and over £1,000 of my own money producing the book with no guarantee of ever being able to recoup that money through book sales. As for “making a few bob”, I get about £0.75 for each book sold. So if it was money I was wanting, I could probably have earned more money stacking shelves at my local supermarket than I got from the 3 months and £1,000 I spent writing and producing the book.

Thirdly, as for the accusation of the book being “The usual non-scientific garbage”. Here’s just one small example of the way I wrote the book. First is an article from the climate-catastrophist New York Times in 2016 claiming that the 101.1 million acres of forest burnt in 2015 were “the most on record”:

And here is the report from the US Forestry Service completely debunking the New York Times claim of “the most on record” by showing that much larger areas of forest were lost in wildfires during the scorching hot 1920s and 1930s when atmospheric CO2 levels were much lower than they are now:

I fail to see how this, and many other well-documented examples like this from my book, can be “The usual non-scientific garbage”.

Why you can’t get a doctor’s appointment

With so much heat and noise being made about immigration, I thought it might be useful to look at the facts. In the last 11 years of the Blair/Brown New Labour government, the UK population officially rose from 58.64 million to 62.76 million – a rise of 4.12 million. In the first 11 years of fake Conservative government, the official figures show that the UK population rose from 62.76 million to 67.28 million – a rise of 4.52 million:

As the UK birth rate is around 1.754 births per woman – far below the replacement birth rate of 2.1 births per woman, we can only assume that the actual rate of immigration to the UK was higher than the 4.12 million under 11 years of New Labour and than the 4.52 million under the first 11 years of the fake Conservatives. Moreover, I think we all know that there are perhaps a million or more wonderful people living in our country than the official statistics show.

There has been a very significant rise in the number of GPs in the UK from 39,098 in 2000 to 54,502 by 2021 – a 39% increase:

This is more than the population increase of just 15%. However, these GPs are working on average fewer hours so that the Full Time Equivalent (FTE) number of GPs has risen much slower than the actual number being paid by us:

This makes it difficult to calculate how many more patients there are per FTE GP due to New Labour’s and the fake Conservatives’ policies of mass, open-borders immigration which have increased the UK population by more than 8.64 million since 1999.

What we can do is look at the overall number of doctors (including hospital doctors) per 1,000 of population in the main OECD countries:

(left-click on image, then left-click again to see more clearly)

This shows that the UK has 2.8 doctors for every 1,000 people. The average across 33 OECD countries is 3.0. Austria has 5.1 doctors for every 1,000 people. Germany, Italy, Lithuania, Norway, and Switzerland all have more than 4 doctors for every 1,000 people.

Moreover, we can suspect that those who come to our country from the world’s most backward, worst hell-holes without ever having contributed anything to our country will be more likely to avail themselves of all the free stuff like free healthcare than the average Brit. So the number of people per doctor probably doesn’t reflect the greater use of medical services by migrants compared to ordinary British taxpayers.

And with net migration into the UK set to exceed 600,000 a year legal migrants and another 45,000 to 50,000 illegal migrants a year, whatever government we elect, doctor appointments for law-abiding British taxpayers are going to become as rare as rocking-horse poo.

3 comments to Why you can’t get a doctor’s appointment?

  • A Thorpe

    Both my parents had a poor education but they both understood that it was possible for me to have a better education and that was the way out of poverty. I assume they believed the teachers would know what they didn’t. I’m not shocked about the fake book review, but what does concern me is the more than useless education system that has teachers who no doubt have the same view of the contents of your book as the reviewer. It is just the same with the media and politicians. Even the ones who see a problem with net zero still believe that carbon dioxide is controlling the climate.

    Raising the issue of getting health treatment is exactly the same problem. A failure to see the facts that are causing the self inflicted problems. Even if the politicians see the problem they seem incapable of doing anything about it. They have lost control of the civil service and the increasing regulation has allowed regulatory bodies to be controlled by business. The MHRA is a good example. I read a few days ago from a FOI request that they don’t have the staff to analyse the Yellow Card reports of vaccine adverse effects and no computer system to do it. We just have a huge and useless bureaucracy that is costing us a fortune and failing to provide accurate statistics to aid decision making. As you say they don’t know how many people are in the country and this means that the much talked about death rate is not accurate, and they also don’t know how many people have not been vaccinated. This makes the statistics meaningless, as Prof Norman Fenton regularly points out.

    It is exactly the same in the USA, the EU, Canada, Australia and New Zealand. When in the past has such utter stupidity infected the human race especially considering the huge increase in our knowledge? It does seem to point to a failure of education, not just in schools, but now in universities. Confusion over gender surely means any rational thinking and debate is almost impossible.

  • NoVaxxholeMe

    I have just received an invitation to attend a research project called “The SAFER trial” being run under the NIHR (National Institute for Health and Care Research) being conducted by Cambridge University’s Public health and Primary Care – The Primary Care Unit.

    The project is called “Screening for Atrial Fibrillation with ECG to Reduce stroke”.

    Fortunately, I watched the following YouTube video by Dr John Campbell called “Astonishing rise in atrial fibrillation says BHF.” In it, the respected doctor with 2.8 million subscribers to his channel, goes into what atrial fibrillation is and into the facts and figures.

    Needless to say, not having been a vaxxhole, I won’t be volunteering. The cowardly NHS effectively shut down in the face of a virus that killed relatively few old and unhealthy people with little risk to the staff of the NHS, so I avoid it like I would a real plague now.

  • Marc Ager

    Here is a video called “Massive increase in young people having STROKES” by Dr. Suneel Dhand.

    Comment on the video: I was a stroke nurse at a large hospital here in Canada for several years before getting the boot in 2021 for mandates. We would steadily over the years have young patients 40 and below that had strokes and ALL of them but ONE were drug users. Addicts are of course at risk for strokes and heart attacks. The one 18 yo we had had a family history of strokes and by fluke had one herself. Beginning of 2021 is where we saw a massive influx of healthy youngsters with strokes, amongst other things.They all had one thing in common.”

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